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by HoopsHype - Updated: March 30, 2015 | 02:06 PM

Michael Lee

Also from last weekend: the challenge ahead for Kevin Durant & the sadness of his latest setback: wapo.st/19taqAO #thunder #NBA

David Aldridge

The Pacers keep fighting w/o @Paul George, does OKC have any shot w/o KD, a Q & A with @Manu Ginobili & more in the Tip: on.nba.com/1HX80Ju

Marc Stein

Kevin Durant played in 97 percent of OKC's games in his first seven NBA seasons. This season? It'll wind up being basically 33 percent

John Rohde

Even with @Kevin Durant lost for the season, #Thunder's plan remains unchanged. bit.ly/1G0EEt2 @FranchiseOK @steelyonsports

Kamenetzky Brothers

PODCAST! Jim, Mitch, Byron and Co. get ranked, KD out, big "Final Fours" -- condiments, Simpsons characters, more: content.blubrry.com/kambrothers/La…

Michael Lee

ICYMI: The challenge ahead for Kevin Durant & the sadness of his latest foot setback: wapo.st/19taqAO #thunder

Jorge Sierra

What Kevin Durant's loss means to Thunder. shar.es/1gbwWi

Diamond Leung

Kevin Durant and James Harden have seen their college coaches fired this week.

Royce Young

Russell Westbrook and Scott Brooks talked today about how the Thunder are moving on this season without Kevin Durant: es.pn/1xJj6P3

Michael Lee

The challenge ahead for Kevin Durant & the sadness of his latest setback: wapo.st/19taqAO #thunder #NBA #KD http://t.co/Pjg7fZRrvG

Darnell Mayberry

Is this just an intermission in Kevin Durant's career or career-altering injury? okne.ws/1xHCyvM?utm_so…

Frank Isola

Kevin Durant's latest foot injury gives the Knicks a good reason to take a step back and reevaluate their plan. nydn.us/1BDIySg

Steve Kyler

VIDEO: Discussing Kevin Durant’s Latest Surgery - with Justin Termine (@TermineRadio) & Joel Briagham (@JoelBrigham) basketballinsiders.com/video-discussi…

Kamenetzky Brothers

Who drops a podcast at 11:15 on a Friday night? US! On LA's low front office rankings, KD, Final 4 AAK! and more. content.blubrry.com/kambrothers/La…

Steve Kyler

VIDEO: Discussing Kevin Durant’s Latest Surgery: Kevin Durant will have bone graft surgery on h... bit.ly/1EeoY57 @BBallInsiders

Jordan Hamilton

Praying for my dawg @Kevin Durant man! I know how much he loves the game! Get well soon brother!

Tom Lorenzo

LeBron James said he hasn't reached out to Kevin Durant yet, if you're wondering. "It's a blow to our league," he said.

Royce Young

There are probably 500 questions worth asking about Kevin Durant being shut down for the season, but here are five: dailythunder.com/2015/03/kevin-…

Royce Young

Really great explanation of what a bone graft is and what it means for Kevin Durant's future from @jocktodoc: es.pn/1a0Y2sY

Ben Golliver

Five questions surrounding Kevin Durant's third foot surgery on.si.com/1xlnEKY http://t.co/b3mVSwPJaD

Amin Elhassan

Shaq and Penny were supposed to run the NBA for a decade. KD & Russ same. Life comes at you fast.

Mitch Lawrence

Bad day for @Kevin Durant, the #Thunder and the #NBA, with more foot surgery for the reigning MVP and an uncertain future. forbes.com/sites/mitchlaw…

Steve Kyler

Statement from Thunder of Kevin Durant's season ending surgery... http://t.co/5m6lesTdwW

Anthony Slater

Perry Jones has been making solid cameos all day during Kevin Durant bench highlight mash-ups vine.co/v/O30gaFTi9jt

Mitch Lawrence

Why Kevin Durant's Season-Ending Foot Injury is Bad News for the Thunder and the Entire NBA @Forbes onforb.es/1BuBDtt

Rusty Simmons

Steve Kerr on Kevin Durant injury: “I always hate hearing when anybody is injured and out, especially somebody like Kevin...

Diamond Leung

Steve Kerr on Kevin Durant being out for the season: "It's just sad..."

Jamal Crawford

Prayers up for lil bro @Kevin Durant..one of the greats, will be back better than ever..#staystrong

Jeff Caplan

Hard to believe for 3 consecutive seasons, injury to one of the Thunder's Big 3 will derail championship hopes (this yr it's KD & Ibaka).

Nazr Mohammed

Always sad to see one of my bros injured & not being able to do what they love but these setbacks make u stronger. Speedy recovery @Kevin Durant

Ian Begley

FWIW, #Knicks coach Derek Fisher is confident Kevin Durant will be back to top form and suggests that his best basketball is ahead of him.

Robert Morales

Clippers won't be seeing OKC's @Kevin Durant in the playoffs, nor will anyone else insidesocal.com/clippers/2015/… #Clippers #Thunder

Alan Hahn

Can't now. Too big of a gamble with that 1st IMHO. RT @RealBostonJorge: @Alan Hahn Would u still trade for KD after this surgery? #Knicks

Julian Mozo

#NBA Malas noticias para Oklahoma: Kevin Durant tendrá que volver a operarse el pie. Baja entre 4 y 6 meses. Chau temporada.

Demian Belmonte

Kevin Durant tendrá que volver a pasar por el quirófano para operarse el pie. Baja al menos para los próximos 4 meses. Adiós a los playoffs.

Marcelo Bousquet

¡Qué momento para tener que anunciar que tu mejor jugadpr se perderá el resto de la temporada!. Kevin Durant ya no vuelve. OKC ya no asusta.

Dwyane Wade

Prayers up for @Kevin Durant & hopes for a speedy recovery..the game just isn't the same with him out...#NBABrotherhood

Jorge Sierra

Kevin Durant out for the season: The Twitter reaction. shar.es/1gXIIL http://t.co/Q3GB2bWMH7

Fabian Garcia

Es oficial: Kevin Durant se perderá el resto de la 2014/15; basquetplus.com/articulo/es-of… #NBA http://t.co/RtRXMc4RhR

CJ McCollum

Prayers out to @Kevin Durant . Broke my fifth twice in one year. Hate to see it happen but he will recover and be back on the court serving 🙌🙏

Pascal LeBlanc

La saison de Kevin Durant est terminée... Pauvre #Thunder... lapresse.ca/sports/autres-… via @lp_lapresse

Jeff Caplan

What are the odds that BOTH Russell Westbrook AND Kevin Durant would need THREE surgeries (at least for KD), to repair their injuries?

Chris Paul

Prayers out to my bro @kdtrey5 on a speedy recovery! Many people like to play this game, but he's one… instagram.com/p/0vojzzSjeP/

Kevin Pelton

Though injuries aren't up overall, stars like Kevin Durant have been missing more time lately: es.pn/1xEWwY4 (In)

Royce Young

Kevin Durant Out For the Season: 5 things you need to know cbsprt.co/195khNl http://t.co/HG3u3xXqqT

Marc J. Spears

Kevin Durant to have season-ending surgery. yhoo.it/1NjKVkw #NBA #Thunder

Caron Butler

Speedy recovery family @kdtrey5 look ahead God got this ✊ instagram.com/p/0vkVamgjI7/

Gary Lee

Get well soon, Kevin Durant.

Michael Lee

Before Kevin Durant was forced to have 3rd surgery, I wrote that #thunder should shut him down & focus on next season wapo.st/1OfxJ1o

Randy Renner

The recovery process for the latest KD news begins now. #Thunder http://t.co/MbrG0TvyN4