HoopsHype JR Smith Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: May 27, 2015 | 09:14 PM

Michael Lee

Funny thing about Melo slander after JR Smith made Finals is last time JR was in conference finals, he got there because of Melo #knicks

Victor Oquendo

This shot of a smiling JR Smith has been stuck behind me and @JanineStanwood all show. Control room trolling us. http://t.co/Y1NUFc7jZm

Iman Shumpert

Shouts to #knickstape fans that support me and @JR Smith i wanted to make sure i acknowledge the people! its appreciated. #Finals

Calvin Watkins

Sounds like JR Smith is having a ball.

Ray Ratto

Would you want him to? RT @JR Smith: Is skip ever going to give us credit for anything?

Tas Melas

JR Smith on LeBron's comment: "Oooook." vine.co/v/ebePdO6gpub

Jorge Sierra

JR Smith takes selfie at press conference. #YOLO youtube.com/watch?v=sXADlS…

Chris Palmer

JR Smith on the big stage is just about the best thing there is. I'm really looking forward to this.

Jeff Wade

Everyone I follow simultaneously tweeted some crap JR Smith's mom was talkin' bout

Sean Highkin

They’ll do it, too. RT @vodkalemonades: lmao JR Smith asked to be edited into the Cleveland Nike commercial

Vince Cellini

Thinking @JR Smith will find something to do in Cleveland tonight.

Sam Amico

Cavs' JR Smith said his mom came onto court during celebration and told him: "Talk about, 'Started from the bottom and now we're here.'"

Michael Lee

JR Smith should show up for every #cavs podium interview, just 'cause... http://t.co/1D0ivleo6w (via @cjzero)

Sean Deveney

JR Smith of the @Cleveland Cavaliers is Instagramming his press conference. He wants 2 million followers, he said.

Mike Ganter

JR Smith just interrupted the podium interviews to take a selfie with LeBron and Tristan. He's at teamswish on instagram.

Howard Beck

Breaking: JR Smith just took a podium selfie with LeBron and Tristan Thompson. Then said you can find it on Instagram. #podiumgame

Michael Lee

JR Smith & Tristan Thompson providing security for LeBron James's press conference... #cavs

Iman Shumpert

Turnt in the cold tub wit squad nem kingjames @therealjrsmith #recovery instagram.com/p/3K6wAOJrWz/

Benjamin Hochman

Former @Denver Nuggets JR Smith and Timofey Mozgov combined for 32 points and 17 boards tonight. They're heading to the NBA Finals.

Sam Amico

JR Smith checks out, points to crowd, offers big hug to Cavs coach David Blatt. Fans loudly chant in unison. "NBA Finals."

Bob Finnan

Second consecutive double-double for JR Smith (16 points, 10 rebounds)

Al Iannazzone

Your nightly reminder that JR Smith and Iman Shumpert are headed to the NBA Finals.

Al Iannazzone

Once again, what's clear from the playoffs - other than LBJ is the best player - is Tristan Thompson, JR Smith and Shumpert will get paid,

Tommy Beer

An issue for the Cavs: JR Smith will have 2+ weeks to google Yelp reviews of "the best nightclubs/bars/nightlife in the Bay Area"

Brian Mahoney

Horford obviously being brought up by many people, but the Howard play looked more comparable to JR Smith's, which caused a suspension.

Polo Bustamante

Great point by the NBAtv crew. That Howard foul was similar to the JR Smith hit on Crowder that got him suspended 2 games.

Ethan J. Skolnick

Just saw the Howard play again. If Horford's was a flagrant 2 & JR Smith got suspended 2 games, league needs to look hard at that one

Eddie Johnson

that said @Harrison Barnes Stevenson @Leandro Barbosa @Andre Iguodalawbogut @Andre Iguodala will be required to outplay @JR Smith Mosgov and @KyrieIrvi

Chris Haynes

JR Smith walked in postgame area and requested mic to ask LeBron James a question. Was respectfully denied. Would have been classic moment.

Trey Kerby

What if JR Smith in Cleveland is the new Zach Randolph in Memphis?

Al Iannazzone

LeBron James shows his greatness again, and the impact he has on his teammates - namely JR Smith and Iman Shumpert

Joe Gabriele

For #Cavs, @Matthew Dellavedova, 17pts, 4-9 3pt FG; @JR Smith, 17pts, 10reb off bench; @Iman Shumpert, 15pts, 7reb; @Tristan Thompson, 10pts, 7reb.

Paul Flannery

We all knew it would come down to Kent Bazemore and JR Smith

Steve Aschburner

Teague wanting a palming call on JR Smith on that play.

Joe Gabriele

For #Cavs, @Matthew Dellavedova, 17pts, 4-7 3pt FG; @Iman Shumpert, 11pts, 3-5 3pt FG; Mozgov, JR @JR Smith, 9pts apiece -- Smith, 6reb.

Lang Whitaker

Pretty sure that's a Flagrant 3 on JR Smith.

Andrew Perna

So JR Smith's elbow took the Chicago series off?

Tim Kawakami

Top playoff plus/minus players: Draymond +171, Curry +132, Barnes +100, Klay +93, Shumpert +86, JR Smith +81, Millsap +79, LeBron +78.

Jared Zwerling

Not only is Stephen Curry the MVP, but NBA players who golf say Curry is the best golfer in the league. CP3, JR Smith & Ray Allen in top 5.

Sam Amick

Also in Playoffs podcast: Draft talk, Laker Land post-Kobe chat, & why JR Smith is making Jeff's father cringe - ftw.usatoday.com/2015/05/nba-a-…

Al Iannazzone

What's clear from the playoffs - other than LeBron is the best player - is Tristan Thompson, JR Smith and Shumpert are going to get paid.

Emiliano Carchia

VIDEO: JR Smith leads Top 5 NBA Plays of the Night sportando.com/en/usa/nba/161… http://t.co/XG505uFlBd

Joe Gabriele

For #Cavs, @Iman Shumpert, 16pts, 6-11FG, 4-6 3ptFG, 4reb; @Matthew Dellavedova, 11pts, 6reb, 4asst; James Jones, @JR Smith, 9pts each off bench.

Tom Ziller

JR Smith in the Finals.

Vince Cellini

LIke game one, a 3Q nightmare for @Jaryd Wilson ..Cle 21-7 run, no ball movement, no second shots and @Iman Shumpert doing his best @JR Smith

Joe Gabriele

#Cavs shooting 53% FG, but gaudy 64% (7-11) from deep; James Jones (3-4 3pt FG), @Iman Shumpert, (2-2); LBJ and @JR Smith, each 1-2.

Lang Whitaker

Whatever JR Smith had before Game 1, Shumpert had tonight.

Joe Gabriele

James Jones now 2-2 3pt FG, he and @JR Smith combined 3-4 3pt FG; Marion, 1-2 FG. In Game 1, Smith was only reserve to score.