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by HoopsHype - Updated: September 19, 2014 | 11:21 AM

Michele Gazzetti

I primi 100 giocatori NBA 2015 secondo @SInow: al numero 62 c'è Danilo Gallinari @Danilo Gallinari si.com/nba/2014/top-1…

Michele Gazzetti

Thunder potential trade: Can the Thunder acquire Danilo Gallinari? welcometoloudcity.com/2014/9/15/6155… via @WTLC

Kurt Helin

Nuggets’ Danilo Gallinari says he made a mistake where he got first knee surgery done dlvr.it/6rrN2y

Benjamin Hochman

I have my @FunnyGrafenberg improv class over, and I was playing songs off my playlist ... and the Gallo song came on: youtu.be/DOsqzj5o8Gw

Travis Heath

Gallo is the first I've heard speak up about this. I would be curious to get Russell Westbrook's take, too.

Emiliano Carchia

Gallinari: I feel great. I am ready to return 7 months after my last surgery sportando.com/en/usa/nba/133… He has also something to say to Steadman

Emiliano Carchia

Danilo Gallinari: I made a wrong choice going to Steadman Clinic after my knee injury. If I could go back, I would not go to Steadman Clinic

Emiliano Carchia

Danilo Gallinari said to La Gazzetta dello Sport that when his career will be over he will live in USA trying to get an American passort