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by HoopsHype - Updated: July 25, 2014 | 09:22 AM

Remi Reverchon

Pour les anglophones, en manque de Kobe Bryant, très bon papier de @Russ Bengston #nbaextra triangleoffense.com/features/kobe-…

Gary Lee

Think you know everything about Kobe Bryant? Why not take our ultimate Kobe quiz right now: lakersnation.com/quizzes/kobe-q… http://t.co/QAl0kRyVIZ

Chris Palmer

Kobe 9 Elite Low 'Beethoven'. We have a winner. http://t.co/ZzvbchrzF6

Gary Lee

Daily Recap: Kobe Bryant’s simple message to Jeremy Lin, Gary Payton a candidate for coaching staff, and much more. lakersnation.com/lakers-news-an…

Alex Kennedy

Jeremy Lin discusses joining the Lakers, learning from Kobe Bryant/Steve Nash, takeaways from Linsanity and more: basketballinsiders.com/nba-pm-lakers-…

Gary Lee

I’m sure Kobe has said this to every player, but he told Jeremy Lin they “have a lot of work to do” this season. lakersnation.com/kobe-bryant-to…

Alex Kennedy

Jeremy Lin talks about joining the Lakers, learning from Kobe Bryant/Steve Nash, takeaways from Linsanity and more: basketballinsiders.com/nba-pm-lakers-…

Matthew Dellavedova

Got a pair of these green @Nike Kobe's for the #FIBAWorldCup2014 in Spain #Boomers http://t.co/D43IPtAqld

Gary Lee

“We have a lot of work to do” - Kobe Bryant’s message to Jeremy Lin. lakersnation.com/kobe-bryant-to… http://t.co/RJPBtXFUgq

Gary Lee

Jeremy Lin press conference is over, but what did Kobe Bryant say to his new teammate? Ha, a typical Kobe comment. lakersnation.com/kobe-bryant-to…

Janis Carr

Lin: "Im excited to learn from him (Kobe)." Says they have texted each other. Kobe told him they have a lot of work to do

Dave McMenamin

Jeremy Lin: "I've had the privilege to play with a few very good players in Carmelo, James (Harden) and now Kobe..." No mention of Dwight.

Janis Carr

Chemistry with Kobe? I had no idea (trade) was coming. "I was stunned....what the Lakers?"

Jonathan Feigen

Maybe. Lin starts in NYC? RT @StrosRelegation: @Jonathan Feigen Willing to bet Lakers Backcourt starting All-star game. Lin & Kobe fan vote

Nikos Varlas

Who has birthday today?? Wish you the best Mat Mamba @lojokid10! Stay healthy & happy all the time! Enjoy family and basketball man #Matt

Chris Sheridan

Kobe Bryant makes the Top 10 Pay Cuts list yet still has the highest salary in the #NBA: sheridanhoops.com/2014/07/24/kob…

Mark Followill

List related to prev tweet: Jameer Nelson, Dirk, Kobe, Duncan, Ginobili, Tony Parker, Wade, Haslem, Varejao, Nick Collison

Evan Dunlap

Yoooooo RT @Sole Collector The Nike Kobe 9 EM arrives this weekend in "Hyper Cobalt": sol.ec/1jWljiZ http://t.co/0E95KZuvuD

Chris Sheridan

Our @Chris Bernucca asks why @Dirk Nowitzki isnt grouped with Shaq, Kobe, LeBron, Duncan as 21st century alltime greats #NBA sheridanhoops.com/2014/07/15/ber…

Adam Fleischer

Watch Kobe Bryant And @NipseyHussle Speak At The "Trayvon Martin Peace Talk and Walk" on.mtv.com/1x2UU3B via @MTVNews

Alex Kennedy

I talked to @Ed Davis about joining the Lakers, learning from Kobe Bryant, expectations for next season and more: ow.ly/ztKhv

Janis Carr

Davis: Talked to Kobe on the phone...."Its private" about their convo

Dave McMenamin

Ed Davis fun fact: His father Terry Davis played 10 years in the NBA. LAL now has 3 players w/ dads who played pro sports (Kobe, Sacre)

Gary Lee

Kobe Bryant and Doc Rivers? Yeah, I had to. For now. lakersnation.com/lakers-rumors-… http://t.co/zJcZ5YH1ZD

Bill Simmons

New BS Report: @CKlosterman on LeBron's letter, Kobe vs. Wade, World Cup lessons + Twitter agendas. gran.tl/1luQOfg

Gary Lee

ICYMI: Michael Jordan recently played a fan in a Kobe Bryant jersey one-on-one. Ha, it was pretty entertaining. lakersnation.com/video-michael-…

Gary Lee

ICYMI: Kobe Bryant was finally asked about LeBron James’ decision to return to Cleveland and had some good responses. lakersnation.com/kobe-bryant-on…

Gary Lee

As everyone knows, Kobe is starting his company and he’s reached out to Oprah and Arianna Huffington for inspiration. lakersnation.com/video-kobe-bry…

Vincent Goodwill

In 2006, Kobe (35.4, 5.3, 4.5), LeBron (31.6, 7 boards, 6.6 assts), D-Wade (27.2, 5.7, 6.7)...and Steve Nash won MVP that season

Gary Lee

For the first time, Kobe talked about LeBron’s decision to return to Cleveland and made some interesting comments. lakersnation.com/kobe-bryant-on…

Eric Pincus

Kobe Bryant belts a lefty home run in Seattle charity softball game latimes.com/sports/lakers/…

Marcelo Bousquet

Parece que @Kobe Bryant encontrará trabajo cuando decida retirarse del baloncesto. bleacherreport.com/articles/21332… via @bleacherreport”

Fabian Garcia

Los Lakers y Kobe Bryant, ¿resignados a una era de oscuridad?; basquetplus.com/nota-23618-los… #NBA http://t.co/tY5tIELBIO

Kent Bazemore

It's tough to maintain greatest,salute to you brotha @Kobe Bryant and to the @Los Angeles Lakers org., thank you for helping me with my bucket list! #TTW

Raul Barrigon

Video: Who could beat LeBron 1-on-1? Eddie Johnson has the names. Spoiler alert: Black Mamba... and Paul Pierce! bit.ly/UmAtlH

Gary Dzen

Getting Crushed By Kobe Bryant in H-O-R-S-E Looks Exactly Like You Think It Would: bit.ly/WxzoJd http://t.co/eigyAmGFTJ

Gary Lee

While I patiently wait for my Kobe shirt, Michael Jordan went head-to-head with a Kobe fan recently. Pretty neat. lakersnation.com/video-michael-…

Gary Lee

I’ve been looking for a Kobe shirt and found one today. Passing it along if anyone wants one! teespring.com/KobeStrikesBack http://t.co/Jw0sMlHUO4

Jinno Rufino

When Kobe, KD, D. Rose were here, it was during the lockout, the players had an easier time to do what they want. @nba just doing their job.

Gary Lee

ICYMI: Not sure if Michael Jordan ever hit a home run, but Kobe did. At a celebrity softball game in Seattle. lakersnation.com/video-kobe-bry…

Job De Leon

PLDT got bigger names last time -- Kobe, DRose, Dwight, etc -- because of the lockout. NBA players don't need money that badly right now.

Gary Lee

ICYMI: New alternative Lakers jersey was leaked yesterday. Wonder how Kobe feels about wearing sleeves next season. lakersnation.com/lakers-news-pi…

Emiliano Carchia

VIDEO: Jamal Crawford Scores 63 In front of Kobe Bryant at Seattle Pro Am sportando.com/en/usa/nba/128… http://t.co/rxnfYzce4J

David Brickley

Lets say Kobe makes $10 million a year. What roster do you build with Plan B Free Agents? Bledsoe and Stephenson?

David Brickley

Also, whats not mentioned is how Melo was impressed that the Lakers take care of their stars and didn't ask KB to take major pay-cut.

David Brickley

Don't get the "It's Kobe's fault because he took too much $." Even w/ cap space. LeBron and Melo aren't coming to LA.

Gary Lee

Clippers guard Jamal Crawford introduced Kobe as “this generation’s Michael Jordan” in Seattle over the weekend. lakersnation.com/kobe-bryant-ca…