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by HoopsHype - Updated: April 25, 2015 | 11:59 PM

Kamenetzky Brothers

Kobe's first reaction was to ask if he was kicked. Wainwright said he thought the catcher's mask hit him. BK twitter.com/injuryexpert/s…

Erik Gundersen

More like Kobe Lee. 9 points with a free-throw coming.

Robert Luis B. Raya

Anyone here still think that @Kobe Bryant is the best player of his generation over Tim Duncan? Is it still a debate?

Paul Garcia

right to left crossover, uses the pump fake aleft hand over Jordan. Kawhi is sick right now. Then the Kobe/MJ turnaround. SA by 16.

Amin Elhassan

I blame people like this guy for why Kobe went from a well-rounded player to a caricature twitter.com/TheOrignalBro/…

Amin Elhassan

How great would the last act of Kobe's career had been if he had been a "Thats Why They Brought Me Here" player?

Mark Medina

LANG has a series of 50 most powerful sports figures in L.A. Lakers president Jeanie Buss is ranked 7th, Kobe is 4th bit.ly/1JmarX1

Kamenetzky Brothers

I am convinced this is it. AK RT @HarryBagus: @Kamenetzky Brothers @Dom4LA24 do you guys think Kobe will extend 2 more years in LAL? Or he is done..

Mike Wise

Guy You Want To Take Last Shot This Millennium: Kobe, Reggie, Billups, Horry, Ray Allen, DWade, DFish, Dirk, KD, 'Bron, Pierce and now Curry

Amin Elhassan

Sure did. All the ppl indicting Rondo for quitting musta forgot RT @ACSSPOTLIGHT95: @Amin Elhassan it led to a Kobe #hatehard on own team in G 7.

Jimmy Spencer

Actually, I think some LA writers actually gave him some second-place votes. RT @basquiatball: @Jimmy Spencer kobe

Emilio Cobos

Pacquiao con @Nike_Spain Kobe 10 Elite. Puede que dispute el combate del siglo con las zapas de Kobe twitter.com/SneakerNews/st…

Bill Simmons

From 1997 to right now, would you rather have had Duncan or Kobe on your fav NBA team? Is this even a debate anymore?

Kevin Ding

Gift tweet to Kobe fans: Patty Mills looks pretty good after rotator cuff surgery on his right shoulder.

Leandro Ginobili

Tiago con esa barba es una mezcla brasileña de Ivan Drago y el hombre de Camel! Ahora si, Red Mamba on court!

Michael Scotto

Tim Duncan joins Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar & Michael Jordan as the only players to score over 5,000 playoff points.

Tom Moore

LAL pick 10 next yr? RT @AWIII75 @cacisor @jp_melle @PhilaPhans LOL. Even without Love, Kobe, Randle & say mudiay puts them in playoff race

Jeff Goodman

I'd love to see a Lakers team next season with Kobe, Rondo and DeMarcus Cousins.

Rich Levine

Surprised it hasn't happened yet, but can't be too long before Kobe throws up a tweet in Rondo's defense.

Serena Winters

Jordan Clarkson then called around to make sure his friends weren't messing w/ him & once he really knew it was Kobe, he texted back!

Serena Winters

Clarkson said when LA drafted him, Kobe texted him, but he thought it was one of his friends messing w/ him so he didn't text him back!

Kamenetzky Brothers

Kobe is among the more high maintenance athletes to ever walk the earth. But during his peak, he was worth whatever headaches. AK

Gary Lee

Kobe Bryant reflects on who challenged him to be a great leader. lakersnation.com/kobe-bryant-re… http://t.co/xac8g0p4B0

Amin Elhassan

The future of #hatehard depends on it RT @footballfan098: @Amin Elhassan man I can't wait for Lakers to overpay this guy because Kobe likes him.

Chris Palmer

20-pt, 5-reb, 5-ast playoff games: LeBron 101, Bird 83, MJ 80, Magic 71, Kobe 66

Serena Winters

Kobe reflects on who challenged him to be a great leader (his answer may surprise you) lakersnation.com/kobe-bryant-re… http://t.co/rhGVhjnwBP

Gary Lee

PHOTOS: NikeLab Kobe X Elite Low HTM that launches this summer. lakersnation.com/photos-nikelab… http://t.co/Df1SCIMiC5

Joel Embiid

"Kobe Bryant's Muse"🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 #GOAT

Isaiah Canaan

Just finished watching @Kobe Bryant Muse Documentary!! http://t.co/lLnsW1bm93

Gary Lee

Kobe Bryant reflects on who challenged him to be a great leader. lakersnation.com/kobe-bryant-re… http://t.co/tjdjH6DGrg

Darren Wolfson

Source says Tyus Jones is expected to sign w/ agent Rob Pelinka. He reps Kobe, Harden, etc. Tyus took pitches from many big-time agents.

Frank Isola

Phil is being asked about never having All Star caliber point guard in his system. OMG. He had Michael Jordan & Kobe instead. Holy crap.

Baxter Holmes

Kobe is under contract to sell his home in Newport Coast. It has a shark tank, hair salon & a bunch of other stuff. bit.ly/1HafGbs

Gary Lee

Kobe Bryant may soon break another record and it's not what you think. lakersnation.com/photo-kobe-bry… http://t.co/9Ohdi9PF8x

Jay King

J.R. Smith: Can't touch Avery Bradley because refs treat him like Kobe Bryant masslive.com/celtics/index.…

Kurt Helin

J.R. Smith on guarding Avery Bradley: ‘Apparently he’s like Kobe now, so I can’t touch him’ dlvr.it/9THvXx

Roland Lazenby

Lakers 2015 Exit Interview: Byron Scott Talks Expectations For Kobe Bryant - goo.gl/alerts/M6j7 #GoogleAlerts

Roland Lazenby

Byron Scott On Kobe Bryant's Training: 'I Don't Want Him To Overdo It' - goo.gl/alerts/uwbT #GoogleAlerts

Roland Lazenby

Kevin Durant Lists Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson On His NBA Mount Rushmore - goo.gl/alerts/GkaP #GoogleAlerts

Roland Lazenby

Kobe Bryant under contract to sell Newport Coast home - goo.gl/alerts/yv1A #GoogleAlerts

Roland Lazenby

Byron Scott says Kobe Bryant has started lifting weights, rehab is progressing - goo.gl/alerts/xxRW #GoogleAlerts

Roland Lazenby

Russell Westbrook on Kobe Bryant's recent defense of his high volume of shot attempts: 'That's my - goo.gl/alerts/yWy3 #GoogleAlerts

Roland Lazenby

Kobe Bryant defends Russell Westbrook's 43 shots in loss - goo.gl/alerts/lakj #GoogleAlerts

Janis Carr

MVP chants at Staples and Kobe's not even in the country

Mark Medina

Poll: Do Lakers fans root for Spurs out of dislike for Clippers, or root for Clippers so Duncan denied chance to eclipse Kobe in rings?

Julian Mozo

#NBA Ginóbili pasa a ser el 3º máximo triplero en la historia de playoffs. Metió uno y superó a Kobe (293 a 292). Está a 27 de Reggie Miller

Guillermo Gorroño

Histórico: Manu Ginóbili (293) ya es el 3er mejor triplero en playoffs #NBA, superando a Kobe Bryant (292). 1) R.Allen 385, 2) R.Miller 320.