HoopsHype Otto Porter Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: May 15, 2015 | 09:04 PM

Sean Deveney

If the Cavaliers had drafted Otto Porter instead of Bennett they wouldn't have needed to sign LeBron last summer.

Adi Joseph

Otto Porter awesome touch pass to Kevin Seraphin in the final quarter of an elimination game and ... jeez, DC, I've only been gone a month!

Jason Walker

When people look back on this series Otto Porter has had, they'll probably see the hole in the wall I left behind.

Ohm Youngmisuk

Wall trying to save Washington's season. 2 drives to basket, fastbreak assist to Otto Porter for a dunk. Hawks up 64-57 with 4:18 in 3Q

Devin Kharpertian

Otto Porter turning into a legitimate NBA player might be the craziest part of these playoffs

Kris Willis

Will somebody please block out Otto Porter

Michael Lee

Otto Porter wants all of the rebounds #wizards

Jorge Castillo

The Hawks can't handle Kevin Seraphin and Otto Porter right now.

Alex Kennedy

Four straight offensive rebounds for Washington! Three were by Otto Porter.

John Schuhmann

Those Otto Porter offensive rebounds got this crowd more charged than free Chik-Fil-A.

Lang Greene

Wizards bench in game five was non-existent. Trio of Drew Gooden, Ramon Sessions and Otto Porter combined for nine points (3-of-22 shooting)

Chris Sheridan

Otto Porter's postseason progress took a step back in game 4 of #HAWKSvWIZARDS. Can he bounce back tonight? #NBA sheridanhoops.com/2015/05/11/ris…

Chris Mannix

Terrible shot, Otto Porter.

Mico Halili

Bagay din si Otto Porter sa Bucks. Crazy long arms. Crazy long legs.

Jorge Castillo

Tonight is indeed Otto Porter’s first podium game.

Rashad Mobley

Otto Porter might have earned himself a trip to the NBA Playoffs podium tonight

Chris Miller

Playoff career high for Otto Porter. Had 15 pts two previous times.

Julian Mozo

#NBA La explosión de Otto Porter en los playoffs. Con 21 años y un físico privilegiado. Golazo vine.co/v/emnMpPwQYYw

Royce Young

John Wall enjoyed this Otto Porter dunk vine.co/v/emnOvd3AqWJ

Chuck Swirsky

Commentators sound surprised regarding Otto Porter's success... he was the 3rd player taken in the draft....he should be good.

Adi Joseph

Otto Porter could play next to Kevin Durant. If, you know, the Thunder wanted to trade for him.

Chris Miller

That was the most emotion I've ever seen from Otto Porter. Kids growing up.

Josh Newman

Was Otto Porter able to keep his Georgetown dorm room to save on rent?

Jorge Castillo

John Wall jumped off the bench as soon Otto Porter jumped for that dunk. Wizards up 78-61.

Jorge Castillo

Otto Porter stays cutting to the basket.

Candace Buckner

And oh hey…Otto Porter. We claim him too. That boy from St. Louis.

Brett Pollakoff

Those two plays from Nene and Otto Porter perfectly exemplify what’s gone on in this game.

Jorge Castillo

You can see the swagger dripping off Otto Porter right now.

Jorge Castillo

Otto Porter on if the Wizards can beat the Hawks without Wall: “(Long pause.) Yes, we can and I think we will.“

Ian Thomsen

Bradley Beal and Otto Porter emerging on time for Wizards on.nba.com/1GRh8dz

John Meyer

#OttoPorter WS/48: Rookie (319 min): -0.006 WS/48 - Playoffs (6 min): -0.114 WS/48 Sophomore (1432): .092 WS/48 - Playoffs (193): .197 WS/48

Zach Lowe

Hawks missed a ton of open looks tonight. Wiz damn near needed Sessions to go the full 48. Otto Porter's arms are a problem.

Tony Jones

remember when Otto Porter was labeled a bust after a slow rookie season? lol

Royce Young

Paul Millsap put Otto Porter in the spin cycle cbsprt.co/1cjXJKX vine.co/v/eZHgEnAOXtA

John Meyer

Otto Porter is avg. 9.6 pts, 8.0 rebs & one steal while shooting 54.3% from floor & 46.7% from deep in 5 playoff games. X-factor for Wizards

Jorge Castillo

Otto Porter Jr. and Drew Gooden III continue making an impact during the Wizards' playoff run: wpo.st/aP_F0

Tony Jones

Otto Porter has made some gargantuan plays in this game

Eric Koreen

Otto Porter is allowed to miss now?

Michael Lee

Otto Porter must've told Randy Wittman in March, "Save me until the playoffs, coach. I only play when it's time to get down to business."

Vince Cellini

Late season minutes paying huge dividends for Otto Porter who's name is a palindrome btw. @Washington Wizards

Michael Lee

Otto Porter ain't scared of the playoffs vine.co/v/eZueA97JL02

Abraham Romero

Reaccionan los Wizards y el partido se pone 20-20 con triple de Otto Porter. es.global.nba.com/boxscore/#!/00… #NBAOficial

Chris Miller

Otto Porter with 5 quick pts. off the bench games tied at 20. Teague injured his ankle on the Hawks last possession.

Jorge Castillo

Otto Porter predicts Mayweather win by decision. It’ll be a close fight, he said.