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by HoopsHype - Updated: October 25, 2014 | 02:30 PM

Dave McMenamin

LeBron and Dion getting in extra shooting after practice. http://t.co/qwuzbjOIIK

Frank Isola

Lionel Mess-ed it. That's like LeBron blowing a breakaway lay-up.

Israel Gutierrez

Easy squeezy 13.1 miles this morning. Well, except for the cramps. But I'm pretty sure that just means I'm on LeBron's level athletically.

Ira Winderman

Sunday notes on a Saturday: NBA replay now streamlined, not seamless bitly.com/1z7MmxM Also, outside Heat views, LeBron reflects, more.

Jason Lloyd

Chemistry with LeBron James earns Anderson Varejao starting center spot in Cavs’ opener: INDEPENDENCE: LeBron ... bitly.com/1tyzqO5

Ira Winderman

Our look back at 10 teams that unexpectedly lost their "LeBron" and how they coped (or failed to do so). bit.ly/1t8Qtq6

Chris Sheridan

The #NBA Tweet of the Night is from Dwyane Wade, who begins life without @LeBron James with the #MiamiHEAT sheridanhoops.com/2014/10/25/twe…

Lang Greene

Miami resting hopes on Chris Bosh to keep them afloat post LeBron. Early signs - good. Averaged 18.9 pts and 7.3 rebs during preseason

Iñako Diaz-Guerra

VÍDEO | McLean y la canasta que tumbó al campeón superan a LeBron en el Top-10 de los Global Games de la NBA baloncesto.as.com/videos/2014/10…

Mary Schmitt Boyer/Jodie Valade

Sherwin-Williams clears space for Nike's Welcome Home LeBron James banner being unfurled Oct. 30 ow.ly/2PEpC2

Jason Lloyd

Chemistry with LeBron James earns Anderson Varejao starting center spot in Cavs’ opener: INDEPENDENCE: LeBron ... bit.ly/1tyzqO5

Chris Fedor

ICYMI: #Cavs LeBron says Love will get plenty of touches, believes Love's recent comments were blow out of proportion cleveland.com/cavs/index.ssf…

Gary Lee

Julius Randle wants to be the next Kobe, but wears LeBron’s shoes. RT @Alexmoyamusic: Julius Randle the Next @LeBron James @Gary Lee

Jason Lloyd

Spectacular "@MRidenourABJ: Marla Ridenour: Can LeBron James exorcise ghosts of The Drive, The Fumble and The Shot? ohio.com/sports/browns/…"

Jason Lloyd

Marla Ridenour: Can LeBron James exorcise ghosts of ‘The Drive,’ ‘The Fumble,’ and ‘The Shot?’: Twenty-five ye... bit.ly/1tyiXcT

Lang Greene

Right move for Blatt to start Anderson Varejao over Tristan Thompson. Vet guy. Also a LeBron favorite. Can't risk early tension as rook HC

Chip Crain

This Heat team is playing with a chip on its shoulder. They look like they want to prove they are still good without LeBron.

Chip Crain

Bosh is having a solid game, looking forward to seeing his year post LeBron era

Joe Cowley

A. Bennett .... saying LeBron who????

Ira Winderman

ICYMI: Exit strategies: How 10 teams replaced their LeBron (and the lessons the Heat can learn) bit.ly/1t8Qtq6

Jason Lloyd

Chemistry with LeBron earns Anderson Varejao starting center spot in Cavs’ opener: INDEPENDENCE: LeBron James ... bit.ly/1txLrTT

Kevin Ding

Looking back to see my votes in Nash MVP years. 2005: Mine was lone vote for Duncan (Nash won over Shaq). 2006: Kobe (Nash won over LeBron).

Chris Fedor

#Cavs LeBron James says Kevin Love will get plenty of touches, believes Love's comments blown out of proportion cleveland.com/cavs/index.ssf…

Dave McMenamin

New story: Varejao will start at C over Tristan to begin the season, in part because of his comfort w/ LeBron es.pn/1nD39ET

Jason Lloyd

LeBron to let fans decide via social media whether or not to resume powder toss: INDEPENDENCE: LeBron James li... bit.ly/1twOADF

Mary Schmitt Boyer/Jodie Valade

Terry's Talkin' to Cleveland Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert about LeBron James, Kevin Love and waiting -- Terry Pluto ow.ly/2PDfzM

Mary Schmitt Boyer/Jodie Valade

Cleveland Cavaliers fans should check Twitter: LeBron James will ask about the powder toss ow.ly/2PD59l

Jason Lloyd

LeBron James to let fans decide on powder toss via social media: LeBron James listened to sons LeBron Jr. an... bit.ly/1twnI6L

Dave McMenamin

New story: LeBron is asking the fans to decide if he should go back to his pregame chalk toss this season es.pn/1sYUUSM

Marc Berman

Carmelo Anthony on opening season next week with #Bulls-LeBron's Cavs on back-to-back: Bring it! nyp.st/1tk7m22 via @nypost

Chris Fedor

#Cavs LeBron talked about the decision of Andy versus Tristan. LeBron says they complement each other well, but Andy has the experience.

David Thorpe

Cavs:will LeBron totally buy Blatt, and inspire teammates to follow? Will their 2nd unit be good enough to keep starters from too many mins?

Brian Windhorst

LeBron said he will ask fans on social media whether or not he should resume his pregame powder toss next week.

Chris Haynes

LeBron James is referring to my interview with Kevin Love from Wednesday night cleveland.com/cavs/index.ssf…

Ira Winderman

Exit strategies: How 10 teams replaced their LeBron (and the lessons the Heat can learn) bit.ly/1t8Qtq6

Chris Haynes

LeBron James says he read the clip of Kevin Love needing touches and says media blew it out of proportion. Says Love will get his touches.

Roland Lazenby

LeBron James is built to last: 'The King and His Kingdom' series preview - goo.gl/alerts/KcgK #GoogleAlerts

Bruno Altieri

El regreso de LeBron a Cleveland no fue bueno ni malo. Fue inevitable. "Las lecciones de LeBron James", en ESPN. espn.com.ar/news/story/_/i…

Trey Kerby

Just read my 6-day-old all of @SI_LeeJenkins newest LeBron article. Gotta learn to pass the ball. si.com/nba/2014/10/22…

Ira Winderman

ICYMI: Norris Cole facing Halloween deadline for extension, with many subplots in place, including LeBron's agent. bit.ly/1zmxHQC

Kurt Helin

LeBron James special ‘Becoming’ to premiere on Disney XD (VIDEO) dlvr.it/7JRYQh

Emiliano Carchia

MJ, Curry, Durant and Shaq talk about their 'Unbeatable 5' sportando.com/en/usa/nba/138… There is no room for LeBron James http://t.co/DOINfChssg

Chris Palmer

LeBron's handle is near perfection. But KD can crossover 35-ft out. Full speed. That's PG County. #DMV

Jason Lloyd

Former NBA coach Mark Jackson thinks Cavaliers will win a title: MEMPHIS, Tenn.: LeBron James returned to Clev... bit.ly/1vWuOSV

Jeff Zillgitt

LeBron James tells @USATODAYsports he wants to inspire kids w/ 'Becoming,' his new mini-documentary series on Disney: usat.ly/1z2BSjn

Bruno Altieri

"Las lecciones de LeBron James". La columna del día de hoy, en ESPN. espn.com.ar/news/story/_/i…

Royce Young

The most and least expensive places to watch LeBron James and the Cavaliers this season cbsprt.co/1FLOJby Via @ScoreBig

Jessica Camerato

Steve Nash made his NBA debut on November 1, 1996. LeBron was 11 years old, Durant 8, Lillard 6, Beal 3, Wiggins 1.

Martell Webster

LeBron James in RE-ESTABLISHED 2014 - Powerbeats...: youtu.be/YCOgaWSfxxs via this is duper dope

Sam Amico

Cavs Report: Ray Allen, Dion Waiters, LeBron James, etc. foxsports.com/ohio/story/ray…