HoopsHype Evan Turner Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: November 25, 2014 | 09:42 AM

Kurt Helin

Steve Blake loses Evan Turner with crossovers on consecutive possessions (VIDEO) dlvr.it/7dLY1j

Amin Elhassan

He's no Evan Turner RT @JohnRyan2357: @Amin Elhassan how much you think he will get? Playing on an awful team doesn't get you paid (Evan Turner)

Jabari Davis

Btw, the legend of #MarylandSteve continues to grow as Blake loses Evan Turner with the crossover vine.co/v/O1OWQpMHY9H #SpinCycle

Joe Freeman

#Blazers Steve Blake said he was reading defensive coverages when he twice crossed Evan Turner over badly in 2nd half: "Sometimes ... (cont)

Mike Richman

"I just try to do what the team needs each night. If that's cooking Evan Turner and being Hot Sizzle, I'll do it" - Steve Blake, probably.

Erik Gundersen

Blake cooking Evan Turner.

Jay King

Steve Blake just made Evan Turner look rather silly.

Jared Weiss

Evan Turner finally makes a useful pass on the break!

Jared Weiss

Evan Turner’s energy is taking over this game. Not sure I’ve written that since he was in Philly.

Jay King

But then Evan Turner goes straight to the rim for a layup. So...

Jay King

Nice adjustment by Grizzlies. Cs go small, try to take advantage of Green at the 4. Grizz hide Leuer on Evan Turner instead.

Jay King

Stevens yells "stay home" several times. Evan Turner does not stay home. Vince Carter drills a 3.

Abby Chin

Evan Turner up off the bench telling Rajon Rondo what he sees. Then flexes his muscles when Sully gets the put back. #Celtics within 8!

Jessica Camerato

Depends on what Cs do with back court. If he plays well could earn more min. elsewhere. RT @Thefourhourgame is Evan Turner here long term?

Abby Chin

More boos for Evan Turner here in Philly. The anger seems mis-placed to me. #CelticsTalk

John Gonzalez

Evan Turner just dribbled for a lot of the 24 second clock. It’s like he never left.

John Gonzalez

Evan Turner getting a super warm welcome from Sixers fans. ET is laughing.

Steve Bulpett

Philly fans (what there are of them here) booing Evan Turner.

Gary Washburn

Tyler Zeller into the game but replacing Sullinger, not Olynyk. Meanwhile, Evan Turner gets booed as he enters game #celtics

Marc D'Amico

Evan Turner knows his way around Philly, but is still trying to find his way w/ the Celtics. More from pregame: on.nba.com/1yUerVS

Tom Moore

#Celtics Stevens: '(Evan Turner) is still finding his way. He's only been here 10 games.' #Sixers

Abby Chin

Two straight stops and 7-0 run for the #Celtics brings Marcus Smart and Evan Turner to their feet on the bench. #CelticsTalk

Abby Chin

Evan Turner pointed to the bench after the FG, but then turned and sprinted to get back on defense. #PointOfEmphasis #CelticsTalk

Emily Austen

Coach Stevens is spending extra one-on-one time after practice talking and shooting with Evan Turner. #Celtics http://t.co/OdReeQRjuv

Adi Joseph

The worst shooter in the Celtics' rotation is Evan Turner. Evan Turner plays shooting guard.

Jared Weiss

Video: Evan Turner on #Celtics collapse to LeBron, Kyrie and the #Cavs: youtu.be/KM44IfB8UwY via @CLNSRadio

Jake Fischer

Evan Turner pissed off Kyrie Irving and now he's unconscious pulling up from three-point land.

Ben Rohrbach

Just think how much the Celtics would be up by if Evan Turner wasn't playing!

Abby Chin

Rajon Rondo with a heartfelt fist pump after the sweet steal and little alley oop to Evan Turner. #CelticsTalk

A. Sherrod Blakely

#Celtics Evan Turner and that last shot he took ... http://t.co/DlcIDmNFuC

Derek Bodner

Still can't believe Sam Hinkie denied us from watching a team that could have won 35 games with Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner, and Spencer Hawes

Royce Young

The Ibaka Effect: It looks like Evan Turner should have an easy layup, but as soon as Ibaka steps to him, he kicks: http://t.co/8psfwrkvMb

Royce Young

Evan Turner runs like an old guy jogging out to his mailbox in the middle of winter.

Jay King

Having Evan Turner on the court against a zone is not ideal. Just not a threat at all.

Jay King

Sullinger's backdoor assist to Evan Turner was credited to Jeff Green, at least according to NBA.com's media site.

Michael Lee

So...Evan Turner has an ET chain. http://t.co/3aCOd4NGmB (h/t @Jay King)

Jay King

From last night: recap masslive.com/celtics/index.… and notes/analysis featuring Evan Turner's fantastic E.T. chain masslive.com/celtics/index.…

Jay King

You should read my notes and analysis if only to see Evan Turner's awesome E.T. chain and his explanation for why: masslive.com/celtics/index.…

Gary Washburn

Evan Turner gets ball after Olynyk rebounds Turner miss. Turner hits 2 FTs. #celtics 102-98 w 17.7 left. #bulls ball

Marc D'Amico

Evan Turner just drilled two HUGE freebies to put the Celtics on top of the Bulls 102-98 with 17.7 secs left in the game. CHI ball after TO.

Mike McGraw

Celtics have 7 players in double figures, led by Chicago native Evan Turner with 17. Brad Stevens' pick & roll offense looked good tonight.

A. Sherrod Blakely

It has been that kind of game for the #Celtics, with Evan Turner nailing his first 3-pointer this season. #CelticsTalk

Marc D'Amico

Tonight's @Amtrak Away Game Starting Lineup was: Evan Turner Avery Bradley Jeff Green Jared Sullinger Kelly Olynyk http://t.co/rOrdaB0w95

Marc D'Amico

The Celtics trail the Bulls 25-20 after1Q. Evan Turner, starting in place of Rondo, has 2 points, 3 rebs and 2 asts. http://t.co/kw6JkNUoWz

Alex Kennedy

With Rajon Rondo and Marcus Smart out tonight, the Celtics started Evan Turner at the one. They have yet to play a traditional point guard.

Jay King

Pregame notes: Rose out, Smart in good spirits, Evan Turner starting for Rajon Rondo masslive.com/celtics/index.…

Jay King

Evan Turner is starting in Rondo's place.

Sean Highkin

Evan Turner starting for Rondo in the Celtics' backcourt.

Sean Grande

Evan Turner will start in place of Rondo tonight.