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by HoopsHype - Updated: July 20, 2014 | 11:38 AM

Brendan Bowers

From Wednesday with Matthew Dellavedova talking LeBron, Wiggins, Bennett and all things Cleveland: stepienrules.com/2014-articles/… #Cavs

Scott Howard-Cooper

And a pretty intriguing Australian team at the World Cup. Maybe Exum, Bairstow, Aron Baynes, Dellavedova and the next prodigy, Ben Simmons.

Brendan Bowers

HOU is lucky that Dellavedova is preparing to rep Australia in FIBA right now

Yannis Koutroupis

Didn't have the heart to ask Dante how he felt about sharing the point with Dellavedova on Australian team; been a rough week for the kid.

Yannis Koutroupis

Matthew Dellavedova is with the Australian National Team, which is why he's not playing today. Dante Exum to join him soon.

Brendan Bowers

Here's my conversation with Matthew Dellavedova from yesterday. 1-on-1 with Delly talking all things #Cavs and CLE: stepienrules.com/2014-articles/…

Brendan Bowers

Talked with @Matthew Dellavedova about LeBron, Wiggins, Bennett, playing for Coach Blatt, the Westside Market & more: stepienrules.com/2014-articles/… #Cavs

Brendan Bowers

Also talked with Dellavedova about LeBron, Bennett, playing for Blatt, getting vegetables at Westside Market and more. Posting in AM #Cavs

Brendan Bowers

Talked with Matthew Dellavedova. He said of Wiggins: "It’s really fun to watch him in full flight when he takes off." #Cavs

Brendan Bowers

"I really like Dellavedova" - Grant Hill

Brendan Bowers

Dellavedova has that runner in midseason form already

Keith Pompey

Cavs lead 9-8 with 5:55 left in first quarter. #Sixers are 4-8. Noel has 4 pts. Davis 2 and McDaniels 2. Dellavedova leads #Cavs with 4

Chema de Lucas

David Andersen, Aron Baynes, Dellavedova, Exum, Ingles, Jawai y Newley, en la preselección de Australia para la Copa del Mundo de España

Emiliano Carchia

Aron Baynes and Matthew Dellavedova are the other two NBAers in Australia preliminary squad Bogut is not in the list

Tim Kawakami

I didn't want to be the first one to go all @MaioccoCSN and mention that Dellavedova could be tremendous alongside LeBron. But it's true.

Eric Pincus

One guy to watch on the Cavs next year Matt Dellavedova - dude can shoot - dude will thrive on floor with LeBron

David 'Dubi' Pick

PG Matt Dellavedova on LBJ's return to Cleveland. "Definitely excited. He's the best player in the world. Can't wait to learn from him."

Diamond Leung

Cleveland's Matthew Dellavedova shared a hug with Charlotte summer league player Mickey McConnell.

Frank Madden

Down three, Jabari goes baseline on Wiggins and hangs for the nice finish. Dellavedova to the line with Cavs up 1, 8.9 seconds left.

Kevin Ding

Non-LeBron summer fun: Dellavedova passing up lob to Andrew Wiggins here in Vegas to hit trailing Anthony Bennett for monster slam.

Kevin Pelton

I don't know what you guys are watching but I'm here for the Nate Wolters-Matthew Dellavedova matchup.

Antoni Daimiel

Cleveland Cavaliers de momento: Blatt entrenador. Irving, Waiters, LeBron, Tristan Thompson y Varejao. Banco: Wiggins, Bennett, Dellavedova

Dan Gilbert

Also looking forward to seeing @anthonybennett who is in best shape of his life & @Matthew Dellavedova;always fun to watch @Andrew Wiggins @joeharrisuva

Chris Herring

MT @SLAMonline: Bradley Beal says NBAs toughest iso defenders are Shumpert, Dellavedova & Tony Allen: bit.ly/1o9VR6E

Brendan Bowers

Respect to Dante Exum on the Matthew Dellavedova shout out

Anthony Bennett

Lets get this work started, I know y'all see the hat doe

Alex Kennedy

Cavs: Varejao ($4 mil of $9.7 mil guarantee), Gee ($3 mil non-guarantee), Hopson ($1.4 mil non-guarantee), Dellavedova ($816K non-guarantee)