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by HoopsHype - Updated: April 25, 2015 | 06:16 PM

Jeff McDonald

Kind of a stark admission from Manu Ginobili, here talking about Kawhi Leonard today: http://t.co/GNRhhbnDjj

Jeff McDonald

Before Leonard, last Spur not named Tim/Tony/Manu to score 30 in playoff game: David Robinson, w/37 on 4/29/00 at PHX. (h/t @AirlessJordan)

Dan McCarney

Digest this, from Manu: "He has become our main offensive target. When we are stuck, we can go at him and he will get something done."

Dan McCarney

Asking Manu about Kawhi's D, he circled back to Danny: "I'm telling you, Danny did a wonderful job. So it's great to have both."

Dan McCarney

Ginobili: "We can easily lose this series. But we are the same (team) that won (the championship) last year. We can do it again."

Dan McCarney

Doc said last night Green defended CP3 about as well as he's been defended this year. Then Ginobili describes his work as "phenomenal."

Dan McCarney

Manu teased that Spurs get fined for alley oops. "Danny was very, very close. It almost didn't turn out so well." (Thank you Based Leonard)

Andres Pando

Jugar lindo también es defender. Miren lo que hizo @Manu Ginobili contra Griffin: bit.ly/1brGAOd. #NBA http://t.co/9a0I1TzQXr

Raul Barrigon

Tim Duncan through the years: Here in 2003 tasting Manu Ginobili's elbow. bit.ly/1z0rr1b http://t.co/gJR6xydcKF

Tom Haberstroh

Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili combined for 12 points last night. And they trampled the Clippers. #Kawhi

Royce Young

Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili combined for 12 points. The Spurs still won by 27.

Roberto Martin

Final @San Antonio Spurs 100-@Los Angeles Clippers 73. Leonard 32pts, @Manu Ginobili 2pts (1/2 t2)+6reb+6as. Triples: 42% LAC 26%. Serie: SAS 2-1. #NBAPlayoffs

Janis Carr

Duncan, Ginobili, Parker combine for 12 points and the Clippers stll lose. Just saying...

Jose Luis Malo

Uno de los mejores pasadores de la liga @Manu Ginobili Poco crédito se le da: vine.co/v/eW7EL7AFMX2

Jose Luis Malo

"Pasar y cortar" al estilo Manu. Gran pase. vine.co/v/eW70Yxvax7X

Julian Mozo

#NBA El mapa del ataque en su cabeza. Y el pase a una mano de un fantasista. vine.co/v/eW7Vw1jbHYY #Manu

Julian Mozo

#NBA Manu y Boris. Los dos que mejor entienden el juego y pasan la pelota. vine.co/v/eW7EM5qW2V3 #BellezaNene vía @jollyrogerwilco

Julian Mozo

#NBA ¿Tendrá ganas Manu de jugar una temporada bien de pasador y tirador, apenas entrando 15 ó 20 minutos por juego? #EsaEsLaClave

Paul Garcia

Manu-Bobo give and go, then Patrick trip0le. Spurs by 24, their largest lead of the night. Redick to check in.

Amin Elhassan

Spurs run their favorite EOQ play, Rub 4/5. Manu gets a layup. They've run that damn play for 15 years.

Paul Garcia

Pop with the awesome job clap for Manu as Manu broke up a corner 3-pointer for LA.

Shaun Powell

Six points total from Duncan, Parker and Manu and Spurs up 14.

Dan McCarney

Think that Leonard oop might have been loudest this building has been since Manu stuck his armpit in Bosh's face in Game 5 of the Finals.

Julian Mozo

#NBA Leonard demostrando por qué es el nuevo dueño de este equipo: 16 pts (de 46), 3 rob y 3 reb. El banco, 16 puntos. Manu, sólo 8m (4 reb)

Paul Garcia

11.3 seconds left, Spurs by 10, Clippers ball. Pop & Manu were yelling at the ref that Diaw was fouled. Kawhi 16 points.

Jeff McDonald

Maybe the Manu 3 vs. Golden State or Gary Neal 3 vs. Memphis compare

Jeff McDonald

Manu and Marco did not play much together during the regular season. Out of sync there.

Ben Bolch

Spurs are so good at ball movement that Manu Ginobili tried to get the crowd involved.

Dan McCarney

Teasing Bonner before the game about his tights. "It's for my calf." Ginobili chimes in: "And for speed."

Paul Garcia

Manu, Patrick to check in soon.

Guillermo Gorroño

#NBA imperdible hoy: @Pablo Prigioni a las 20:00 (Dallas-Houston en #ESPN y #ESPN3) y @Manu Ginobili 22:30 hs (Spurs-Clippers en

Ginobili on will: "Maybe it's not the same one, or at least for the same reasons, but hopefully we can get there."- usatoday.com/story/sports/n…

Sam Amick

Great insight as always from Manu Ginobili. We discuss the Spurs' psyche & how desire builds in a postseason - usatoday.com/story/sports/n…

Jeff McDonald

Notebook: Ginobili shows how Hack-A-Jordan can backfire expressnews.com/sports/spurs/a… via @mySA

Ethan Strauss

All I know about these situations is, don't let Jarrett Jack fall asleep and allow Manu to hit the 3 over Bazemore

Fabian Garcia

Manu: "Fue bueno ver al equipo reaccionar y hacer un buen juego"; VIDEO: basquetplus.com/video/manu-fue… #NBA http://t.co/4nP9z43bY1

Magic Johnson

For the Spurs to win Green, Mills and Ginobili must play well in Game 3 in San Antonio.

Alejandro Perez

Video con las conversiones de Manu Ginóbili en la gran victoria de San Antonio ante los Clippers, en SportsCenter espn.com.ar/videohub/video…

Brett Pollakoff

Ginobili’s 6th foul, the reach on Barnes - was he doing that Euro stop-the-break thing? Really bad choice, if so.

Jose Luis Malo

Sin Parker, Sin Manu Con Blake triple doble Con CP3 21-8-7. DeAndre 20 & 15 Con Duncan 5 faltas & 39 años Gana Spurs twitter.com/spurs/status/5…

Chris Palmer

No Parker. No Manu. Timmy with 5 fouls. Spurs win in OT. This is what the Spurs do.

James Ham

No Manu. No Parker. On the road. Overtime. Patty Mills. Steve Ballmer yelling. Tesla. Spurs win.

John Ireland

I picked Clippers to win this series, and they still might. But what a win for the Spurs. No Parker or Manu in OT? Duncan 40+ mins? Wow

Jose Luis Malo

Parker lesionado, Manu expulsado, Duncan 5 faltas. No problema, nos vamos a tiempo extra twitter.com/spurs/status/5…

Howard Chen

5 fouls on Tim Duncan. Manu's fouled out already.

Brian Mahoney

Parker injured. Manu fouls out. Duncan hasn't had to do it without either of them many times.

James Ham

Hmm…fouling DeAndre Jordan puts the Spurs in the penalty and costs them Manu. Not sure there needs to be a rule change.

Scott Gleeson

Manu Ginobili fouls out. Crowd accordingly goes bonkers at Staples Center. #HitTheRoadJack #CLIPPERSvSPURS