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by HoopsHype - Updated: May 24, 2015 | 01:00 PM

Gary Lee

RUMOR: Insiders believe Kevin Love will leave the Cavaliers in free agency. lakersnation.com/nba-rumors-ins… http://t.co/xSLGtDxjwJ

Joe Vardon

Nearing Finals doorstep with no Kevin Love and Kyrie questionable, LeBron still believes #Cavs can win bit.ly/1F9axuR

Gary Lee

RUMOR: Insiders believe Kevin Love will leave the Cavaliers in free agency. lakersnation.com/nba-rumors-ins… http://t.co/WzdJdmIMxm

Gary Lee

RUMOR: Insiders believe Kevin Love will leave the Cavaliers in free agency. lakersnation.com/nba-rumors-ins… http://t.co/F7LUIYRSiW

Chris Fedor

#Cavs defense allowed 94 points per game in the Boston series with Kevin Love. In the 8 games without him: 89.

Ethan J. Skolnick

Cavs might still be better overall team w/Kevin Love. But I doubt they would be doing defensively what they r w/ Thompson playing 41 mins.

Mike Wise

LeBron's value isn't finding a way to win with no Kevin Love and a dinged-up Kyrie; it's making the role players around him play lights out

Dave McMenamin

Cavs go up 2-0 with a 94-82 win without Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving. They still had that LeBron guy go off for 30p, 11a & 9r.

Ethan J. Skolnick

And, while hardly his fault, Kevin Love is missing his 8th playoff game tonight. Chris Bosh missed 9 of 87 in 4 seasons w/ LeBron.

Chris Herring

Cavs feel like they're being held together by a single thread. So many nicks and bruises. And obviously Kevin Love with a major injury.

Jose Luis Malo

Chris Paul cambiado, #Pelicans obtienen No. 1 pick LeBron a #Cavs, CLE obtiene No. 1 pick Kevin Love cambiado, #Wolves obtiene No. 1 pick

Jake Fischer

Good for Minnesota fans, pretty momentous following the Kevin Love trade.

Michael Lee

You know what's crazy, based on that Kevin Love deal, #wolves will have the No. 1 picks from 2013, 2014 & 2015 on their roster next season

Chris Haynes

#Cavs F Kevin Love will not travel with the team to Atlanta. His shoulder still isn't quite ready for flying.

Bob Finnan

Bob Finnan’s NBA notes: Boston Celtics could bid for Kevin Love if he opts out of contract news-herald.com/sports/2015051… via @newsheraldinoh

Bob Finnan

Bob Finnan's NBA notes: Boston Celtics could bid for Kevin Love if he opts out of contract bit.ly/1cH8d6J

Steve Kyler

As for Kevin Love - not sure I'd sign a guy coming off a completely torn labrum until I saw him play again #nashpt2 twitter.com/jasonparmar89/…

Dave McMenamin

Iman Shumpert said the Cavs planned to Facetime with Kevin Love on the team plane, adding: "We’re doing this for him.”

Rick Noland

No Kevin Love, no problem. No Kyrie Irving, no problem. A poor shooting performance by LeBron James? Again, no problem.

Michael Scotto

Bulls squandered a chance to beat the Cavs this series with Kevin Love out, Kyrie Irving hobbling and LeBron James shooting poorly overall.

Lang Greene

Wouldn't have believed it if you told me the Cavs would close out Chicago on the road by 20 without Kevin Love and with a gimpy Kyrie Irving

Raul Barrigon

Is he Kevin Love or 'N Sync Timberlake? Check out other NBA stars before they had beards. bit.ly/1cBkj17 http://t.co/i3M1IhtxmA

Jonah Ballow

I should do a follow-up RT @steventurous: Kevin Love and Wes Johnson’s awkward handshake. #TBT @Jonah Ballow youtube.com/watch?v=P6LPGr…

Jerry Zgoda

Have you been waiting for new Kevin Love instructional yoga DVD? Here it is (just be careful w/ those downward dogs) gameonyoga.com/kevin-love/

Frank Isola

No Kevin Love, Kyrie is hobbled and yet LeBron keeps winning. I know he's the drama King, but LeBron outclasses the Bulls...every time.

Ryan Ward

Kyrie Irving. Pau Gasol. Kevin Love. John Wall. Chris Paul. A lot of injuries to big-name players in the playoffs so far.

Chris Fedor

#Cavs head coach David Blatt says Kevin Love will be in the building tonight.

Alex Kennedy

With Kevin Love out and Kyrie Irving hurt/struggling, LeBron James is attempting way more shots than he usually does.

Jorge Sierra

The latest on Kevin Love and the Celtics. bit.ly/1ATPMS2 http://t.co/YSywmLdSvs

Kurt Helin

Report: Kevin Love ‘holds no long-lasting ill will’ toward Celtics, Kelly Olynyk dlvr.it/9mVc2X

Jay King

Report: Kevin Love "holds no long-lasting ill will toward either the Celtics or Olynyk." masslive.com/celtics/index.…

Eddie Johnson

If Harden and Curry fail to win and LBJ takes @Cleveland Cavaliers to the finals despite @Kevin Love and @Kyrie Irving hurt. What does that tell you? @NBA

Chris Herring

James nicked up. Kyrie banged up and nonexistent. No Kevin Love. Shump playing poorly. How on earth are the Cavs winning this game?

Sam Amico

Cavs not coming close from perimeter. Combined with no Kevin Love and hobbled Kyrie Irving, odds greatly narrowing. Bulls by 7 entering 4th.

Bill Ingram

The injury bug evens things out a bit for @Cleveland Cavaliers and @Chicago Bulls with Pau Gasol joining Kevin Love in street clothes (temporarily).

Steve Aschburner

That @Kevin Love chocolate milk commercial reminds me of early SNL parody spot with Belushi, decathlete, fueled by little chocolate donuts.

Lang Greene

With Kevin Love owed $16m in 2016 and eyeing a near max deal, what will CLE do w/ Tristan Thompson? Can’t see them investing double at PF

Roland Lazenby

Cavaliers' Kevin Love Won't Accept Celtics' Kelly Olynyk's Apology for Injury bleacherreport.com/articles/24572… via @bleacherreport

Gary Lee

Cavaliers have 'legitimate fear' Kevin Love will leave the team this summer. lakersnation.com/nba-rumors-cle… http://t.co/jjEJdj1dMb

Scott Howard-Cooper

Ttrade Klay Thompson for Kevin Love? Hire an unproven coach? The #Warriors, the mega-decisions, the victory lap. on.nba.com/1F3Vhml

Derek Page

... And the @Houston Rockets PR person got fired for horse and gun emojis. Kevin Love sling night/this video > 🐴🔫 twitter.com/latimessports/…

Chris Haynes

#Cavs F Kevin Love talks about team’s Game 2 performance, his rousing ovation and moving on from Kelly Olynyk play cleveland.com/cavs/index.ssf…

Gary Lee

Cavaliers have ‘legitimate fear’ Kevin Love will leave the team this summer lakersnation.com/nba-rumors-cle… http://t.co/Sjfqk6www4

Chuck Swirsky

I totally get Kevin Love's deep disappointment losing a chance to compete for a title .but until he is able to forgive he will feel pain.

Sean Grande

I wonder if Kevin Love will accept this apology. RT @Royce Young Cavs statement on controversial promo video. http://t.co/S3ORIddnnI

Kurt Helin

Kevin Love refuses to return Kelly Olynyk’s calls dlvr.it/9jd6HC

Royce Young

Report: Kevin Love refuses to accept Kelly Olynyk's apology cbsprt.co/1ESKBpf http://t.co/oDtZC4jWIQ

Jeff Zillgitt

Between the canceled Kevin Love sling giveaway and the tone-deaf video, the Cavs should stick to the basics of in-game entertainment..

Kurt Helin

Want to talk Kevin Love's future? Hack-a-Rocket/Clipper? Cavs poor marketing? Send Qs for my takeover of @NBCSports at noon ET use #AskHelin

Dave McMenamin

ICYMI: New column: Kevin Love has not left the building - How the Cavs' re-recruitment began in Game 2 es.pn/1IiL0Ul