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by HoopsHype - Updated: May 29, 2015 | 02:40 PM

Rusty Simmons

Andrew Bogut said he's looking forward to playing with Matthew Dellavedova on the Australian national team this summer.

Scott Howard-Cooper

I watched G4 of #Cavaliers-Hawks with some of Dellavedova’s extended family. Right in the heart of #Warriors Ground. nba.com/2015/news/feat…

NBA Draft

#DidYouKnow that Aussie native Matthew Dellavedova entered the '13 Draft, but was undrafted and then signed by @Cavs? http://t.co/0OXYjb8Aiz

Roland Lazenby

Hawks Radio Broadcast Refers to Matthew Dellavedova as 'Tonya Harding' bleacherreport.com/tb/dgJRA

Scott Howard-Cooper

Dellavedova plays for Cleveland but belongs to St. Mary’s. Why part of the Bay Area is rooting for the #Cavaliers. nba.com/2015/news/feat…

Marcelo Bousquet

Además Dellavedova, Thompson, Smith y Shumpert están a gran nivel. Si hasta la gente ya se olvidó de Love y que barrieron a ATL sin Irving

Roland Lazenby

Is Dellavedova A Dirty Player? Court Call With Ronnie Nunn youtu.be/X8VoRTjVPMM via @YouTube

Carlos Areneta

Dellavedova's frothing at the mouth for Game 1 to start. twitter.com/SpearsNBAYahoo…

Sean Cunningham

Ratings for the NBA Finals will be EPIC in Australia. Matthew Dellavedova vs. Andrew Bogut. Should be fun.

Kamenetzky Brothers

It may be reactionary, but I blame Dellavedova for that knee to Klay's head. AK

Magic Johnson

Smith, Shumpert, Thompson, Dellavedova & Mozgov all dominated their Hawks counterparts which is why they were able to sweep the Hawks!

Jorge Sierra

This is really funny: Spelling Bee contestants can't spell Dellavedova (or Antetokounmpo). shar.es/1rBIqp http://t.co/0pcG3BCbE4

Kurt Helin

Hawks radio broadcast refers to Matthew Dellavedova as ‘Tonya Harding’ dlvr.it/B0CW51

Sekou Smith

Blogtable: Your view on Matthew Dellavedova? wp.me/pPQKk-mGE "Dirtyvedova" or unfair critique of an old school grinder?

Jorge Sierra

Matthew Dellavedova apologized to Kyle Korver. bit.ly/1J5Y4wE http://t.co/seIXQxcwUW

Diamond Leung

Dellavedova's dad: “Hopefully Bogut gets to the NBA Finals as well, so that we’re guaranteed of an Aussie winning." bendigoadvertiser.com.au/story/3107136/…

Ryan McDonald

Oh, found the recap story of the workout. "Rudy Gobert" appears just once. B. Davies, M. Dellavedova headlined it deseretnews.com/article/865581…

The fact Dellavedova is a story actually says more about LeBron than it does Dellavedova. The amount of power NBA superstars wield is unreal

Travis Heath

Matthew Dellavedova would have floated away into obscurity... and then he started playing with LeBron James and dude is a household name.

Paul Garcia

Last year, it was Patty Mills and Aron Baynes representing Australia in the Final Round. Today, Matthew Dellavedova.

Kevin Arnovitz

Hawks would like to pop Dellavedova, that much is true. I also suspect Bud has issued an edict against it. Was pissed Teague jawed vs. IND.

Sean Highkin

LOL Dellavedova doing the “roll the ball out” thing up 25 in the fourth quarter … while the clock was running

Ethan J. Skolnick

If Pat Riley had agreed to send Norris Cole to Cleveland b4 deadline, the world never learns of Matthew Dellavedova.

Jason Lloyd

Cavaliers notebook: Backlash continues for Matthew Dellavedova as Hawks’ Kyle Korver faces surgery: CLEVELAND:... bit.ly/1FWm32j

Isabel Tabernero

Fan. RT @nbaplus Pone cara de bueno pero... es un malote. Tened cuidado que sale Dellavedova. #TiempoDePlayoffs http://t.co/ISEfLojOwF

Chris Mannix

Dellavedova checks into the game for Kyrie Irving. Hawks radio broadcast says "Tonya Harding" checking in.

Dave McMenamin

Dellavedova, like Kyrie, makes his first shot of the game -- a 3. This crowd at The Q is loving both of its point guards. It's loud.

Josh Newman

Matt Dellavedova: Cult legend forever in Cleveland if the Cavs win the whole thing

Steve Aschburner

Big ovation as Dellavedova subs in for Irving.

Mike Ganter

Dellavedova checks in to huge applause.

Lang Whitaker

The best part of that Dellavedova play has been getting to hear Kenny, Chuck and Shaq pronounce Dellavedova over and over.

Chris Haynes

Dellavedova text Kyle Korver to apologize and Korver responded, but Delly didn't go into what he said. Didn't sound like Korver forgave him.

Chris Haynes

Matthew Dellavedova upon hearing Kyle Korver having surgery: "Not what I wanted to hear. It's unfortunate. I didn't want that to happen."

Brett Pollakoff

I don’t think Dellavedova is a dirty player, but his coach and his teammates saying that is truly meaningless.

Howard Beck

Blatt, defending Dellavedova, says he "doesn't have an unsportsmanlike bone in his body."

Andrew Keh

"The kid doesn't have an unsportsmanlike bone in his body," David Blatt said of Matthew Dellavedova.

Dave McMenamin

David Blatt on Dellavedova: "The kid doesn't have an unsportsmanlike bone in his body"

Ramon Fernandez

Croquetas Dellavedova no gusta por Atlanta. A LeBron sí, casi en final CAVS-HAWKS 2:30 C+Dep @Guillermo Gimenez @nbaplus http://t.co/UZeHVNkbdf

Jake Fischer

Brett Brown says Matthew Dellavedova isn't a dirty player: si.com/nba/2015/05/26…

Kurt Helin

PBT Extra: Horford/Dellavedova incident ups tension in Hawks/Cavaliers Game 4 dlvr.it/9zSRT7

Andrew Keh

Dellavedova's proud college coach, by phone: “He’s catching heat from playing hard. But he can’t back off that." nyti.ms/1RkwcYy

Brian Mahoney

With Dwight-Bogut and Horford-Dellavedova, theme of this postseason is clearly that guys are mad at Aussies.

Jason Lloyd

Cavaliers report: Teammates stand for ‘Delly’: CLEVELAND: Matthew Dellavedova’s growing reputation as a dirty ... bit.ly/1J1j1ZN

Steve Aschburner

...Carroll on Aussie Dellavedova: "I don't even know – he's a foreigner, can he speak English? Oh, OK. I probably wouldn't say nothing."

Steve Aschburner

Notebook leftover, post-G3, ATL-CLE. Hawks' DeMarre Carroll, asked what he'd say to Cavs' Matthew Dellavedova re: reckless play if could...

Michael Lee

#hawks can't be pleased that Horford got tossed for missing an elbow to Dellavedova's head but Howard is playing after connecting with Bogut

Chris Herring

That's Dellavedova's fault.