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by HoopsHype - Updated: April 24, 2015 | 09:46 AM

Raul Barrigon

Inspired by @TheCauldron... Pau Gasol with the Hoff swag. vine.co/v/ealwvK3IUuF

Mario Gomez

Mientras acercan posturas con Pau Ribas, Valencia Basket tiene en el punto de mira a Macej Lampe e insisten con Luke Sikma. Suena muy bien

Enric Corbella

Pau Gasol pone la elegancia al Top 10 NBA de la venganza de LeBron marca.com/2015/04/24/bal… @marca El vídeo http://t.co/KER0mY5wjf

Chuck Swirsky

Milwaukee is throwing everything at @Pau Gasol and @Pau Gasol still comes through with his 3rd dbl-dbl in the series and 7th straight vs Bucks

Adi Joseph

Pau is such a big person.

Joe Cowley

MCW takes a tour of the Great Wall of Pau!

Steve Aschburner

MCW just ran into a Gasol pick like a CF neglecting the warning track. Pow! Pau!

Sean Highkin

Feels like a momentum shift since that blown defensive possession with Pau and Noah. Bulls back within 7.

Sean Highkin

"MARC IS BETTER" chants from the Bucks fans here as Pau shoots free throws. I mean, yeah. Pau would probably agree.

KC Johnson

Joakim Noah and Pau Gasol are finalists for the season-long NBA Community Assist award.

Robert Alvarez

Pau Gasol, premio Magic Johnson. Reconocimiento de la prensa estadounidense. Por @elpais_deportes deportes.elpais.com/deportes/2015/…

David Locke

Worst PAAC in playoffs CJ McCollum -6.7 pts per game Damian Lillard -6.3 Zach Randolph -5.8 Pau Gasol -5.7 Boris Diaw -5.3 Kyle Lowry -5.1

Antonio Vazquez

Partidos en 'Playoffs' con al menos 20 puntos y 10 rebotes. Tim Duncan: 100 Garnett + Howard + Pau Gasol: 98.

Enric Corbella

Pau Gasol se agarra a los intangibles en 'playoffs': "Sólo quiere ganar" marca.com/2015/04/23/bal… vía @marca

Jose Luis Malo

Juegos de playoffs con 20pts &10reb Tim Duncan: 100 Kevin Garnett + Dwight Howard + Pau Gasol: 98

Chris Herring

Bruh... RT @Tom Haberstroh: Career 20-and-10 playoff games. Tim Duncan: 100. Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol combined: 98.

Tom Haberstroh

Career 20-and-10 playoff games. Tim Duncan: 100. Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol combined: 98.

Vincent Goodwill

Pau Gasol won't force his offense against Bucks' double-teams: bit.ly/1Ho1TxZ #BullsTalk http://t.co/RedlxkzIc0

Sam Smith

Pau Gasol wins writers' award for excellence on and off court and explains life philosophy. bit.ly/1EtKLX7

Derrick Rose

My guys #JoakimNoah and #PauGasol are finalists for the #NBACommunityAssist award. RT to cast your vote

Dan McCarney

Love this from Pau Gasol chicagotribune.com/sports/basketb… http://t.co/gbyzsfHlw7

Nick Friedell

AwesomeRT @JuelzO7: @Nick Friedell @Jimmy Butler @Joakim Noah @Pau Gasol @Taj Gibson @drose 2yr old knows Bulls players! http://t.co/CnGz5QHlpU

Keith Pompey

Pau Gasol of the #ChicagoBulls has won the 2014-15 Magic Johnson Award, which annually recognizes the… instagram.com/p/1y9Aj8zcBa/

Mark Montieth

Congrats to Pau Gasol, winner of Magic Johnson Award for media cooperation. Fans might shrug, but should appreciate stars who say something

Sam Amick

Well deserved Magic Johnson award for @Pau Gasol, who wins @ProHoopsWriters honor & joins list of class acts http://t.co/q2GnDrlpKS

Cameron Bairstow

#JoakimNoah and #PauGasol are finalists for the #NBACommunityAssist award! RT to vote for my teammates!

Steve Aschburner

Based on double-duty (English/Spanish) maybe Pau Gasol shld get 2 PBWA Magic Johnson awards. on.nba.com/1GjJ3bb http://t.co/19klWAjLPu

Steve Aschburner

Pau Gasol earned Milwaukee's double-team respect in reg. season, adjusts now in postseason. on.nba.com/1yQTXSN http://t.co/zNP9FHqmTT

Demian Belmonte

Pau Gasol ha sido galardonado con el ‘Magic Johnson Award’, trofeo premia la calidad individual y el buen trato hacia prensa y público

Taj Gibson

My teammates #JoakimNoah and #PauGasol are finalists for the #NBACommunityAssist Award! RT to vote!

Abraham Romero

Pau gana el Premio Magic Johnson: "Los periodistas sois una parte importante de nuestro éxito" ver.as/vbdhn http://t.co/FCgWWDhQDN

Pete Pranica

Congrats to @Pau Gasol on the Magic Johnson Award that recognizes cooperation/accessibility with media. Pau's always been a class guy.

KC Johnson

Pau Gasol reacts to winning @ProHoopsWriters Magic Johnson award with eloquent comments on media's role.Tribune Blog: trib.in/1Gj3CBB

Aaron Brooks

#JoakimNoah and #PauGasol are finalists for the #NBACommunityAssist award. RT to vote for my teammates!

Vincent Goodwill

Pau Gasol has won the Magic Johnson Award, recognizing player with excellence on court with cooperation & dignity with media & public.

Nikola Mirotic

#JoakimNoah and #PauGasol are finalists for the #NBACommunityAssist award! RT to vote.

Ethan J. Skolnick

After reading Pau Gasol's quotes, I feel even better about making him my nominee for that award. Guy gets it.

Nick Friedell

I don't understand why more athletes don't work with the media like Pau Gasol does. He's always available and respectful of the job.

Gery Woelfel

Congrats to Pau Gasol on being recipient of the Magic Johnson Award. Consummate professional.

Eric Koreen

Pau Gasol is our collective avatar for basic human decency.

Ryan Wolstat

I gave him my vote. RT @Eric Koreen: PAU! RT @Holly MacKenzie: <3 <3 <3 <3 RT @Sean Highkin: More Pau on why he's nice to people: http://t.co/Wh0e2Z5qR1

Eric Koreen

#HoopIdea: Pau Gasol should play for every team, just to be fair. He'd want it that way.

Sean Highkin

More Pau on getting other players to be more sympathetic to the media http://t.co/qH0v1UG3Z9

Eric Koreen

PAU! RT @Holly MacKenzie: <3 <3 <3 <3 RT @Sean Highkin: More Pau on why he's nice to people: http://t.co/HyaEKplBDj

Sean Highkin

More Pau on why he's nice to people: http://t.co/J9sDTg63w8