HoopsHype LeBron James Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: September 18, 2014 | 02:46 PM

Rob Peterson

That's not bad. RT @AnaheimAmigos: LeBron James made 62.2% of his two-point field goals last season.

Chris Littman

This design piece from @Nike Basketball using all LeBron 12s for a sculpture is outstanding. http://t.co/8IDwrDMNK7

Jorge Sierra

Greatest to skip college: Kobe vs. LeBron. bit.ly/1qNvUiO http://t.co/0ifBVl7CbN

Raul Barrigon

Video: Greatest to skip college: Kobe vs. LeBron. bit.ly/1qNvUiO http://t.co/cDTf99Zvj9

Antonio Vazquez

LeBron sobre Kyrie Irving: "Es una de las razones de mi vuelta... Creo que puede ser el mejor base de la Liga".

Antonio Vazquez

Estudio: ¿Qué impacto económico generará en Cleveland la vuelta de LeBron James? bleacherreport.com/articles/22020…

Quinito Henson

Whirlwind 2-day event to launch LeBron James' latest signature shoe #LeBron12 comes to an end, coming… instagram.com/p/tE0ngWrWcX/

David Locke

If go watch Peyton Manning or LeBron James I see them make somwhere from 30 to 50 plays over the course of the game. This is a stars culture

Quinito Henson

Cleveland's returning prodigal son LeBron James with Nike brand president Trevor Edwards (upper left),… instagram.com/p/tEf_GmrWXC/

Tony Jones

If LeBron can get his hairline back, what about me?

Mary Schmitt Boyer/Jodie Valade

From @joevardon: Former Ohio Gov Ted Strickland tried to help Dan Gilbert keep LeBron James in CLE back in 2010 ow.ly/BCpzr

Jon de la Presa

¿Qué tienen en común Hilario Pino y LeBron James? http://t.co/o19ofDN3Zs

Quinito Henson

At the Nike World Headquarters gym this morning with LeBron James, his personal trainer Mike Macias… instagram.com/p/tDt6NPLWdt/

Roland Lazenby

LeBron has new shoes, but he can't touch Jordan - goo.gl/alerts/O9yF #GoogleAlerts

Royce Young

Nike, LeBron James unveil LeBron 12s cbssports.com/nba/eye-on-bas… http://t.co/skPL2tXq0h

Michele Gazzetti

LeBron James - Top 100 Plays Of 2014 [Last Season with Heat]: youtu.be/8LajGmSz5lQ

Emilio Cobos

No se si prefiero las Nike LeBron 12 o su pelazo en la presentación de las zapas... Vale, quiero zapas y pelo! http://t.co/kuh0tg7tUP

Brett Pollakoff

In the gym with LeBron. #LEBRON12 Damon Jones is here too, working him out. http://t.co/lDakOJNtPY

Anthony Tolliver

Lol no chill! RT @SportsNation LeBron released his new shoes...AND HIS NEW HAIRLINE?! http://t.co/XqwZl1FpVl

Kurt Helin

LeBron James on Kyrie Irving: “I believe Kyrie can be the best point guard in the league.” dlvr.it/6x7MYH

Royce Young

LeBron James says he believes Kyrie Irving can be the best point guard in the NBA cbssports.com/nba/eye-on-bas…

Emiliano Carchia

LeBron James says Kyrie Irving can be the best point guard in NBA sportando.com/en/usa/nba/134…

Iñako Diaz-Guerra

LeBron James elogia al MVP del Mundial: "Kyrie Irving puede ser el mejor base de la liga" baloncesto.as.com/baloncesto/201…

Antonio Vazquez

Ratings #NBA2k15 para los Cavs: LeBron: 98 Love: 89 Irving: 88 Waiters: 78 Marion: 77 Thompson: 76 Varejao: 75 Miller: 74

Quinito Henson

Tarp welcoming LeBron to Nike World HQ in Beaverton, NBA TV's Kristen Ledlow of Inside Stuff, LeBron… instagram.com/p/tCiNDzrWfN/

Antonio Vazquez

Artículo: LeBron ha superado a Bird como el mejor alero de la historia. bleacherreport.com/articles/22011… ¿De acuerdo? Yo sí.

Quinito Henson

Sharing interview with LeBron during his shoe launch at Nike HQ in Beaverton, Oregon, today #LeBron12 philstar.com/sports/2014/09…

Jason Lloyd

LeBron James unveils new shoe, LeBron 12, before restart with Cavs: BEAVERTON, ORE.: LeBron James had some bus... bit.ly/1skWMlP

Ben Golliver

LeBron James talks offseason diet, new-look Cavaliers at Nike's 'LeBron 12' unveiling tinyurl.com/qb6n3g5 http://t.co/C4M44LYZE6

Jason Lloyd

Nike announces launch for new Lebron James shoe, 'LeBron 12': Nike unveiled LeBron James’ newest shoe, the L... bit.ly/1wBLQa0

Jason Lloyd

Nike announces launch for new 'LeBron 12' ohio.com/blogs/clevelan…

Quinito Henson

NBA star LeBron James said he wants to go back to the Philippines because the Filipinos paasion for… instagram.com/p/tBtGvzLWX5/

Shaun Powell

At $200, the LeBron 12s are roughly $12 an ounce. Silver is $18 an ounce.

David 'Dubi' Pick

If I'm paying $200 for LeBron's new kicks I better be able to do this: youtu.be/VjmbeR0tSpU

David 'Dubi' Pick

I admire LeBron as a person and athlete, but $200 for a sneaker?! God damn.

Jose Luis Malo

Los nuevos LeBron 12 de Nike http://t.co/IR0dDphVGe

Chris Herring

It'd be WAY cooler if those were Fruit Gushers. RT @Ben Golliver: LeBron 12s with hexagon cushion on soles http://t.co/VQZinm1O4x

Ben Golliver

LeBron 12s with hexagon cushion on soles http://t.co/MSXgqIj997

Quinito Henson

NBA superstar LeBron James officially launches his latest signature shoe #LeBron12 at the Nike World… instagram.com/p/tBl98mrWdW/

Antonio Gil

LeBron está increíblemente delgado.

Ben Golliver

"Big 3s are like dinosaurs. They've been around forever." LeBron James

Chris Palmer

LeBron 12 Trillion Dollar Man. http://t.co/NdcEsPWBY8

Kurt Helin

New LeBron James’ building billboard ready to go up across street from the Q dlvr.it/6wn18Z

Ben Golliver

LeBron James with 12th signature shoe http://t.co/QOpmrcxJKW

Sam Amico

LeBron also said his return to Cavs has been "four years in the running." Here's his new shoe, the LeBron 12. http://t.co/wl71nCTVNy

Ben Golliver

Nike LeBron 12s http://t.co/ffaEzj93tr

Jeff Caplan

Pretty and affordable! RT @darrenrovell: Nike unveils the LeBron 12 ($200) http://t.co/xhyE821mUR

Sam Amico

LeBron, at Nike event to introduce new shoe: "(Kyrie is) part of the reason I (returned to Cavs). I think he can be best PG in our league."

Ben Golliver

LeBron James says summer weight loss & diet was "mental challenge." He says he's "lost a ton of weight" and plans to put some back on.