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by HoopsHype - Updated: March 06, 2015 | 03:14 PM

Bill Herenda

Cousins vs Vucevic - both tied for 2nd in #NBA w/35 double-doubles behind Pau Gasol (40) yet Cousins has missed 14 games #Kings v #Magic

Chuck Swirsky

Just finished watching replay of last night's game. @Pau Gasol willingness to think team first gave @E'Twaun Moore an opportunity to win the game.

Fabian Garcia

Pau Gasol, el máximo anotador hispano de la historia: basquetplus.com/articulo/pau-g… #NBA http://t.co/nEvRCcrOJi

Enric Corbella

La foto más entrañable de una noche histórica para Pau Gasol marca.com/2015/03/05/bal… @marca http://t.co/3YI2hYfswd

Luis Fernando Lopez

Perdió esta noche,¡con 46 ptos!,uno menos q Pau&Mirotic."Westbrook, Tyson entre canastas" @Lucas Saez-Bravo elmundo.es/blogs/deportes…

Enric Corbella

Baile mortal de Pau Gasol que finiquita con el mate Top de la noche marca.com/2015/03/06/bal… @marca Top 5 http://t.co/IJeL64n4Yz

Iñako Diaz-Guerra

La jugada que decidió el CHI-OKC: ¡Pau para Moore y triple! Vía @AS_TV dozz.es/vvhfc

Iñako Diaz-Guerra

Pau Gasol supera a Blackman y ya es el máximo anotador hispano en la historia de la NBA. dozz.es/ssfn9 http://t.co/0vc3rgzYvv

Iñako Diaz-Guerra

CHI 108 -OKC 105 Mirotic (26) y Pau (21), claves para superar a Westbrook (43) e Ibaka (25). dozz.es/hrpqg http://t.co/bROHB8CsAd

Sam Smith

Pau on winning assist: "I read that Westbrook came and over helped and I saw E’Twaun wide open, instincts; good basketball play."

Enric Corbella

Pau Gasol suma su doble-doble 40 de la temporada: líder absoluto de la NBA marca.com/2015/03/06/bal… @marca

Enric Corbella

Pau Gasol se convierte en el máximo anotador hispano de la historia de la NBA marca.com/2015/03/06/bal… @marca http://t.co/HZ2QzIYLX2

Enric Corbella

Pau Gasol se convierte en el máximo anotador latino de la historia de la NBA marca.com/2015/03/06/bal… @marca http://t.co/G74UBsIN9P

Kerry Eggers

Olajuwon RT @jcarver1169: @Kerry Eggers @Dirk Nowitzki Definitely agree. Pau second best?

Chuck Swirsky

Great ,great win. Credit Pau. Gasol was the first option but drew a double and found Moore in the left corner Moore -Niko on BullsTV

Rodrigo Azurmendi

Queremos felicitar a @Pau Gasol por convertirse esta noche en el máximo anotador hispano de la historia de la NBA. http://t.co/EFTxPYLbNJ

Royce Young

Besides, it was a pretty clear audible by Pau Gasol after seeing Westbrook cheat off. Great decision by him, great shot by Moore.

Polo Bustamante

Okay. That was a great play from Thibs. Great pass by Pau too.

Mico Halili

Nice pass Pau! Wow. E'Twaun Moore!!! 3'Twaun!!!!!

John Ireland

That's a great pass by Pau. Played right into Westbrook's aggressiveness. Look out for Russ here--he might just Kobe these guys.

Darnell Mayberry

Smart, smart play by Pau Gasol.

Nick Friedell

We need to take a moment to remember there is 1:07 left in this game and the Bulls have Brooks, Moore, Pau, Dunleavy and Niko on floor.

Mike Prada

Kanter can’t whiff on that Pau Gasol box out.

Royce Young

The Thunder are really missing Steven Adams tonight to defend Pau Gasol.

Joe Cowley

Pau and Westbrook playing H-O-R-S-E.

Anthony Slater

Pau Gasol roasted Enes Kanter in the first half. 15 and 7 for Pau, 2 and 2 for Kanter.

Iñako Diaz-Guerra

Con 2 tiros libres @Pau Gasol alcanzó los 10 ptos para pasar a Blackman como máximo anotador hispano de la historia @NBA 17.624 #NBAOficial

Kurt Helin

Pau Gasol spins baseline for impressive slam vs. Thunder (VIDEO) dlvr.it/8rgQ68

Steve Aschburner

Pau Gasol 4/8, other Bulls 3/12. OKC 30, CHI 18 after 1Q. Ibaka 11p (5/7), Westbrook 10-1-4.

Darnell Mayberry

Westbrook on he and Durant's attempt to recruit Pau Gaso to OKCl: "Obviously it didn't work out for us. But we'll see how it goes (laughs)."

Syra Sylla

Claude Bergeaud élogieux envers la JSF Nanterre: Après la défaite lundi de Pau face à Nanterre, Claude Bergeau... bit.ly/1KraUIT

Kevin Ding

Dream 2012 Lakers scenario: Phil instead of D'Antoni to coach Dwight/Kobe/Pau--with Steve Kerr as anointed successor. bleacherreport.com/articles/23840…

Sam Smith

Pau w/20 and 10 on win: "With our minds and hearts into it a lot of things can happen, so we just bring our will every night."

Enric Corbella

Pau y Mirotic ejecutan la españolización suprema de los Bulls: 43 puntos y 18 rebotes marca.com/2015/03/04/bal… @marca http://t.co/qJXtHVXUDZ

Syra Sylla

Vidéo : Les highlights de Pau vs Nanterre: Retrouvez les meilleurs moments du match Pau vs Nanterre. Cet arti... bit.ly/1EJwtQ4

Roberto Martin

Final @OlimpicoLB 83-@bahiabasket 80. Bahía desperdició 2 rebotes seguidos en defensa y Pau lo aseguró desde la línea restando 12s. #LNB

Syra Sylla

Nanterre maintient la cadence face à Pau: Dans un match assez piégeant à Pau, Nanterre s’impose finalement 91 ... bit.ly/1wMXfAe

Sean Highkin

Bulls rule Taj Gibson officially out for tomorrow vs. Washington. Rose and Butler obviously out too. Pau Gasol (illness) probable.

Chuck Swirsky

Derrick Rose (right knee) is out. Jimmy Butler (left elbow sprain) is out. Taj Gibson (left ankle) is out Pau Gasol (illness) is probable

Nick Friedell

From @jacob_nitzberg: If Thibs goes with Kirk, Jo, Pau, Mike and Aaron, that group has only played 2.9 seconds together all yr. On Nov. 7th

Nick Friedell

Crazy stat via @jacob_nitzberg: If Thibs goes with starting 5 of Brooks, Mike, Pau, Jo and Snell, that group has only played 7 min. together

Arash Markazi

Still have to get used to seeing him in red and black but good seeing @Pau Gasol yesterday. http://t.co/M2pZAixfjw

Enric Corbella

La peor versión de Pau aparece el mejor día de Mirotic marca.com/2015/03/01/bal… @marca http://t.co/ZhITiMuZqP

Zach Lowe

Pau had no shot posting him today, barely tried.

Demian Belmonte

Por aquí desfiló Pau Gasol infinidad de veces #LakersThunder #UltimateNBAStaples http://t.co/2r55Rnz1yE

Sam Smith

Mirotic on career hi 29: "Tough game for us because we lost. Without Derrick without Pau without Jimmy, so somebody need to shoot the ball."

Sam Smith

Thibs on Gasol 4&15: "I want to give Pau credit, Pau is sick, very sick. He knows we’re shorthanded; he got out there and gave us everything

Ben Bolch

Pau Gasol had one more basket than tweet during that game.