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by HoopsHype - Updated: March 30, 2015 | 12:13 PM

Roland Lazenby

Meet the Newest Member of Kobe Bryant's Footwear Legacy - goo.gl/alerts/ppgc #GoogleAlerts

Roland Lazenby

Kobe Bryant believes Russell Westbrook shares his competitive personality - goo.gl/alerts/tsmk #GoogleAlerts

Roland Lazenby

Timberwolves almost drafted Kobe Bryant in 1996 NBA Draft dailynews.com/sports/2015032… via @presstelegram

Roland Lazenby

Somehow, Kobe Bryant still leads the Lakers in shots attempted - goo.gl/alerts/cBJe #GoogleAlerts

Marc Stein

Most career games with 35 points (or more) against the Pop Era Spurs: @Allen Iverson 8, Monta Ellis 6, @Kobe Bryant 5, @Stephon Marbury 5

Paul Garcia

Kawhi with the Kobe-Jordan turn off the right shoulder jumper. Yikes. He's got 16 points, Jeff Green with 17.

Roland Lazenby

This Day in Kobe: The Black Mamba Drops 55 on Jordan - goo.gl/alerts/r0Oa #GoogleAlerts

Amin Elhassan

It just hit me, what if this is LA's revenge on me for all the(factual) Kobe/Lakers slander I've perpetuated for last two years? #LAhasAmin

Devin Kharpertian

Jordan Hill needs 12 shots today to pass Kobe Bryant for the Lakers season lead in field goal attempts. Kobe played 35 games.

Rod Boone

Wonder how many fans bought tickets for today's game initially way back when, thinking they'd be seeing @Kobe Bryant play vs. #Nets.

Ricardo Gonzalez

Ferrari, los Lakers, el Madrid, el Barça... siempre estarán por encima de Alonso, Kobe, Cristiano, Messi o quien sea. A veces se nos olvida.

Jesus Sanchez

Todos sabemos cómo están los Lakers sin @Pau Gasol (y sin Kobe). La peor temporada de su historia. Ferrari, sin embargo, gana carreras.

Gary Lee

"You're so much better without Kobe" - Jeremy Lin on what people say. lakersnation.com/jeremy-lin-doe… http://t.co/u2pUGwrzXm

Tim Kawakami

Kobe won the MVP over Garnett in 2008, when Boston won 66 games. Nash won in 2005 over MIA's Shaq and in '06 over CLE's LeBron.

Danny Servick

Gameday!! Do it for your mom and dad in the stands today KB!! Time for the All Star, kbduhhh, to go… instagram.com/p/0xkTyhNAq1/

David Alarcon

Y si Minnesota hubiera drafteado a Kobe Bryant bit.ly/1BvC0Ej Hubiera pedido irse como lo hizo con Charlotte. http://t.co/cx6pCVNFxP

Gary Lee

Dwight Howard made some interesting comments about Kobe Bryant and his time with Lakers. lakersnation.com/dwight-howard-… http://t.co/k2ALsn9bis

Gary Lee

Kobe Bryant texted Jeremy Lin 'around 1 in the morning' and here's what the 5X champion said. lakersnation.com/kobe-bryant-te… http://t.co/SHBzEOsQ2R

Abby Chin

The White Mamba @Brian Scalabrine reveling in the good ol' days when he had 3 blocks in one game for the #Celtics. "That's a rim protector!"

Gary Lee

I still remember Amir Johnson's career game in Kobe Bryant's return from Achilles rupture two years ago.

Beto Duran

Juego vs Toronto y siempre se habla de @Kobe Bryant en @TWCDeportes http://t.co/xp228xUaVi

Gary Lee

Dwight Howard made some interesting comments about Kobe Bryant and his time with Lakers. lakersnation.com/dwight-howard-… http://t.co/aNGz4FyqUu

Gary Lee

Kobe Bryant texted Jeremy Lin 'around 1 in the morning' and here's what the 5X champion said. lakersnation.com/kobe-bryant-te… http://t.co/kS1Y8yhvDq

Gary Lee

Kobe Bryant owns top-selling throwback jersey in seven states. lakersnation.com/photo-kobe-bry… http://t.co/nu6nR1rcEy

Mike Trudell

Kobe had a 31P, 12A, 11R triple-double in LAL's Nov. 30 W over Toronto. LAL are 28-8 all-time vs. the Raptors, never lost a season series.

Bill Oram

Good thoughts w/ @Kevin Ding who fractured lateral tibial plateau (Kobe's injury) last week playing softball for the Staples Center Fielders.

Howard Beck

Best wishes to my colleague @Kevin Ding, who's having surgery for a fractured lateral tibial plateau - same as Kobe had last year. #kobeplan

Gary Lee

Kobe Bryant/Kevin Garnett playing together in 1996? T-Wolves thought it 'would be too much.' lakersnation.com/timberwolves-t… http://t.co/DGF1qwcowQ

Ric Bucher

My man @Kevin Ding takes his Lakers' beat seriously: broke his leg exactly as @Kobe Bryant did. Please send him wishes for a speedy recovery.

Stephon Marbury

Who will be the last one standing from the 96 class? #StarburyNews A) Kobe B) 马布里

Jorge Sierra

Wolves almost drafted Kobe Bryant. shar.es/1gaugV

Gary Lee

T-Wolves thought drafting Kobe Bryant in 1996 'would be too much.' lakersnation.com/timberwolves-t… http://t.co/zpja56ybqe

Tommy Beer

Steve Nash won MVP awards than Kobe, George Mikan, Isiah Thomas, Jerry West, John Stockton, Elgin Baylor & Patrick Ewing COMBINED.

Mark Medina

Flip Saunders says T-Wolves almost selected Kobe Bryant in 1996 NBA Draft bit.ly/1HKrZek

Abraham Romero

¿Os imagináis a Garnett y Kobe Bryant juntos? Pues pudo suceder en los Timberwolves de los 90… dozz.es/mr6mf http://t.co/a941tlGtEC

Lang Whitaker

👀 RT @SportsCenter: Kobe Bryant STILL leads the Lakers in FG attempts this season (713) despite playing only 35 games

Beto Duran

Hasta @Kobe Bryant listo para Lakers post game on @TWCDeportes http://t.co/GAq8EBPlQi

Mark Medina

Jordan Clarkson's game-winning FT's against Minny don't have the same feeling as Kobe's here that broke MJ's record 3 months ago

Royce Young

Does Kobe have Wisconsin winning the championship in his bracket? cbsprt.co/1Gpe3ou http://t.co/hNBHUhtmtz

Mike Bresnahan

More Badger fun at Staples Center MT @BronsonK_24: In the Lakers Locker Room...Just pee'd in the urinal my idol @Kobe Bryant goes in!!!

Mike Bresnahan

Kobe finally a Wisconsin fan after years of my lobbying. RT @Kobe Bryant: LOL @BadgerMBB best of luck to you guys! #MarchMadness

Mark Medina

T-Wolves coach Flip Saunders said they considered drafting Kobe in 96, but unsure of having two high schoolers after drafting Garnett

Mike Trudell

Flip said the Wolves -who drafted Ray Allen, traded him for Marbury in '96- considered taking Kobe but weren't sure about 2 high schoolers.

Mike Trudell

Asked Flip Saunders about the careers of Kevin Garnett and Kobe: said the biggest similarity was their constant + intense competitiveness.

Mark Medina

Over three months ago, Kobe Bryant stepped to this free throw line and made a basket that put himself… instagram.com/p/0qtdukqPEX/

Buddy Hield

They Call me young Kobe bc scoring is my ishh booyy 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Mark Medina

ICYMI: Kobe: "Russell is probably the closest one to me in terms of playing with a chip on your shoulder." bit.ly/1HtqDRR

Ben Bolch

Does Blake Griffin get mobbed like Kobe Bryant when he goes to China? "I’m sure it’s terrifying, but it’s not like that for me."

Julian Mozo

#NBA La camiseta de Kobe es la más vendida (de los 4 deportes principales) en 5 estados de USA. Mirá el mapa. http://t.co/mnM6hmV1lT

Mike Trudell

Clarkson becomes the 2nd Laker to reach the 30-point mark this season (Kobe). He's 12 of 18 from the field, 4 of 6 at the FT stripe.