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by HoopsHype - Updated: July 23, 2014 | 02:01 AM

Paul Garcia

Kanye David West, Plain White Psycho T's, A Rocket to the Jamario Moon, Eric Snow Patrol, The John Wall Flowers. #NBAMusicians

Candace Buckner

To understand @David West, check out my fave quote of his: "I'm not ever going to sacrifice my self-respect, my identity for a paycheck."

Jason Walker

Really want to believe that Paul Millsap will re-sign with the Hawks like David West did in Indiana. I'll say pretty please if it'll help.

Alan Hahn

Still have Paul George and David West. RT @djshag74: @Alan Hahn IND in a lot of trouble. All hinges on Hibbert. Lance did it all for them

Sean Highkin

ALSO: there was a “Zarko” in the Darko draft RT @David West: Belief in your self and your abilities is non-negotiable!! http://t.co/R1Mqe7rQ4u

Michael Dugat

Hearing a lot of Wade (few years ago). Some LeBron, Manu, Harden, Baron Davis and David West. All good answers. Size wrong, but I like Barea

John Schuhmann

Is Nigel de Jong (David West) the best World Cup/NBA doppelganger?

Andrew Perna

ICYMI: David West (@David West) Plays Vital Role In Helping T.J. Warren (@T24Warren) Realize #NBA Dream — bit.ly/1iM5Xx7 #Suns #Pacers

Mark Montieth

RealGM Blog: David West Plays Vital Role In Helping TJ Warren Realize NBA Dream po.st/IVZCfx via @RealGM

Andrew Perna

David West (@David West) Plays Vital Role In Helping T.J. Warren (@T24Warren) Realize #NBADraft Dream — bit.ly/1iM5Xx7 #Suns #Pacers

Andrew Perna

Asked David West if there are more draft picks coming out of his camp after T.J. Warren was taken. “Oh yeah,” he smiled.

Conrad Brunner

TJ Warren a product of @David West's Garner Road AAU program in Raleigh. DW was with TJ in NY. #pacers

Scott Agness

He’s a proud man… #NBADraft2014 RT @David West: Go TJ....BAM

Marc J. Spears

Pacers' David West said prior to the draft that he has been warning me about NC State's T.J. Warren for years. West sat at his draft table.

Candace Buckner

Cameras briefly caught David West at Barclays, celebrating with newly drafted T.J. Warren indy.st/1v9wepc via @indystar

Andrew Perna

The stone-faced David West is a bit misty as Warren is drafted. #Pacers #Suns

Candace Buckner

David West on Warren: "It's going to be a very fulfilling moment when he gets an opportunity to get to this level."

Candace Buckner

David West won't turn 34 till August and already gets to welcome in a young hooper he mentored, TJ Warren, as a rival of his in the NBA.

Sean Deveney

David West of the @Indiana Pacers is here in Brooklyn with T.J. Warren, who played for his AAU program in North Carolina.

Andrew Perna

David West in attendance tonight in support of TJ Warren. #Pacers

Candace Buckner

#Pacers David West will attend NBA Draft with @GRoadBBall alum T.J. Warren indy.st/1v9wepc

A. Sherrod Blakely

#Pacers David West a big influence on T.J. Warren. "He's helped me out with a lot of things," Warren said. "He's been good to me."

Israel Gutierrez

David West: "We can't beat them."

Ethan J. Skolnick

David West, asked about possible absence of Allen & Andersen: "They have LeBron James."

Jorge Sierra

David West's pass is fantastic, but Lance Stephenson's catch-and-finish is something else.

Ryan Wolstat

Tennessee forward Jarnell Stokes, who only recently declared for the draft, worked out for the Raptors. Said he emulates David West.

Scott Agness

David West: “We didn’t show up to play, man. … We just had no zip. We got to play. If we want this series, we’re going to have to take it."

Candace Buckner

David West on Hibbert: "He probably said five words yesterday, we didn’t hear his voice. Today, very focused, he’s very subdued…"

Jorge Sierra

Eddie Johnson: David West should just fight Roy Hibbert at this point. shar.es/SC7wB

Scott Agness

A beyond furious David West, on Hibbert: "He’s got to be part of the fight. H’s got to be part of this thing for us to go anywhere.”

Scott Agness

Never seen David West so hot in the locker room postgame. First time I can remember him cutting off the media. (Spoke for ~5mins)

Scott Agness

David West, Roy Hibbert and Rasual Butler appeared to have a talk in the weight room. Doors were shut. Guys declined to talk about it.

Candace Buckner

"Coach made the right call. At this point in the season, it's about the group." - David West

Candace Buckner

David West: "We played all yr for this to get Game 7s in our building. The energy’s going 2 be great. We just have 2 take care of business."

Candace Buckner

#Pacers David West had a more direct response to Sterling's comments: "He has a history of being a bigot and a racist."