HoopsHype Jose Juan Barea Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: July 13, 2014 | 08:04 PM

Jeff Wade

Hey Mav fans (JJ Barea voice) Lets get the most badass Kickstarter ever going to keep Trix. Dudes already offering craft beers and VCRs, yo!

Michael Dugat

Barea was a master at constant contact, physical collisions, then would flop as soon as it served him. Particularly that elbow fend-off flop

Michael Dugat

Hearing a lot of Wade (few years ago). Some LeBron, Manu, Harden, Baron Davis and David West. All good answers. Size wrong, but I like Barea

Darren Wolfson

Flip like Mayo? Surely. Bud's knee a concern. #twolves RT @ColinNelson79: @Darren Wolfson Bud/Barea to Bucks for Mayo? Is that a possibility?

Quixem Ramirez

Patty Mills is likely seeking J.J. Barea money -- about $3-6 million per year. Still think he'll get around that with his injury.

Darren Wolfson

Can't be given away now. Maybe after FA. >>> RT @Alex Kennedy: Barea could be had in a trade w/ Minnesota, according to sources. #twolves

Alex Kennedy

J.J. Barea could be had in a trade with Minnesota, according to sources.

Demian Belmonte

Feliz 30 cumpleaños para JJ Barea! Su ficha: bit.ly/TzzjTJ

Alan Hahn

Norris Cole/JJ Barea/Jordan Farmar type role, perhaps. RT @robrobinson7: @Alan Hahn you think this Larkin guy is future starting PG

Diamond Leung

According to Ford, GSW-MIN hangup is not Klay, but Harrison Barnes, taking back Barea, future No. 1 unprotected pick: ibabuzz.com/warriors/2014/…

Chris Broussard

Sources: Twolves & Warriors discussing Possible trade: KLove, KMartin, JJBarea, 13th pick for Klay Thompson and David Lee