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by HoopsHype - Updated: August 21, 2014 | 03:34 PM

Aaron J. Lopez

More from @Kenneth Faried: "I’m excited about this whole experience ... I’m very anxious to go out there and win this gold." #Nuggets

Aaron J. Lopez

#Nuggets F @Kenneth Faried enjoying experience with #USAMNT; says he was "extremely surprised" to get starting role.

Fernando Martin

El quinteto base Rose-Curry-Harden-Faried-Davis se confirma (mientras la rodilla de Rose aguante). Irving, Klay T., Gay parecen 1os relevos

Lenn Robbins

Kenneth Faried is a beast. A power forward's power forward @usabasketball

Josh Newman

Kyrie Irving starting in place of Rose. Curry, Harden, Anthony Davis and Faried join them. Those four started against Brazil on Saturday

Chris Sheridan

Starters for USA are Davis, Harden, Faried, Curry, Irving. D.Rose not starting because did not practice yesterday.

John Schuhmann

USA starters: Irving, Curry, Harden, Faried, Davis.

David Sardinero

¡Qué bestia! Mira como la enchufa Faried desde su casa y desde el centro de la cancha (Vídeo) kiaenzona.com/nba/que-bestia… http://t.co/gyBIN1jiqp

Josh Newman

Good evening from the Garden. Mason Plumlee and Kenneth Faried out here first getting some work in vine.co/v/MLWwLj19bVz

Aaron J. Lopez

#Nuggets F @Kenneth Faried should feel right at home with @usabasketball tonight at Madison Square Garden. on.nba.com/YzeKcK

John Schuhmann

One more note: Couple of people said today that Faried's familiarity w/ Nene was key to his/USA's success on Saturday.

John Schuhmann

ICYMI yesterday - Kenneth Faried has broken the mold on the USA frontline: on.nba.com/1pW0FPJ

Tim Bontemps

White team: Kyrie Irving, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Klay Thompson, Kenneth Faried, Anthony Davis, Andre Drummond, Rudy Gay.

Lang Whitaker

Ken Faried running away with the layup line fan favorite role at USA Basketball practice

John Schuhmann

When it comes to what the USA is looking for in a 4/5, Kenneth Faried has broken the mold: on.nba.com/1pW0FPJ

John Schuhmann

USA plus-minus from last night. They were pretty darn good with Kenneth Faried on the floor: http://t.co/d1WRDKm3Tu

Iñako Diaz-Guerra

El primer quinteto ha sido Rose, Curry, Harden, Faried y Anthony Davis. No jugaron Cousins ni Drummond. ¿Por quién apostaríais vosotros?

Chris Sheridan

Stat system broke at US-Brazil game, no box score available. Top scorers were A.Davis (20), J.Harden (18), K.Faried (11), K.Thompson (10)

Lang Whitaker

I hope Ken Faried makes Team USA so other countries will think we have one of the Na'vis from Avatar out there.

Sean Highkin

cc @JordanSWhite RT @Patrick_Fenelon: Faried reminds me of Animal from the muppets

Steve Aschburner

Brazil's Hettsheimeir had enough grip of Faried's jersey to start a hockey fight.

Amin Elhassan

Yo I just ran around my house cackling....Harden's the defensive stopper?! Whats next, Faried the spacer?

John Schuhmann

Faried has broken the mold of what USA is looking for in a 4/5.

Alex Kennedy

THEY CLONED D-ROSE. RT @Marc J. Spears USA starting Derrick Rose, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Kenneth Faried & Derrick Rose.

Julian Mozo

#España2014 • Derrick Rose • Stephen Curry • James Harden • Kenneth Faried • Anthony Davis, el quinteto. Davis puede dominar el Mundial.

Steve Aschburner

Nene puts down Faried and knocks his pony tail out. #somethingnevertypedinMikanera

Sam Smith

USA starters for 1st exhibition are Anthony Davis, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Kenneth Faried and Rose.

Joe Cowley

Rose, Harden, Curry, AD and Faried are starting.

Nick Friedell

Rose starts -- alongside Davis, Curry, Harden and Faried.

Chris Sheridan

Starters for Team USA are Rose, Curry, Harden, Faried, Davis. Brazil going small with 3 guards. Varejao will come off bench.

John Schuhmann

Suggested Faried might be starting 4 (Davis' shooting at 5 could allow for it) after Durant news, but could just be for Brazil's frontline.

Sean Highkin

Kenneth Faried is the fifth starter for Team USA, joining national team vets Rose, Curry, Harden and Davis.

John Schuhmann

Faried starting at the 4. RT @usabasketball: USA vs Brazil exhibition. Starters have their number circled. #USABMNT http://t.co/nPHvtncPFu

DeMarcus Cousins

ALS Bucket Challenge @Rudy Gay @jharden13 wardell30 @demar_derozan @kennethfaried35 instagram.com/p/ru7dXegHGN/

James Harden

#ALSBucket challenge with. @demar_derozan @DeMarcus Cousins husky4lyfe22 @kennethfaried35 . Now we… instagram.com/p/ru6qzNNlcn/

Stephen Curry

#alsicebucketchallenge with husky4lyfe22 @jharden13 @demar_derozan @DeMarcus Cousins @kennethfaried35...… instagram.com/p/ru6OMZzfXF/

Steve Kyler

With rookie scale extensions now front and center for most teams -- here's the question? What is the right number for... Kenneth Faried

Brett Pollakoff

Faried has looked great. Scored with power right over Anthony Davis, then finished a dunk inside in a half court set.

Jorge Sierra

Kevin Durant's absence could open up a spot and playing time for Kenneth Faried. Don't think he's such a good fit for FIBA ball.

Antonio Vazquez

Digamos que USA puede venir con un 12 así:Rose, Irving, Curry, Harden, DeRozan, Thompson, Hayward, Parsons, Faried, Davis, Drummond, Cousins

John Schuhmann

Parsons is only real 3/4 left on the roster. Other SF options are smaller. Could mean big minutes for Faried.

Jon Santiago

For the core 8, I'd have Curry, Davis, Durant, Harden, Lillard, Rose, Klay & Cousins. Last 4 would be Korver, Faried, Hayward & DeRozan.

Quincy Miller

Grind don't stop @Kenneth Faried #wehere http://t.co/wqRvl2PSCd

Aaron J. Lopez

Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski on #Nuggets F @Kenneth Faried: "He’s capable of being a great defensive player."

Miguel Angel Paniagua

1/2: CURRY, Irving, ROSE; 2/3: HARDEN, Korver, Thompson; 3/4: DURANT, Hayward, Parsons; 4/5: DAVIS, Faried, Cousins o Plumlee. (sigue)

Aaron J. Lopez

#Nuggets F @Kenneth Faried among 16 Team USA finalists moving on to training camp in Chicago.

Jessica Camerato

USA Nat.Team Finalists Cousins Curry Davis DeRozan Drummond Durant Faried Harden Hayward Irving Korver Lillard Parsons Plumlee Rose Thompson

Kurt Helin

Kenneth Faried likes his chances for making Team USA roster dlvr.it/6WrFbg

Adi Joseph

How I'd cut the Team USA 16 to 12. Irving / Rose / Lillard Curry / Harden / DeRozan Durant / Parsons Davis / Faried Cousins / Drummond