HoopsHype Harrison Barnes Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: May 25, 2015 | 11:27 PM

Ethan Strauss

Comedy of Smoove trying to run away from Harrison Barnes fouling him. Behold the beautiful absurdity

Rob Mahoney

Really nice work by @Chris Ballard on guarding the post as a small-ball big, with Harrison Barnes a case in point: on.si.com/1FPPgfo

Eddie Johnson

that said @Harrison Barnes Stevenson @Leandro Barbosa @Andre Iguodalawbogut @Andre Iguodala will be required to outplay @JR Smith Mosgov and @KyrieIrvi

Calvin Watkins

Corey Brewer just got hip checked by Harrison Barnes.

Rusty Simmons

Harrison Barnes gets the first go at trying to defend James Harden.

Amin Elhassan

Awesome read from @Sam Amick on the influence of Jerry West on the growth of Harrison Barnes usatoday.com/story/sports/n…

Jeff Zillgitt

To go with @Sam Amick's Harrison Barnes-Jerry West story, here is the top of today's sports section: http://t.co/xk0ar1oHPP

Roland Lazenby

Jerry West helped revive Harrison Barnes with Kobe Bryant-esque treatment - goo.gl/alerts/VgpQ #GoogleAlerts

Sam Amick

Harrison Barnes ate dinners in the Logo's dining room, spent those days working out at famous Bel-Air court nearby - usatoday.com/story/sports/n…

Sam Amick

Lessons from the Logo: on Harrison Barnes' week at Jerry West's Bel-Air home that had so much to do w/ his revival- usat.ly/1Hl5GqV

Kurt Helin

Jerry West took Harrison Barnes under his wing, mentored him like he did Kobe dlvr.it/9wZ5KD

Jenny Dial Creech

Couple in the stands rocking Harrison Barnes and Steph Curry college jerseys.

Earl K. Sneed

Amazing how Klay Thompson's offensive game comes back after Harrison Barnes switches to defending Harden. Coincidence? I think not.

Jenny Dial Creech

Harrison Barnes is on Harden now instead of Klay Thompson.

David Hardisty

The Warriors open the second half with Harrison Barnes on Harden, likely a move to get Klay Thompson's offense going.

Rusty Simmons

Harrison Barnes starts the second half defending James Harden, who went 5-for-5 against Klay Thompson in the first half.

Sam Amick

Which two players have had privilege of hanging w/ Jerry West at his house & working out? Kobe, and Harrison Barnes - usat.ly/1Hl5GqV

Sam Amick

Pregame reading for Warriors-Rockets at @USATODAYsports: how Jerry West helped revive Harrison Barnes' career - usatoday.com/story/sports/n…

Adi Joseph

Harrison Barnes is going to replace Fred Hoiberg as Mayor of Ames: bayareane.ws/1AifqoK

Marcus Thompson

#Roadto16 Warriors looking to get it together at Oracle || Why Harrison Barnes is set up of for a big series bayareane.ws/1IQHVeD

Jimmy Spencer

“The Backup Plan” on @funnyordie featuring @Harrison Barnes is absolutely hilarious! So many good lines, Barnes is awesome: funnyordie.com/videos/58f83b0…

Jared Weiss

Harrison Barnes’ play in the pivot is swinging this game.

Chris Fedor

I see you, Harrison Barnes.

Paul Garcia

Ames, Iowa. Harrison Barnes.

Monte Poole

Harrison Barnes just showed up. Nails a trey. #Warriors 56, #Rockets 55.

Jimmy Spencer

Harrison Barnes is such a fair-weather shooter.

Jimmy Spencer

The Warriors missing piece is Harrison Barnes right now. Still with 0 points.

Monte Poole

We're in Q2 of #Warriors and #Rockets. Has anybody seen Harrison Barnes tonight?

Kevin Pelton

At what point do you give up the Harrison Barnes layup to take away the Steph Curry 3?

Ethan Strauss

Another interesting Harrison Barnes series if Harden's the guy guarding him.

Peter Vecsey

Dear Doug, there is no hiding Harden or anyone else on Harrison Barnes. He always had an edge. It has been sharpened in the playoffs..,

Chris Fedor

Playoff Harrison Barnes is my favorite Harrison Barnes. But I just love watching him play no matter what month it is. And he's only 22.

Matt Steinmetz

I mean, seriously ... Harrison Barnes or David Lee guarding Gasol is really disrespect of his low post game, no?

John Henson

Harrison BARNES cut it out lol

Sam Amick

Harrison Barnes on Bogut-Allen move: "We didn't know if coach maybe didn't get any sleep last night, or if he was throwing in the towel."

Jorge Sierra

Somehow, Harrison Barnes alive after this. vine.co/v/eK5ZLOeQMIt

Diamond Leung

Andrew Bogut on Harrison Barnes doing splits: "That's why he foam rolls and stretches every day because he's very flexible."

Diamond Leung

Andrew Bogut on Harrison Barnes doing splits: "If that happ to me, u can call the ambulance. I'd have my retirement press conf the nxt day."

Rusty Simmons

Harrison Barnes plays leading role in Warriors’ win over Memphis sfchronicle.com/warriors/artic… via @sfchronicle

Christopher Reina

Harrison Barnes is the corporate version of the lunch pail player. twitter.com/RealGM/status/…

Kurt Helin

Harrison Barnes does the splits. The full splits. (video) dlvr.it/9plJ5D

Ethan Strauss

"I gotta thank the training staff. Stretching every day has prepared me for doing the splits in a game." -- Harrison Barnes

Pete Pranica

Difference in this series: GSW complementary players making significant contributions, Memphis' have not. Harrison Barnes prime example.

Rusty Simmons

Somehow, Harrison Barnes is moving around with ease and appears set to start the second half.

Tas Melas

Steph Curry did say Harrison Barnes was an avid stretcher even as a teen in his MVP speech: http://t.co/3jCNXNZOXL

Ethan Strauss

Harrison Barnes walked away from this looking OK somehow http://t.co/XLDIWDKlB1

Sean Cunningham

Warriors up 49-41 at halftime. Stephen Curry at it again with 15pts early. Harrison Barnes a factor for the third straight game, 10pts