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by HoopsHype - Updated: October 01, 2014 | 07:34 PM

Adi Joseph

From my story, Sam Cassell ironically had a big part in getting Paul Pierce to choose the Wizards over the Clippers: usat.ly/1oB6K1q

Adi Joseph

Paul Pierce gave me some insight on why he picked the Wizards in free agency: usat.ly/1oB6K1q These 2 helped: http://t.co/RizHeYGr1K

Eric Koreen

Vasquez: “This is no bulls---. This is the truth. We like playing with each other."

Bill Reiter

Friend just direct messaged me: "Are you OK?" I told him the truth: "I'm really not."

Sam Smith

Butler on Rose: I think (the injury stuff) is already behind him, to tell you the truth. He’s focused right now. Just playing."

Chris Miller

First day impressions coach Witt stressed defense 90%of practice. Wizards Central at 6:30 on CSN. I'll chat with @Paul Pierce #WizardsTalk

Michael Lee

Why? Paul Pierce has a long history with LeBron James that makes those battles more intriguing RT @psulur Wizards need DeShawn Stevenson

Jorge Castillo

Paul Pierce vs. LeBron James and John Wall vs. Kyrie Irving. Will the #Wizards and #Cavaliers rekindle their rivalry? wapo.st/1vtng9F

Jorge Castillo

Paul Pierce, an unlikely Wizard, is ready to counsel Washington’s young stars: wapo.st/1u7aNbf #Wizards

Mike Prada

There’s no way Kevin Durant is telling the truth here. No way. bit.ly/1vrlhm8

Lenn Robbins

In his 20th season, KG spoke to Paul Pierce who was at Derek Jeter's final game after 20 seasons at Fenway. #Tiesthatbind #Nets #RedSox

Jay King

Wow RT @AdamReisinger: Celtics starters day of last Pats SB win (Feb. 6, 2005): Gary Payton Tony Allen Paul Pierce Raef LaFrentz Mark Blount

Mike Prada

(To be clear: Gooden was talking about a young Paul Pierce. Here's @nbilka's story. bulletsforever.com/2014/9/29/6869…)

Cleanthony Early

Conscious enough to know Every decision I make should reflect and lead to the Ultimate goal & my purpose! Straight to the Truth it is

Mike Prada

"He had a fake Rolex that he was bragging about and I thought this guy was hilarious” -Drew Gooden on Paul Pierce bit.ly/1rxF7cS

Rashad Mobley

One quick takeaway from Wizards Media Day? Paul Pierce is hellbent on the Wizards being a better home team. He mentioned it several times.

Kevin Ding

Is it fair to criticize his limited playoff success? @Chris Paul: "It don't matter. It's the truth. It don't matter if it's fair or not."

Jonathan Feigen

Jason Terry cited playing with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce for showing him how to be the oldest player on the team and a leader.

Adi Joseph

Having been to Nets media day last year and Wizards this year, Paul Pierce is in a much better mood this time. Not that it means anything.

Iñako Diaz-Guerra

Paul Pierce con la camiseta de los Washington Wizards. Nueva etapa para 'The Truth'. http://t.co/QfKe32qc6V

Stefan Bondy

Paul Pierce is speaking today in Washington for the first time since leaving the Nets.

Michael Lee

Paul Pierce is in full #wizards gear today but did any fans have a problem with this? http://t.co/uWaGJlB65q I didn't.

Ben Rohrbach

Paul Pierce wore a Celtics jacket to Derek Jeter's final game. He's a Wizard now. bit.ly/1CAvTBx

Enric Corbella

El amigo íntimo de Michael Jordan 'ficha' a Paul Pierce para los Celtics marca.com/2014/09/29/bal… @marca http://t.co/HyLTCcyMBV

Dimitri Kucharczyk

Paul Pierce redevient un Celtic, pour un jour, afin de saluer Derek Jeter. RT @cjzero: http://t.co/4QRcJcuOCI

Ohm Youngmisuk

Truth in green RT @cjzero: Paul Pierce greets Derek Jeter in a Celtics jacket http://t.co/yusiAKmktm

Alan Hahn

Wizards must be thrilled. RT @Jessica Camerato: Paul Pierce (in green) at Fenway Park for Derek Jeter ceremony http://t.co/v0rqQUKK5d

Jessica Camerato

Another shot of Paul Pierce (in green) at Fenway Park for Derek Jeter ceremony http://t.co/Kw3siqHdAx

Alan Hahn

Pierce?! RT @M_Marakovits: Bobby Orr (bruins) Troy Brown (patriots) Paul pierce(celtics) greet Jeter as well

Jessica Camerato

Paul Pierce among former Boston athletes at Fenway Park to honor Derek Jeter http://t.co/kAXuLMQRv8

Steve Bulpett

Paul Pierce is back in Boston. He's heading to Fenway tomorrow for Derek Jeter's last game.

Jorge Castillo

Playing better at home is a priority for the #Wizards this season. Paul Pierce is making sure it is: wapo.st/1v9JrS2

Royce Young

Wizards' Paul Pierce says visiting teams are 'going to get beaten up' cbsprt.co/1okGdFB

Rod Boone

Garnett said it's bittersweet that he won't be playing with Paul Pierce. Said he was with him when he was going through end of free agency

Tony Mejia

The captain and the truth. Jeter.

Mike Finger

Bedford, on if recruits and parents are asking about the dismissals: "I hope they do, because I want to tell them the truth."

Kurt Helin

Billy King: Paul Pierce too expensive for Nets dlvr.it/70Bt23

Tim Bontemps

If you were looking for a reason why Paul Pierce isn't back with the Nets, GM Billy King gave three of them today: nyp.st/1wHtdio

Rod Boone

Nets GM Billy King explains why Paul Pierce left Brooklyn nwsdy.li/1C6yvH2 #Nets

Stefan Bondy

Nets GM Billy King talks payroll, expectations and decision to let go of Paul Pierce nydn.us/1siZzBZ

Rod Boone

In terms of leadership void left by Paul Pierce's departure, King said he thinks KG, Alan Anderson and Jarrett Jack will help fill it.

Jinno Rufino

The truth only sounds like hate to the people who hate the truth.

Mike Wise

If anyone really wants to know the truth, Native America's "Team" is playing now: https://t.co/adP1yrNiyc

Mike Wise

This was a great piece by @EdgeofSports on the truth about Osceola at Florida State in January of this year. thenation.com/blog/177800/fl…

Geoff Calkins

Lynch to Cross for a 50-yard touchdown. Memphis leads, 29-10. Lynch is the truth.

Kendall Marshall

is water wet? --- RT @bmoe_careful: Paul Pierce a Hall of famer?

Kurt Helin

Paul Pierce makes an appearance in full Wizards uniform (PHOTO) dlvr.it/6xrrGc

Royce Young

PHOTO: Paul Pierce in a Washington Wizards uniform is as weird as it sounds cbsprt.co/XpDhQc