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by HoopsHype - Updated: April 18, 2015 | 04:33 PM

Greg Rappaport

you guys think this is good? Just WAIT until Harden gets to the line 22 times tonight. #Breathtaking #MVP

Adi Joseph

I actually thought the Harden-Taco Bell ad was funny and convincing. But I have Bojangles so ...

Michael Dugat

Noticed a typo in that first tweet - Harden at 33.3 3PT% with Rondo on the court (mistakenly listed FG% twice).

Michael Dugat

Harden with: Rondo on court: 102.6 O-Rating, 100.7 D-Rating, 1.9 Net Rating Rondo on bench: 108.5 O-Rating, 107.2 D-Rating, 1.3 Net Rating

Tim MacMahon

Rajon Rondo on embracing the challenge of being the primary defender against James Harden in this series: http://t.co/znpYnypTvG

Kurt Helin

Q&A: Corey Brewer on trade from Timberwolves, his 51-point game, Harden’s MVP case, Rockets vs. Mavericks dlvr.it/9Rwh4b

Raul Barrigon

James Harden is ready for the spotlight. bit.ly/1CZif8m http://t.co/hnb3aYf7hK

Jorge Sierra

James Harden is ready for the spotlight. bit.ly/1CZif8m http://t.co/LwL0kEQVCQ

Fabian Garcia

Mark Cuban: “Harden es el MVP porque Houston no es un buen equipo"; basquetplus.com/articulo/%E2%8… #NBA http://t.co/CDv0hYAZTY

Zach Lowe

Aminu is there to guard Harden, and Harris provides much more shooting from the PG spot than Rondo. Worth trying at least a bit.

Jonathan Feigen

Harden honed his leadership abilities as well as his game this season houstonchronicle.com/sports/rockets… via @HoustonChron

Darnell Mayberry

James Harden won the award twice. Stephen Curry won it once, and the MVP trophy is probably going to end up in the hands of Curry.

Chris Sheridan

The man who wrote the NBA Encyclodedia (yes, for real) believes @James Harden is most worthy of MVP. Column by @whyhub: sheridanhoops.com/2015/04/17/hub…

Jonathan Feigen

Follow the leader: How James Harden took control of the Rockets houstonchronicle.com/sports/rockets… via @HoustonChron

Monte Poole

ICYMI earlier . . . Why Curry, not Harden, should take home MVP award csnbayarea.com/warriors/why-c…

Calvin Watkins

James Harden said no comment when told Mark Cuban comments about Rockets being not that good. Josh Smith said team isn't trash talking.

Josh Lewenberg

Highest scoring backcourts in NBA (cont) 4- Harden/Beverley (37.5) 5- Lillard/Matthews (36.9) 6- Paul/Redick (35.5)

Royce Young

Mark Cuban: James Harden is the MVP 'because that's not a very good team over there' cbsprt.co/1baLGyP http://t.co/sqgoKM82TF

Adi Joseph

Smart look from @crabdribbles on why the Rockets need James Harden to get to the line so much: bit.ly/1ISFJoa

Tom Moore

Not sure he's that explosive a scorer RT @Lou_Lopez814: @Tom Moore would u say Russell compared more to james harden? feel he can be star

Mike Prada

All Mark Cuban’s doing is giving a meaner version of the Rockets’ MVP case for Harden. sbnation.com/nba/2015/4/17/… http://t.co/J2R1GPv8VR

Chris Herring

Didn't notice til now, but Westbrook managed to lead NBA in shot attempts despite missing 15 gms. One more FGA than Harden, who played in 81

Tas Melas

One man we forgot to mention as a guy who can guard James Harden is Al-Farouq Aminu. Great name, better skills. Huge X-factor for Mavs.

Tas Melas

I’d like a “Workout Before and After” photo of James Harden comparing him last year to this year before making my Rockets/Mavs prediction.

Ben Rohrbach

Listened to end of Ainge interview again. He put Westbrook in that “transcendent” conversation with Curry, Harden, Davis, CP3 & LeBron, too.

Ben Rohrbach

Ainge lists Curry, Harden, Davis, CP3 & LeBron as NBA’s current “transcendent” players. Did he ever think Rondo could be in that group? “No"

Ben Rohrbach

Ainge in response to @Gary Tanguay’s assessment that Harden & Curry can’t lead teams to title: “I think that’s a fall statement right there"

Ben Rohrbach

Ainge: Goal is “to be in the game” for best available players. Didn’t have assets for Harden in 2012. Have them to get next Harden type now.

Mike Prada

Rockets preview. Been skeptical all year but they keep proving me wrong. (Also: I’m pro Harden’s chef celebration) sbnation.com/nba/2015/4/16/…

Jimmy Spencer

The Rockets playoff roster may end up being Harden 1 on 5.

Ira Winderman

Hassan Whiteside finished 6th in NBA official Player Efficiency Rating (PER), behind only Anthony Davis, Westbrook, Curry, Durant, Harden.

Diamond Leung

Kenny Smith has Stephen Curry as MVP. Charles Barkley says only Curry and James Harden are deserving.

Bill Reiter

My ballot: ALL NBA FIRST TEAM Marc Gasol Anthony Davis LeBron Curry Harden

Chris Herring

Melo, on who deserves MVP: "I think James [Harden]." But then mentions Steph, before saying he would've said Russ had he made playoffs.

Chris Sheridan

Why did I vote Harden over Curry for MVP? And Kerr over Budenholzer? Answers here, with @Cinesport video: sheridanhoops.com/2015/04/16/she…

Calvin Watkins

James Harden on Dallas: "They're a really good team with a high powered offense. It's going to be a series of where we can get stops."

Jenny Dial Creech

James Harden: “We had a lot of adversity this season. We didn’t back down from anything. We kept fighting."

Zach Lowe

Last time Houston played Dallas, Carlisle had Rondo guard Harden. That would be fun TV.

Tim Cato

Tyson Chandler on guarding Harden: "Not with one person. Gonna have a lot of eyes on him."

Ben Golliver

Thunder's Russell Westbrook edges Rockets' James Harden to capture first scoring title on.si.com/1yx2M4B http://t.co/U5ZePal6vY

Bill Reiter

MVP: Curry, Harden, LeBro, Anthony Davis, Chris Paul

Michael Dugat

Will be frustrating if Harden gets gifted the line as much as reg season, but logic would seem to say he shouldn't to the same degree

David Alarcon

Anthony Davis tiene 22 años en su 3ª temporada ¡3 menos que James Harden, 5 menos que Stephen Curry! Media: 24.3pts, 10.2rebs y 2.9taps #MVP

David Alarcon

Anthony Davis tiene 22 años en su 3ª temporada ¡¡3 menos que James Harden y 5 menos que Stephen Curry!! Media: 24.3pts, 10.2rebs y 2.9taps.

Michael Dugat

Harden already complaining that he hasn't shot a freethrow yet.

Marcelo Nogueira

Triunfo de Houston 117-91 con triple-doble de James Harden. Espera por el segundo lugar del Oeste y Dallas como rival

Calvin Watkins

Harden had 16 points by the way.

Howard Chen

Different facial areas have been highlighted this year in the NBA. There's the Most Valuable Beard. The Most Valuable Brow. #Harden #ADavis