HoopsHype Dwight Howard Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: October 26, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Gary Lee

If you missed this earlier, there's a report saying Kobe viewed Dwight leaving LA in free agency as "a positive." lakersnation.com/report-kobe-br…

Jenny Dial Creech

Dwight Howard says arm laceration is "nothing serious." blog.chron.com/ultimaterocket…

Jenny Dial Creech

Dwight Howard wouldn't say how he got his arm laceration but did say that it wasn't serious and that he would be ready for season.

Kevin Ding

LOL from @Zach Lowe about Orlando: "This is Year 3 post-Dwight. The fart smell has cleared out of the locker room..."

Jenny Dial Creech

Dwight Howard told crowd he sees how full the #Texans games are on tv- tells fans he wants sold out crowds for #Rockets this year.

Jenny Dial Creech

Dwight Howard just called Jason Terry 'the oldest guy in the league right now.' 'He used to be the jet but now he is a propeller plane.'

Kurt Helin

Report: Kobe Bryant viewed Dwight Howard leaving Lakers in free agency as ‘a positive’ dlvr.it/7K2gC2

Bill Oram

Steve Nash moved into 3rd on the all-time assists list in his final reg season game on April 8. The opponent? Dwight Howard & the Rockets

Jeff McDonald

Dwight Howard is out, James Harden is 2 for 9 and the Spurs are down by 13.

Jonathan Feigen

Got to think Tarik Black starting last 2 Rockets preseason games while Dwight's out says a lot about him making this team. Can't be ignored.

Jonathan Feigen

And in case some of you don't have that song explaining Dwight Howard's laceration in your heads -- screen.yahoo.com/derek-stevens-…

Jonathan Feigen

McHale offered no insight as to how Dwight cut his arm, but it seems I have the Derek Stevens song, "The Lady I know" stuck in my head.

Kamenetzky Brothers

The remixed remix? AK RT @DrewUnga: Dwight and Earl Vol. 3. RT @Art Garcia: Houston Rockets awarded Earl Clark on waiver claim.

Chad Ford

Who are the most overrated players in the NBA? #NBAFrontOffice says @Kobe Bryant, @jharden13 & @dwighthoward es.pn/1woAQe5 (in)

Jenny Dial Creech

Dwight Howard's stitches came from something that happened at home- not practice or a game. He was at the Toyota Center this morning.

Jenny Dial Creech

Dwight Howard has a laceration in his forearm that required stitches. He is fine, but is going to sit out tonight vs. Spurs.

Lang Greene

The 2012 four team trade which landed Dwight Howard in LA is reason I don't evaluate trades too early. Orlando clear winners in retrospect

Lang Greene

Not going to come down too hard on the Lakers. They made right personnel moves on paper. Dwight Howard and Steve Nash just didn't pan out

Jenny Dial Creech

Dwight Howard: Healthy, happy and hopeful writes @Jonathan Feigen in the Rockets preview section houstonchronicle.com/sports/rockets…

David Brickley

In 2012, the Lakers swung for the fences on Dwight and Nash and missed. Thats why Lakers are now in rebuilding mode. Plain and simple.

Alex Kennedy

The Lakers seemed loaded when they added Dwight Howard and Steve Nash alongside Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol. Then, everything went wrong.

Shaun Powell

Wonder what Dwight Howard thinks of Jeannie Buss' statement.

Adam Zagoria

Jeanne Buss said on ESPN she wanted Phil Jackson to come back & coach Kobe and Dwight Howard.

Mico Halili

Just finished recording new episode of #TheBenchMob podcast. Talked abt Dwight, Blake & DRose. Will be up on @NBA_Philippines soon.

Gary Lee

I was waiting for someone to tweet this. RT @nbarocksstc: Ed Davis> Dwight Howard

Ryan Wolstat

Good combo with the Brazilian Durant RT @FrostyOil: @Ryan Wolstat Brazilian Dwight Howard

Jonathan Feigen

Dwight Howard and Jason Terry come out to the Rockets bench. Fans seem very interested in one of them.

Josh Robbins

Dwight Howard and Trevor Ariza just arrived on the Rockets' bench.

Scott Souza

#Celtics forward Dwight Powell knows this is a big night for him, wants to show off versatility to defend 2/3 positions, display top effort.

Josh Robbins

Dwight Howard was asked about Vucevic: "He's very skilled. He's not one of those guys who's going to fool you with his . . ."

John Denton

C @Dwight Howard on @Orlando Magic "I think they’re going to have a pretty good team and I’m happy for them."

John Denton

Former @Orlando Magic C @Dwight Howard was highly complimentary of ORL investing in C @Nikola Vucevic Likes Nik's game and promise.

John Denton

Wearing a turtle backpack, @Houston Rockets C @Dwight Howard walked into Amway Center holding hands with his daughter. He won't play tonight.

Jonathan Feigen

Dwight Howard and Trevor Ariza getting the night off for Rockets tonight.

Josh Robbins

Dwight Howard will not play tonight after playing last night, Kevin McHale said.

Jimmy Spencer

NBA GMs still believe Dwight Howard is the best center in the NBA.

Jay King

James Young and Dwight Powell both among Celtics getting early work in as I arrive at Garden. Stevens wants an extended look at both tonight

Sean Highkin

There is no context or situation in which I will not laugh at a joke or observation about how much Dwight Howard likes to fart.

Pete Pranica

NBA GMs have @Marc Gasol as 2nd-best center behind Dwight Howard. I know of a lot of folks that would take issue with that!

Rob Mahoney

Sniping in this year's GM survey: Dwight Howard received votes as the "league's best role player." nba.com/news/features/…

Iñako Diaz-Guerra

El Top Ten de la jornada: algunos pases de fantasía y mates de demolición a cargo de DeAndre Jordan y Dwight Howard baloncesto.as.com/videos/2014/10…

Gary Lee

Midway through 1, Lakers lead 11-10 and Jordan Hill has more post moves than Dwight Howard.

Jonathan Feigen

Howard and Harden with 15 apiece. Wade with 17. Guessing TNT is happy, but not sure they can rip Dwight in the studio tonight.

Ira Winderman

Rockets 52, Heat 41 at half. Wade with 17 on 8-of-10, Bosh with nine, Harden with 15, Dwight with 15.

Jonathan Feigen

I wouldn't copy it. MT @ramonleal08: @Jonathan Feigen does Dwight have a new free throw stroke? It looks like it's all one motion now

David Hardisty

Nice throwdown -- Dwight Howard dunks over Luol Deng, Birdman. youtube.com/watch?v=hIAGWw…

Brian Schmitz

Dwight to Nik: Pricey for center who doesn't block shots or intimidate, but ORL couldn't afford to lose a different kind of man in middle.

Brian Schmitz

Pure coincidence, but news breaks on Magic C Nik Vucevic's $53 mill ext. as DHoward's team rolls into ORL. Nik arrived in 2012 Dwight trade.

Ira Winderman

Rockets starting Dwight Howard, Terrence Jones, Trevor Ariza, James Harden, Patrick Beverly. 8 p.m., TNT.