HoopsHype Kemba Walker Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: March 04, 2015 | 06:42 PM

Rod Boone

Another reason this game is big for #Nets besides winning the tiebreaker with #Hornets? Charlotte expects to get Kemba back in a week.

Rick Bonnell

Steve Clifford now hopes Kemba Walker can play sometime next week.

Tim Bontemps

Hornets coach Steve Clifford says he thinks Kemba Walker is about a week away from returning to game action for Charlotte.

Rick Bonnell

Steve Clifford said recently if all goes well, he hopes Kemba can start playing sometime on the West Coast trip (starts Mar. 16 in Utah).

Rick Bonnell

Very good news off Kemba Walker's doctor's appointment: Cleared for all physical activity, so practice is next.

Rick Bonnell

Steve Clifford will try a Mo Williams-Kemba Walker backcourt some once Walker is back charlotteobserver.com/sports/nba/cha…

Rick Bonnell

They found a seat on the front row for Kemba tonight, as he hates sitting behind the bench.

Rick Bonnell

I asked Clifford if he plans to play Kemba and Mo together when Kemba returns. "Definitely," Clifford replied.

Sam Smith

Bulls without Rose; Hornets without Kemba Walker. Good luck on anyone scoring 80. 28-26 Hornets w/8:20 left in 2nd qtr

Sean Highkin

The Hornets miss Kemba badly. Bulls double Big Al every time down the floor and Charlotte has no other weapons.

Mike McGraw

Charlotte won 12 of 15 between Jan. 3 and Feb. 5, but now have lost 5 in a row. Kemba Walker (knee) expected back in mid-March. #Bulls

Vincent Ellis

Bulls - Rose, Cavs - Varejao, Wiz - Beal, Bucks - Parker, Heat - Bosh, Hornets - Kemba, Pistons - BJ, Pacers - George, Celtics - Sullinger

Jay King

After watching a college-age Thomas in Maui Invitational, Ainge told him he's just as good as then-NCAA player of the year Kemba Walker.

Sam Amick

Reggie is known to have turned down a Kemba type offer from OKC (4 yrs, $48 million). He wants more & believes he'll prove worthy over time.

Sam Amick

Not only might he sign qualifying offer as way to be unrestricted in '16, but he wants a deal for more than what he turned down (Kemba $)

Rick Bonnell

Clifford is targeting West Coast trip that starts Mar. 16 as best-case scenario to get back Kemba Walker.

Jimmy Spencer

Projection: The Hornets will make the playoffs because of their defense but won't finish over .500 because Kemba misses too much time.

Brian Mahoney

The NBA House has banners hanging for NY legends such as Kareem, Archibald and Mullin. Can't find Kemba's. Must be here somewhere.

Chris Sheridan

The #Twolves - #Hiornets trade tells you 2 things. 1. Minny wants to play LaVIne more. 2. Kemba not close to return sheridanhoops.com/2015/02/10/mo-…

Jon Krawczynski

Hornets getting a solid vet backup for Kemba to help them chase a better seed in East. Mo is that guy. Wolves dump Daniels' salary, get pick

Tim Bontemps

Charlotte gets some additional guard depth with Kemba Walker out by acquiring Mo Williams and Troy Daniels. Hornets one game up on Nets.

Alex Boeder

Eastern Conference Players of the Week this season: Bosh, Deron, LeBron, Lou, Lowry, Wall, Horford, Butler, Teague, Kemba, Kyrie... Giannis.

Rick Bonnell

Kemba Walker stopped trying to play through knee pain when he realized it was hurting, not helping, the Hornets: charlotteobserver.com/2015/02/06/549…

Rick Bonnell

Hornets' Kemba Walker:"I was hurting my teammates" by trying to play with a torn meniscus: charlotteobserver.com/2015/02/06/549…

Rick Bonnell

“I’ll be fine, back better than ever.” -- Kemba Walker nine days removed from knee surgery.

Rashad Mobley

The wizards are playing smothering defense, but in fairness to the Hornets, they really miss the quickness and playmaking of Kemba Walker

Rick Bonnell

Kemba Walker is back with the team, in street clothes, on the bench.

Marc Stein

With Kemba Walker out, Hornets decided they had to waive Pargo while he's rehabbing to add a healthy guard in 10-day signee Eliot Williams

Adrian Wojnarowski

To be clearer: Charlotte is pursuing trades to get them through Kemba Walker's injury. They're not trading Walker.

Adrian Wojnarowski

Charlotte's hopeful that Kemba Walker could return in six weeks, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Adrian Wojnarowski

Yahoo Sources: Charlotte's pursuing trade avenues to replace Kemba Walker, with Sacramento's Ramon Sessions and Heat's Norris Cole on radar.

Adrian Wojnarowski

As per @Rick Bonnell, Kemba Walker getting look at meniscus in NY today. Surgery w/ six weeks recovery real possibility, sources tell Yahoo.

Rick Bonnell

“He’s been by far our best player...It would be a significant hit.” -- Steve Clifford on effect if Kemba Walker has a lengthy injury.

Rick Bonnell

Kemba Walker is in New York today getting a second opinion on his left knee, Steve Clifford said.

Raul Barrigon

What a game by Kemba Walker last night. Game-winning layup and this: vine.co/v/Ov3O1dnIbdm