HoopsHype Marco Belinelli Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: March 05, 2015 | 01:02 PM

Daniele Labanti

#Nba Terza vinta di fila per San Antonio, 13 punti di Belinelli. Piano piano, nel silenzio generale...

Dan McCarney

30-point game on Belinelli's 3

Trey Kerby

Have decided my favorite part of the Belinelli GQ photo is that he still has his shoes and socks on. pbs.twimg.com/media/B-9Q6xPV…

Julian Mozo

#NBA Miralo a Marquito (Belinelli) en la tapa de @GQitalia. #Tirador http://t.co/Pj1AwfR1V8 @Paul Garcia

Fernando Martin

Belinelli en @GQitalia. Senza parole http://t.co/YiJgzacWFa

Michael De Leon

Belinelli poses nearly au naturel for magazine cover ift.tt/1vM2Lbc #spurs

Dan McCarney

Marco Belinelli goes full Diggler on GQ cover, Buford honored with lifetime achievement award at Sloan. Pretty wide-ranging Spurs day...

Jay King

Teammates definitely aren't gonna give him crap for this. RT @Emiliano Carchia: Marco Belinelli on the cover GQ Italia http://t.co/waZOLpGN0e

Emiliano Carchia

Marco Belinelli on the cover GQ Italia http://t.co/TzPTaa9Ucc

Dan McCarney

If you chose Belinelli as Spur most likely to pose nude on the cover of GQ, you are correct. (Thanks, @janieannie) http://t.co/FEXA1JIxor

Jason Jones

Kings are maintaining the lead, up 39-31 with Belinelli shooting 3 FTs after being fouled on a 3

Bill Herenda

Ginobili, Joseph, Belinelli, Diaw & Splitter on floor for Spurs #Kings v #Spurs #NBA #SacKings #KingsTalk

Paul Garcia

The Spurs are shooting 31% from 3PT on the RRT. Only Duncan, Joseph, Belinelli & Diaw are shooting 30% or above from three.

Paul Garcia

Belinelli bailed San Antonio out when they needed baskets - 9 points in that 2Q. Very smart with his pump fake into mid-range jumper.

Magic Johnson

Stephen Curry just tricked Belinelli of the Spurs with that behind the back move and finished with the left hand layup! WOW!

Jorge Sierra

DeAndre Jordan on Marco Belinelli. vine.co/v/Ox99KUWgQAD

Kurt Helin

DeAndre Jordan crushed Marco Belinelli with dunk (VIDEO) dlvr.it/8fJTcf

Iñako Diaz-Guerra

Pobre Belinelli: ¡Qué animalada de DeAndre Jordan! Un consejo, no se lo pierdan. Vía @AS_TV dozz.es/hfvrn http://t.co/1CDEoWcoAz

Eric Pincus

Belinelli with a quick 3 - 115-114

Madelyn Burke

DeAndre Jordan has what experts refer to as "skills" RT @TheCauldron: DeAndre Jordan dunks all over Marco Belinelli vine.co/v/Ox9VPvL31tX

Candace Buckner

I hope Marco Belinelli wears a cup.

Jay King

DeAndre Jordan just won the trade deadline. That wasn't technically a dunk but Marco Belinelli just got deaded off.

Dan McCarney

Another terrible decision on D by Belinelli. Went for steal, gave Crawford a crease to catch and penetrate, dishes to Davis for 2, and 1.

Jeff McDonald

Belinelli is going to foul out in the first half just by hacking DeAndre

Emiliano Carchia

Marco Belinelli will play Eurobasket with Italian National Team. The other 3 ITA NBAers said YES on Saturday sportando.com/en/usa/nba/152…

Emiliano Carchia

Andrea Bargnani, Gigi Datome, Marco Belinelli and Danilo Gallinari will play @EuroBasket this summer. Italy wants to qualify to Rio 2016

Emiliano Carchia

Marco Belinelli met with Italian BBall Federation president in NY and confirmed that he will play @EuroBasket with Italian NT

Michael De Leon

Curry wins 3-Point Shootout, Belinelli unable to repeat ift.tt/1CughQo #spurs

Paul Garcia

Curry wins 3-Point Shootout, Belinelli unable to repeat - projectspurs.com/2015-articles/…

Massimo Oriani

Ci prendiamo una pausa e andiamo a sentire @Marco Belinelli

Steve Kyler

Marco Belinelli with a first round score of 18 instagram.com/p/zGxc5cwRPv/

Quixem Ramirez

Marco Belinelli's reign as NBA 3-point shooting contest champion is now over. It was fun while it lasted.

Daniele Labanti

#NBAAllStarNYC Belinelli fuori con 18, decisivi i due errori colorati dal centro e mezz'angolo sinistro

Javier Gancedo

Lo dicho, Belinelli y Korver a la puta rué. Los Splash Brothers a la final junto con Irving.

Jeff McDonald

Marco Belinelli is out of the 3-point contest after the first round. His 18 not good enough to advance.

Jonathan Feigen

Harden, Korver, Belinelli, Redick, Matthews eliminated. Thompson, Curry, Irving advance.

Massimo Oriani

Peccato, applausi comunque a @Marco Belinelli davvero livello super quest'anno

Lucas Saez-Bravo

El campeón Belinelli y el favorito Korver, fuera a la primera.

Ben Golliver

3-Point Shootout: Thompson (24), Curry (23), Irving (23) to finals; Matthews (22), Korver (18), Belinelli (18), Redick (17), Harden (15) out

Massimo Oriani

Eccoci! Forza @Marco Belinelli 23 per spareggiare, 24 per pasare

Simone Sandri


Javier Gancedo

Bueno, el concurso tiene un nivel excelente de momento. Korver va a tener que meter por un tubo para pasar. Lo mismo que Belinelli, vaya

Jason Lloyd

Kyrie Irving leads first 4 shooters with 23 points in 3pt shootout. Harden eliminated. Curry,Thompson, Korver Belinelli still to go.

Massimo Oriani

Alto livello sin qui e ancora non abbiamo visto gli Splash Brothers e @Marco Belinelli

Javier Gancedo

Turno para los Splash Brothers después de la pausa. Curry tirará primero, luego Thompson y después Korver y Belinelli. Veremos.

Massimo Oriani

Ordine: Matthews, Redick, Harden, Irving, Curry, Thompson, Korver, @Marco Belinelli