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by HoopsHype - Updated: July 28, 2014 | 03:57 PM

Kendall Marshall

Oo hey --- RT @Marcin Gortat: Resting.... http://t.co/yGv1hh5FN5 http://t.co/SHLgFK0Mwf

Evan Dunlap

30 Seconds to Marcin Gortat #NBAMusicians

Mike Prada

… And sure enough, on the first play of the third quarter, Wall looked off Webster and found Gortat to draw a foul.

Mike Prada

He said “Yeah, that play? That was the first play of the third quarter. I looked you off and hit Gortat rolling for a foul."

Lang Greene

Wizards best team in the East? PG: Wall, Miller SG: Beal, Rice Jr. SF: Pierce, Webster, Porter PF: Nene, Gooden, Blair, Hump C: Gortat, Ely

Royce Young

VIDEO: Marcin Gortat reads sports update about Marcin Gortat cbsprt.co/Weu5yd

Kurt Helin

Marcin Gortat hosts NBC Washington update on Marcin Gortat, pro team tennis dlvr.it/6Ldnth

DeJuan Blair

Yessir can't wait bro #DCRISING #WIZKID RT @Marcin Gortat: My mannnnnn @dejuan45 welcome in DC!!! #dcrising #cantwaittoplay

Jason Calmes

Last two times a team gave up a good 1st round pick for a player on a short term deal: Lowry and Gortat. Both re-signed.

Marcelo Bousquet

Paul Pierce jugará en Wizards. Tremenda contrataciòn. Wall, Beal, Pierce, Nené y Gortat es un quinteto bárbaro. Pelearán en el Este

Someone just told me Chris Bosh will make twice as much $$ as Marcin Gortat over next 5 years. Both guys are signed through age 35 #wizards

Mark Deeks

Gortat's contract with the Wizards goes up the maximum amount every year and is worth $13,565,218 in 2018/19. Ouch.

Kurt Helin

Free agency signing period opens: Spencer Hawes, Marcin Gortat among first to put ink to paper dlvr.it/6HM4Df

David Baumann

Congrats to former #Magic C Marcin Gortat on his $60M deal in D.C.: RT @mgortat Best day Of my life!!! #wiz

Michael Lee

Marcin Gortat is expected to meet with DC area reporters for the first time since signing his 5-year, $60 million deal around 4 pm #wizards

Michael Lee

Pen to paper for a lot of paper RT @Marcin Gortat: Best day Of my life!!! #wiz http://t.co/ouluEUgUz3

Michael Lee

EG on Gortat: “His scoring ability, rebounding & defensive presence are matched only by his work ethic, leadership & personality" #wizards

Michael Lee

#wizards announce that they have officially signed Marcin Gortat. Grunfeld: "Re-signing Marcin was a top priority for us this summer..."

Eric Koreen

:( RT @Marcin Gortat: I hope Nene is ok....

Chris Sheridan

Tweet of the Night: Channing Frye has sentimental words for Suns fans, demands housing from Marcin Gortat: sheridanhoops.com/2014/07/08/twe…

Chris Sheridan

Tweet of the Night: Channing Frye has last words for Suns fans, demands housing from Marcin Gortat: sheridanhoops.com/2014/07/08/twe…

Candace Buckner

Has someone explained why Marcin Gortat is court side at every single summer league game yet? Are the Wiz paying him to be a scout too?

Amin Elhassan

"Here's $60M" RT @Kurt Helin: Marcin Gortat on return Wizards: “The decision was really easy for me” dlvr.it/6FMxmk

Kurt Helin

Marcin Gortat on return Wizards: “The decision was really easy for me” dlvr.it/6FMxmk

Brian Schmitz

If Marcin Gortat gets $12 mill a year, Nik Vucevic is not only in that ballpark. He's in a luxury box. Magic can't afford....to let him go.

Michael Lee

Marcin Gortat to NBATV on returning to #wizards: “The decision was real easy for me” wapo.st/1jUT7Yq

Josh Robbins

Marcin Gortat discusses his decision to return to the #Wizards in this summer-league notebook: ht.ly/yONPY

Michael Lee

Marcin Gortat would like to offer this friendly reminder: http://t.co/lr6mHLZBkq (via @Mike Prada)

Anthony Slater

Random things that could only happen at summer league: Sam Presti sitting next to Marcin Gortat in a "Don't forget your balls" shirt.

Vince Cellini

Great Gortat tee shirt for @nbatv interview. But after his new deal w/ @wizards ...who cares? #messaging

Steve Bulpett

Marcin Gortat in the house at summer league. His t-shirt reads: "DON'T FORGET YOUR BALLS".

Mark Murphy

Gortat visiting. While still w/ Magic, got big offer sheet from Dallas. Showed up at s-league wearing T-shirt w/ pic of dollar bill on front

Steve Kyler

Marcin Gortat said he considered a couple of situations in early free agency, but ultimately it was always about Washington.

Tim Bontemps

Marcin Gortat is here watching Summer League.

Josh Robbins

Marcin Gortat is in the summer-league gym. Why? It's simple: His permanent U.S. home is in Orlando.

Alex Raskin

Marcin Gortat is here because #Magic centers never leave Orlando. They just go and play for different teams.

Jay King

Marcin Gortat and Brad Stevens chatting here at summer league. youtube.com/watch?v=ZYMXD1…

Gary Washburn

And now Gortat's chatting with #celtics coach Brad Stevens

Gary Washburn

Marcin Gortat in the house at Orlando Summer League #wizards

Ira Winderman

So no Gortat (Wizards), Kaman (Blazers), Hawes (Clippers). Hey Chris Bosh . . . you're still a center (at least with Heat).

Marc Stein

Of course, for Raptors and Wizards respectively, Kyle Lowry and Marcin Gortat are as major as it gets

Michael Lee

Market determined that. Big men - especially skilled ones - usually get PAID RT @Garyk418 do you think wizards overpaid for gortat?

Amin Elhassan

Crazier than $60M Gortat/$32M Bradley?! RT @OhBoyItsZach: @Amin Elhassan I have feeling something very crazy is going to happen with free agency

Adi Joseph

Gortat, Livingston, Lowry, Martin, Meeks, Miles, Mills... It's a good time to be in the middle of the alphabet.

Chris Palmer

Lowry, Gortat, Bradley stay. Knicks confident about Melo. Dirk unlikely to move. Most believe MIA Big 3 return.

Marcelo Bousquet

Dos de los jugadores que Miami tenía para un posible refuerzo, ya están fuera del mercado: Lowry y Gortat. ¿A quién buscarán ahora?

Ira Winderman

Lowry joins Gortat as off the board for Heat, each at $12M per never truly within Heat's free-agency price point. bit.ly/1kgqMvx

Rick Bonnell

Irving, Gortat and Lowry have deals. What do they have in common? First mega-paydays. Different from LeBron, Melo, etc.