HoopsHype Leandro Barbosa Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: February 27, 2015 | 07:59 PM

Tim Kawakami

Ezeli subs in ahead of Speights/Lee, Holiday ahead of Barbosa...

Marcus Thompson

Barbosa/Rush $2.6M Stuckey $915K #IJS 😂

Rusty Simmons

Warriors start the fourth quarter with Leandro Barbosa, Justin Holiday, Andre Iguodala, Harrison Barnes and David Lee.

Rusty Simmons

Pacers 58, #Warriors 57 (we think, half) Thompson 17 pts, Barbosa 9 pts, Iguodala 8 pts, Livingston 6 pts; Stuckey 15 pts, Watson 10 pts.

Tim Kawakami

Barbosa-Rush-DLee on the floor together isn't usually going to be too good. I know others disagree with me, but it's just not a good group.

Paul Garcia

Beautiful ball movement by the Dubs on 1 play in 2Q: Livingston to Draymond, Draymond to Bogut, Bogut to Barbosa, Barbosa to Klay for make

Diamond Leung

Leandro Barbosa helped up off the floor by fellow Brazilian Tiago Splitter.

Diamond Leung

Bob Myers to 95.7 The Game: "We've decided to keep guys like Barbosa and Holiday so those were some decisions we made as the yr went along."

Pablo Cormick

Después de casi 7 meses vuelve a jugar Leandro García Morales. Se lesionó en julio jugando para Capitanes de Arecibo. Hoy, con la de Aguada.

Fabian Garcia

Tras seis meses inactivo, vuelve Leandro García Morales; basquetplus.com/articulo/tras-… #Uruguay http://t.co/120evQ3ukG

Jimmy Spencer

Barbosa can still glide, man.

Rusty Simmons

#Warriors 46, 76ers 44 (half) Barbosa 8 pts/5 reb, Curry 7 pts/4 reb, Iguodala 7 pts/3 reb, Thompson 7 pts, Barnes 7 pts; Noel 9 pts/4 reb.

Mark Followill

Best 3-point % in NBA since Christmas (among qualifiers): Kyle Korver (52.9%), Leandro Barbosa (51.7%), Richard Jefferson (50%)

Tim Kawakami

Lot of scrambled D by the Warriors, lot of good stuff, too. But getting almost nothing out of Barbosa and DLee is something to circle.

Sean Highkin

Halfway through the season Leandro Barbosa turns out to still be good. This Warriors team is crazy.

Rusty Simmons

#Warriors 52, Hawks 52 (half) Thompson 13 pts, Curry 7 pts/4 ast, Speights 6 pts/3 reb, Barbosa 5 pts, Green 4 pts/8 reb, Bogut 4 pts/7 reb.

Tim Kawakami

Barbosa guarding Korver is not a good situation for the Warriors, however long it lasts.

Rusty Simmons

Steph and Draymond stay in the game with Barbosa, Iguodala and Speights.

Michael Dugat

Now Barbosa? Come on.

Earl K. Sneed

Barbosa for three, and the @Dallas Mavericks are in a 106-98 hole. #DALatGSW

Sean Highkin

Leandro Barbosa's facial hair game is unacceptable.

Mico Halili

Each time Barbosa hits a 3 now, I still imagine Steve Nash making the pass and Kevin Harlan doing the play by play. @Job De Leon @AaronAtayde

Tom Ziller

In the fourth, Boogie got a chasedown block on Barbosa. But Speights beat all other Kings down the floor for the putback. Sigh.

Amin Elhassan

Or maybe Madison Bumgarner is sportsman of the year. Either or RT @SherwoodStrauss: Maybe Kerr's right about Barbosa -- pretty good of late

Rusty Simmons

Warriors’ dependable Leandro Barbosa gathers no rust sfchronicle.com/warriors/artic… via @sfchronicle

Paul Coro

Barbosa got 3 DNP-CDs until a 13-minute game Friday at Utah. He's entering. Kerr said LB's been a leader. He's all grown up. #SunsAtWarriors

Rusty Simmons

Leandro Barbosa: "Things were very ugly on our side, and there was nothing we could do. … It was a tough game for us."

Paul Jones

Franchise rec 11th gm of 20+ pts off bench for @Louis Williams passing Barbosa who had 20 off bench 10X. #Raptors now 9-2 when Lou has 20+ #rtz

Tony Jones

Barbosa still runs a 4.4 40 lol

Aaron Falk

No such thing as a white-flag lineup for GSW. Barbosa makes this a 10-point game with 2:19 to go. Kerr not coming back w/ Curry & Klay tho.