HoopsHype Kevin Durant Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: October 31, 2014 | 11:12 AM

Tom Haberstroh

Number of games in OKC team history without Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant: 1. That's it.

Jonathan Feigen

If KD, Westbrook return mid-Dec. and win last season's 72 %, OKC would have to go 7-13 w/out them to reach the 50 wins probably takes in WC.

Quixem Ramirez

Not so fun what if: OKC drops to 8th, because of the insane conference and injuries to KD + Westbrook. They draw the Spurs in 1st round.

Zach Lowe

And that assumes on-schedule returns for both KD and Russ. Oof. Maybe OKC should have voted for lottery reform after all?

David Alarcon

Sin KD, Perry Jones podrá demostrar lo que venía haciendo en Baylor. OKC activó su 4º año del contrato rookie. Agente libre restringido '16

Josh Lewenberg

Going to be very tough for OKC to tread water in loaded West for however long KD/Russ are out. Raps host whatever's left of the Thunder Tues

Adi Joseph

Random-ish: Kevin Durant has led the NBA in points and free throws for the past five years. That grip is done. James Harden's time?

Sean Highkin

This is the only game in which the Thunder have ever been without both KD and Westbrook: basketball-reference.com/boxscores/2014…

Tim Bontemps

With Russell Westbrook having a fractured bone in his hand, the Nets will not see either Westbrook or Kevin Durant this season.

Anthony Slater

The concern now: Westbrook's health...and KD's...and Jackson's...and Lamb's...and Morrow's...and McGary's.

Robert Morales

OKC's Kevin Durant in a walking cast, cheering on his team from the bench #Clippers

Tony Jones

When KD comes back, if the lineup isn't KD, Jones, Ibaka, then I'm questioning life

Kristina Leahy

Kevin Durant is out with the coaches at mid court during the time out.

Arash Markazi

Kevin Durant getting some work in pregame. @ Staples Center instagram.com/p/uy-YbVQC7B/

David Thorpe

Lots of gripping on how will OKC win a game until KD returns. Reggie Jackson may get a ticker tape parade when he returns.

Andrew Sharp

If KD comes back to DC we'll skip the "saving an entire region" stuff and just force go-go on the entire country

Julian Mozo

#NBA Kevin Durant ya quiere volver. Viajó a Portland y, con la bota, se animó a tirar al aro. vine.co/v/OMF5jOLu61E

David Thorpe

How do the Thunder win without @Kevin Durant? #NBAFrontOffice takes over OKC front office. es.pn/1wDqJlx

Kurt Helin

Old tweets: Kevin Durant uses gay slurs (including at Russell Westbrook), Damian Lillard rips LeBron James dlvr.it/7Mf9Wp

Kerry Eggers

Kaman on Westbrook: "He's going to have a tough season without KD. He's going to carry load. Can he do it for 4 quarters? Good luck to him."

Royce Young

If anything, I think Scott Brooks' biggest mistake is not playing Kevin Durant a single minute tonight. I mean, what's he thinking?

Marc J. Spears

Russell Westbrook has 36 points and 15 made free throws for the Thunder sans Kevin Durant versus Portland through three quarters.

Mico Halili

Kevin Durant and James Harden are "teammates" again in new commercial. VIDEO: micohaliliblogs.blogspot.com/2014/10/kevin-…

Chris Palmer

No question Westbrook will lead the league in scoring. Until KD comes back.

John Canzano

Kevin Durant scooting around here with the boot on his fractured foot… you’ve been through that in PDX, though, haven’t you?

Chris Mannix

Lot of people believe Russell Westbrook could thrust himself into the MVP discussion during KD's absence. Seeing potential of that tonight.

Royce Young

Kevin Durant is enjoying the Russell show: vine.co/v/OMF2O70AiXh

Ben Golliver

Lance Thomas averaging 40 points per 36 minutes this season. Tracking towards a perfect 100 FG% too. KD's efficiency marks in real jeopardy

Anthony Slater

ESPN footage of Kevin Durant shooting pregame vine.co/v/OMF5jOLu61E

Anthony Slater

Kevin Durant made the trip to Portland. He's in a walking boot: http://t.co/Eb4ypDji2V

Tom Ziller

DeMarcus Cousins realizes he doesn't have Kevin Durant either, has 10 first quarter shooting possessions.

Scott Souza

#Celtics coach Brad Stevens: Marcus Smart was not 6th pick in draft to be next Kevin Durant ... Was picked for his intangibles.

Kerry Eggers

With Kevin Durant (foot) out, OKC will dress only 9 players vs. @Portland Trail Blazers tonight. Going big with Steven Adams, Perry Jones, Serge Ibaka

Tom Haberstroh

Answer: Dwight Howard with 57. LeBron James and Kevin Durant next on the list.

Melissa Rohlin

Chris Paul: Russell Westbrook will be just fine without Kevin Durant latimes.com/sports/sportsn…

James Harden

S/O to @Kevin Durant for being my ears when I didn't have eyes 28 stories up. Have ya'll seen #TheBlindfold? youtube.com/watch?v=1WGUAX…

Gary Lee

Kobe also suggested Kevin Durant "try to improve the mental aspect of it (the game) and come back a better player."

Gary Lee

When Kevin Durant fractured his foot, Kobe said the following: "Just got to be patient and do what he can in the interim and study the game"

Chad Ford

Chat Wrap: Should the Lakers tank? KD or AD? Wiggins or Parker? Will the Sixers draft ANOTHER center? More … espn.go.com/sportsnation/c…

David Thorpe

NBA Front Office: How the Thunder win without KD es.pn/1sEMnko via @espnnba

George Karl

What's the Impact of @Kevin Durant injury in OKC? See why I think an Injury could be time for team growth #NBAFrontOffice es.pn/1wDqJlx

Kevin Pelton

Our #NBAFrontOffice panel discusses how the Thunder survive without Kevin Durant: es.pn/1wDqJlx (In)

Chad Ford

How do the Thunder win without @Kevin Durant? #NBAFrontOffice takes over OKC front office. es.pn/1wDqJlx (in)

Rob Peterson

It's early, but Anthony Davis at No. 3* (would have been No. 4 had KD been healthy) in #NBArank, looks good so far -- espn.go.com/video/clip?id=…

Sean Deveney

LeBron, KD, Anthony Davis? After opening night, hard to argue dlvr.it/7LsY7V

Anthony Slater

Officially out for at least the first two games: Kevin Durant, Reggie Jackson, Mitch McGary, Jeremy Lamb, Anthony Morrow, Grant Jerrett

Rob Peterson

Interesting. MT @mhaubs: Rolling the dice with KD's health and going with Thunder over Cavs, though the karma seems right for the Clippers.