HoopsHype Dion Waiters Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: July 22, 2014 | 01:06 PM

Jason Lloyd

Cavs' Dion Waiters named to U.S. Select team: Dion Waiters has been named to the U.S. Select team that will ... bit.ly/1nivtcX

Brendan Bowers

D.Waiters named to Team USA Select along w/Barnes, Burke, Butler, Green, Hardaway,Harris,McDermott, Oladipo, the Plumlee's,Smart & C.Zeller

Jon Santiago

USA Basketball Select Team (Cont.): Victor Oladipo, Marcus Smart, Dion Waiters and Cody Zeller

Adam Zagoria

Also Marcus Smart, Dion Waiters, Cody Zeller & Draymond Green

Aaron Falk

Others: H. Barnes, J. Butler, Draymond Green, Hardaway Jr, Tobias Harris, McDermott, Oladipo, Ma. & Mi. Plumlee, Smart, Waiters, C. Zeller.

Bob Finnan

#Cavs guard Dion Waiters picked to play on Team USA Select team. Will practice against national team, that includes Kyrie Irving

Jason Lloyd

Dion Waiters named to U.S. Select team, will train against Team USA next week in Vegas in preparation for FIBA World Cup. Kyrie on Team USA.

Jeff Zillgitt

Others on USAB select team: Marcus Smart, Dion Waiters and Cody Zeller. Select team will train with/scrimmage national team in Las Vegas.

Al Iannazzone

Miles Plumlee, Marcus Smart, Dion Waiters and Cody Zeller

Marc Stein

Mason Plumlee, Miles Plumlee, Marcus Smart, Dion Waiters and Cody Zeller all named to Select squad that will scrimmage Team USA in Vegas

Carlo Pamintuan

It would have been awesome if the waiters here at the NBA Cafe Manila didn't compete with the media for prime slots in the press conference.

Darren Wolfson

No. RT @SteelSmack: @Darren Wolfson Cavs get him without Wiggins if the best offer is Waiters + Bennett + filler + pick(s).

Jeff Wade

I do wonder if Waiters could be Rodney Stuckey. CLE should trade him and a pick for Kevin Love...

Jeff Wade

sometimes i'll read articles and it almost seems as if the writer is trying to convince me that Dion Waiters is good...

Michele Gazzetti

é fatta? RT @tspence26 Exact quote from source:"We have accepted the offer.It's Waiters, Thompson, Wiggins for Love and the rights to GRIII"

Chris Mannix

General feeling at summer league was that while Minny likes Wiggins, it will take more to pry Kevin Love loose. Waiters, maybe even a pick

Ryen Russillo

When did Bennett, Thompson and Waiters become a realty good offer? Some of you guys are out of your mind.

Lang Greene

Cleveland Cavaliers title bound? PG: Irving, Delladova SG: Waiters, Wiggins SF: LeBron, Felix PF: Thompson, Bennett C: Varejao, Haywood

Adi Joseph

Thought: Love, Martin (they don't want him) and Dieng for Wiggins, Waiters, a future first-rounder and either Thompson or Bennett. Maybe?

Emiliano Carchia

#NBANEWS of Tuesday: sportando.com/en/nba-rumors/… Miller, Messina, Boozer, Wade, Haslem, Waiters, Adrien, Booker, Papanikolaou, Dorsey & More

Emiliano Carchia

NBA News of Tuesday: sportando.com/en/nba-rumors/… Miller, Messina, Boozer, Wade, Haslem, Waiters, Adrien, Booker, Papanikolaou, Dorsey & More

Ryan Wolstat

Opposite of Dion Waiters in about every way, DeMar DeRozan says he is cool with taking fewer minutes with bench so strong to stay fresher.

Emiliano Carchia

Dion Waiters tweets he won't accept to come off the bench in the new Cavaliers sportando.com/en/usa/nba/127…

Kurt Helin

Dion Waiters does not want to come off the bench for Cleveland dlvr.it/6L3QRV

Amin Elhassan

The realest words ever spoken RT @BosNaud: Hope Dion Waiters has a closet full of minks cause it gets mighty cold out in Minnesota

Quincy Miller

Me & @Dion Waiters played for a Nation Championship vs each other in H.S #randomthought how much u have bra? Haha

Joseph Goodman

Waiters will be the Cleveland Chalmers.

Yannis Koutroupis

Or spellcheck on tweetdeck RT @Graham311: @Yannis Koutroupis misspelled Waiters and politics in back to back tweets. Time for a nap from free agency

Chris Mannix

One exec on Cavs chance at K-Love w/out including Andrew Wiggins. "No way. If I'm Minnesota, I want Wiggins, Dion Waiters and two No. 1's."

Chris Broussard

Not expecting Dion Waiters to be a part of any KLove trade

Darren Wolfson

Because there's enough questions about it: The #Twolves are NOT doing Love for Waiters, Bennett, and two first round picks, etc.

Mark Followill

If as ESPN reports that Cleve is offering Waiters, A Bennett & a 1st for K Love, please tell me Minnesota laughed and hung up

Marcus Thompson

+ Wiggins RT @JoePerovich: I'm assuming you're not talking about Waiters/Bennett/Thompson, because that deal won't even be entertained.

Steve Kyler

Happy for my guys @Kyrie Irving and @Dion Waiters -- your world is about to get crazy. #RollinWithTheKing

Marcus Thompson

Suddenly, Bennett, Waiters and Tristan Thompson - who couldn't get to playoffs in East - is oh so desirable? I don't buy it

Ryan McNeill

Waiters, Thompson, Bennett and future draft picks is a sweet enough package to entice the Wolves to deal Kevin Love, right?

Antoni Daimiel

Cleveland Cavaliers de momento: Blatt entrenador. Irving, Waiters, LeBron, Tristan Thompson y Varejao. Banco: Wiggins, Bennett, Dellavedova

Arash Markazi

LeBron mentions Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, Dion Waiters and Anderson Varejao. No Andrew Wiggins. Hmm. #KevinLove

Julian Mozo

#NBA La apuesta de LeBron. Va a un equipo con mucho talento joven: Irving, Tristan Thompson, Waiters, Bennett, y el Nº 1 del draft, Wiggins.

Antonio Vazquez

Los Cavs irán a por Kevin Love (a cambio de Waiters y Varejao) si consiguen recuperar a LeBron.

Jason Walker

ATL would not do a Waiters/Varejao for Horford deal. Pipe smoke dream from CLE. No offense, my Cav friends.

Paul Garcia

Potential #Cavs core if LBJ returns: Starters: Irving, Wiggins, LeBron, Thompson, Varajao. Bench: Waiters, Bennett, Ray Allen, Mike Miller

Yannis Koutroupis

For Al Jefferson? I'll be here all night folks, tip your waiters MT @CBuc32: @Eric Pincus @Yannis Koutroupis Maybe Utah would be open to a S&T?

Sam Amico

Cavs Report: Gordon Hayward, Jarrett Jack, Dion Waiters, Kris Humphries. msn.foxsports.com/ohio/story/cle… via @FoxSports

Alex Kennedy

David Griffin said he sees Andrew Wiggins as "a big two-guard" on Friday, which has some execs believing Cavs may look to move Dion Waiters.

Darren Wolfson

Robinson III prepped for the draft with @impactbball. Many have over the years. Some recent examples: K. Leonard, Rubio, Waiters. #Twolves

Sam Amico

Interesting note to Dion Waiters talk: Source close to Waiters tells @FOXSportsOH that Waiters thinks he or Kyrie Irving will be traded.

Sam Amico

Also, Cavs have discussed Dion Waiters with team in top 10. Opposing team unconfirmed at moment.

Ryan Wolstat

Plus Wiggins doesn’t demand the ball and you’d be adding a No. 1 option scorer to team with Kyrie and Waiters, who need ball.