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by HoopsHype - Updated: October 29, 2014 | 05:46 PM

Jorge Castillo

The last time the #Wizards and #Heat met, Michael Beasley led the Heat with 18 pts.

Fabian Garcia

El ex NBA Beasley jugará en China para Yao Ming; basquetplus.com/articulo/el-ex… #China http://t.co/NEfVncmcA4

Sean Highkin

Michael Beasley says he hasn't smoked weed in six years sportando.com/en/world/asia/…

Emiliano Carchia

Beasley: I don't think marijuana ruined my career. Last time I smoke it was 6 years ago. I want to re-love basketball sportando.com/en/world/asia/…

Emiliano Carchia

Michael Beasley had nice words for @DeAndre Jordan: "His mother is like my mother” and @Goran Dragic “He is a sweet and warm person"

Emiliano Carchia

Beasley: I don’t think that marijuana addiction ruined my career. Some people think it did. Last time I smoked marijuana it was 6 years ago

Emiliano Carchia

Michael Beasley: I'm opening a new chapter of my life in China. I want to re-love basketball sportando.com/en/world/asia/… He signed with Shanghai

Royce Young

PHOTO: Yao Ming, Michael Beasley and Delonte West went to lunch cbsprt.co/1t9HapN http://t.co/A6peEz7s7e

Iñako Diaz-Guerra

Los embajadores de la NBA en China: Michael Beasley, Yao Ming y Delonte West. http://t.co/t4ak0pWTej

Jorge Sierra

Michael Beasley and Delonte West together in China. bit.ly/1vGGZmD Great reality show potential.

Ryen Russillo

Cole Beasley collects different kinds of rope. #colefacts

Ira Winderman

Huge blocks of empty seats here in Kansas City. Perhaps they were expecting Game 6 of ALCS. No LeBron this time, not even K-State's Beasley.

Conrad Brunner

Starring as Michael Beasley for the #Cavs this year: Dion Waiters.

Ethan J. Skolnick

The six: Beasley, Oden, Battier, Douglas, Lewis and Allen. Last 2 might play. Still amazing. And why a reload was necessary regardless.

Ira Winderman

Ennis as the next Beasley, or more? Latest "Ask Ira" at bit.ly/1z43HJ5 plus more.

Pete Pranica

The Michael Beasley move was easy to figure. Minutes would have been limited in Memphis. He can play in China and join NBA team in March.

Ray Richardson

ICYMI, former #Twolves forward Michael Beasley is going to play in China. The 25-year-old former No. 2 pick was recently waived by Memphis.

Ira Winderman

Is Michael Beasley's NBA chapter complete? Latest "Ask Ira" at bit.ly/1o3fW46 plus more.

Jorge Sierra

Michael Beasley headed to the Chinese League at age 25.

Sean Highkin

Offseason rankings: 1. Chinese league - Steezus, Beasley, Metta 2. Lakers - Carlos Boozer 3. Celtics - Evan Turner 4. Cavs - LeBron and Love

Sean Highkin

Thinking about trying to talk NBC into starting a ChineseBasketballTalk blog to cover the Beasley/Steezus/Blatche era.

Sean Highkin

The Michael Beasley era in Memphis was too beautiful to last.

Jeff Caplan

That's it for Michael Beasley in Memphis. Team announces they have waived him. #Grizzlies

Tom Lorenzo

Here's your Grizzlies media release regarding the team waiving Michael Beasley. Short and...short. http://t.co/yz06BgVykK

Tom Haberstroh

You're welcome? RT @Howard Beck: I'm replacing Stromile Swift w/Beasley in all future rants abt why "athleticism" is overrated. Thanks, Stro.

Howard Beck

Update: I am replacing Stromile Swift w/Michael Beasley in all future rants about why "athleticism" is overrated. Thanks, Stro.

Ira Winderman

Michael Beasley may not have played his way out of the NBA, but, for now, that's where he's headed, namely China. bit.ly/1xuOKv0

Demian Belmonte

Michael Beasley se marcha a jugar a China: bit.ly/1v8ffIB vía @Demian Belmonte

Howard Chen

W/ @Yao Ming's team RT @Adrian Wojnarowski: Michael Beasley leaves Grizzlies camp, signing lucrative one-year deal in China. yhoo.it/1o1JIWO

Emiliano Carchia

Michael Beasley signs in China with Shanghai Sharks sportando.com/en/world/asia/…

Iñako Diaz-Guerra

Otro más que nos abandona: Beasley se marcha a China junto a Yao Ming y Delonte West baloncesto.as.com/baloncesto/201… http://t.co/26eux03NHW

Eric Koreen

REALITY SERIES NOW RT @Adrian Wojnarowski: Michael Beasley leaves Grizzlies camp, signing lucrative one-year deal in China. yhoo.it/1o1JIWO

Kurt Helin

Michael Beasley leaves Grizzlies for China dlvr.it/78gF76

Adrian Wojnarowski

Yahoo Sports: Michael Beasley leaves Grizzlies camp, signing lucrative one-year deal in China. yhoo.it/1o1JIWO

Kamenetzky Brothers

Theater Gods, make this happen!!! AK RT @celticsblog: So, will Beasley have a part in Marbury's play?

Adam Zagoria

Michael Beasley the latest No. 2 pick to turn into a bust following Darko and many others.

Joseph Goodman

Michael Beasley in China...there is so much potential there for a reality TV show.

Chip Crain

BREAKING: Michael Beasley leaves Grizzlies wp.me/p23eba-4X6

Ira Winderman

Riley, over weekend, on not keeping China-bound Beasley, "It was nothing punitive, there was nothing bad. I wish him nothing but the best."

Tom Haberstroh

Free idea: Beasley Index.

Ira Winderman

Riley over weekend on Beasley, "It really had nothing to do with anything but we're just moving in another direction,"

Ira Winderman

Pat Riley, over the weekend on Michael Beasley, "I love Mike, but we're moving on," Riley said. "When L.J. left, we just cleaned the table."

Chris Vernon

the B-Easy era is over. already.

Gary Lee

cc: @Lakers_Examiner, @MMoreno1015. RT @Adrian Wojnarowski: Beasley is signing with the Shanghai Sharks, owned by Yao Ming.

Adrian Wojnarowski

Beasley is signing with the Shanghai Sharks, owned by Yao Ming.

Ozan Aktay

Yahoo Sports'un haberine göre Michael Beasley, Memphis Grizzlies'ın kampından ayrılarak bir Çin takımıyla anlaştı. http://t.co/c977BflrEE

Emilio V. Escudero

Creo que @Fernando Martin estará decepcionado con la marcha de Beasley a China. Duro golpe a los #matadors #mandangaleague

Ira Winderman

Yahoo reporting Michael Beasley leaving Grizzlies, to sign in China. At this point, clearly not a lot of confidence in NBA.

Sean Highkin

Chinese league got Beasley, Steezus, and Blatche now.