HoopsHype Draymond Green Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: January 28, 2015 | 04:26 PM

Amin Elhassan

"Clearly the Warriors dont play physical enough" RT @SherwoodStrauss: Draymond's unorthodox screen on Noah http://t.co/xYVPvGTK2X

Diamond Leung

Draymond Green: "Hey, they got a few rebounds. Congrats. Lost by two. Probably won't happen often."

Diamond Leung

Sarcastic Draymond Green: "We're a jump-shooting team, so obviously we can't handle the heavyweights."

Diamond Leung

Draymond Green on critics who say Warriors too jump shot-oriented: "They want to see us lose? That's fine. They won't see it often."

Zach Lowe

What a crazy game in Oakland last night. Interesting move by Kerr to go with Draymond at center in the last 2 minutes of OT.

Diamond Leung

Joakim Noah on KNBR: "Draymond's a hell of a competitor."

Tim Kawakami

Curry, Klay, Speights, Iguodala and Draymond for this play.

Carlos Areneta

so si draymond pwedeng sumagasa ng tao pero si mirotic hindi? labo mehn

Amin Elhassan

What a gutsy pass by Draymond! 99% of dudes would have just shot it

Diamond Leung

Warriors love Draymond Green as a winner so much Bob Myers constantly is mistaken in saying Green went to 3 Final Fours when he went to 2.

Vince Cellini

Draymond is the absolute heart of @Golden State Warriors ...you know stuff like that happens in magical seasons. OT. @Draymond Green

Scott Howard-Cooper

Great play as part of a great season for Draymond Green. The 6-7 PF gets two tips between a couple Bulls 7-footers to get the Warriors to OT

Mico Halili

Draymond Green doing Draymond Green things.

Marcus Thompson

Once again. Draymond Green has Stephen Curry's back. Sans the grapes

Monte Poole

Draymond's putback amongst the #Bulls trees (Gasol & Noah) tied it at 107, game goes into OT. Most pulsating #Warriors game of the year.

Paul Garcia

Warriors plan was an elevator screen for Klay but Bulls' defense killed it quickly. Draymond and all that energy...

Ramona Shelburne

Can you imagine how productive you would be if you worked half as hard as Draymond Green does for every rebound?

Sean Cunningham

Draymond Green is gonna get paid. Could argue he's an All Star this year.

Alex Kennedy

Draymond freaking Green, folks.

Royce Young

Draymond Green with a tip-in off an Andre Iguodala missed 3-pointer. Game tied, Bulls ball, 1.4 seconds left. Crazy game at Oracle.

Jimmy Spencer

That’s typical Draymond. It doesn’t make sense, but it makes all the sense.

Tony Jones

And THAT'S why Draymond Green is so darned valuable!!!!

Nick Friedell

Draymond Green ties it up with 1.4 left. What a game. Tied up at 107. Oracle is going bonkers.

Kendall Marshall

Draymond is a mf'n hooper.

Monte Poole

Without Bogut (out with flu), it's up to #Warriors F Draymond Green to battle #Bulls behemoths. Then again, that's what he does.

Rusty Simmons

#Warriors 23, Bulls 20 (3:23, 1st) Bulls outrebounding Warriors 11-7. Draymond has 3 boards. The rest of the Warriors have combined for 4.

Marcus Thompson

It's early, but Draymond Green is giving Pau Gasol problems. He's trying to draw fouls but Draymond seems to know the move coming

Rusty Simmons

Draymond Green is not happy with his teammates' rebounding effort.

Mike McGraw

Remember last time #Bulls played Golden State, they tried to control Curry and Draymond Green ended up scoring 31 pts.

Diamond Leung

How the NBA looks on offense against Draymond Green: tout.com/m/q35x2e?ref=t…

Diamond Leung

Draymond Green makes Chinatown his house with this: tout.com/m/jx3dnq?ref=t…

Diamond Leung

I think TVB interviewed Draymond Green. Future soap opera star?

Diamond Leung

Ed Lee to Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes: I used to dunk...Dunkin' Donuts."

Diamond Leung

Draymond Green says he was homesick after Michigan State and then went on Warriors trip to China, where he was welcomed with open arms.

Diamond Leung

Draymond Green on facing Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson in scrimmages: "I've tried to guard them a few times, but I stay in my lane."

Diamond Leung

Steve Kerr to KNBR: "Draymond's going to be part of this franchise for the next eight, 10 years."

Diamond Leung

Gentry to KNBR on Draymond sleep pic: "See when you get a coach, we've got access to a lot of things..He's still wondering how I got that."

Diamond Leung

Excited about Draymond Green going to Chinatown to be in the same room as Ed Lee today.

Rusty Simmons

Draymond Green said Klay Thompson has been his usual self the past 72 hours. "You don't know if he scored 50 points or zero."

Rusty Simmons

#Warriors 70, Celtics 60 (5:58, 2nd) Draymond Green is desperately trying to give the Warriors a heartbeat.

Rusty Simmons

The Warriors are 3-for-13 from three-point range. Draymond Green is 1-for-5, and Klay Thompson is 0-for-3.

Emily Austen

Are Draymond Green and Brandon Bass related? Haha, they look A LOT alike! #Celtics #Warriors

Marcus Thompson

Monta might get in this year RT @getoffmemang: first to be an all-star. monta or draymond?

Alex Kennedy

My fantasy team has Anthony Davis, Rudy Gobert, Hassan Whiteside, Joakim Noah and Draymond Green. I think I'm good on blocks.

Michael Lee

Draymond Green on Klay Thompson: "You don't get that hot in 2K. Them video games real now. That wasn't real." youtube.com/watch?v=IzN4Ae…

Diamond Leung

Draymond Green on Klay Thompson after 37 third-quarter points: "His favorite line: ‘It’s crazy.’ That’s all he said." ibabuzz.com/warriors/2015/…

Kurt Helin

Draymond Green, amazed by Klay Thompson’s performance, gives outstanding postgame interview (VIDEO) dlvr.it/8D6dSn

Diamond Leung

Draymond Green: "I got me a layup in. I know y’all caught that." ibabuzz.com/warriors/2015/…

Adi Joseph

If the Warriors were in the East, Draymond would be an All-Star alongside Steph and Klay.