HoopsHype Paul Pierce Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: October 31, 2014 | 09:35 PM

Sam Amico

When Cavs get D rebound and get out and run, no one anywhere has chance. That's just the truth.

Brian Robb

Find out how Captain America stacks up in the Unofficial Paul Pierce Halloween Costume Power Rankings boston.com/sports/basketb…

Jessica Camerato

From Celtics captain to Captain America RT @Paul Pierce Captain America reporting for duty http://t.co/HPzTIqiYVJ

Antonio Vazquez

Capitán América Pierce! RT @Paul Pierce: Captain America reporting for duty http://t.co/hAhYdZD4UU

Tom Ziller

I love how much Paul Pierce loves Halloween.

Jose Luis Malo

Parace que @Paul Pierce está listo para el Halloween #Wizards http://t.co/LVKIhuvRCO

Michael Lee

Marcin Gortat will continue being a character in 300 RT @Jorge Castillo: Paul Pierce is Captain America for Halloween http://t.co/tYeYcXVouN

Lang Whitaker

Paul Pierce showing good Halloween effort twitter.com/MGortat/status…

Mike Mazzeo

Lol "@Jorge Castillo: Paul Pierce is Captain America for Halloween. http://t.co/wXqP79IEa6"

Marcin Gortat

Ladies and gentleman Paul Pierce !!!:)) #legend #this #guyyyyyy

Jorge Castillo

Paul Pierce is Captain America for Halloween. http://t.co/V3f63Fzu7P

Amin Elhassan

Thats true! Anyone else? RT @ajstarting5: @Amin Elhassan Paul Pierce hated the Celtics

Jorge Castillo

John Wall went off for 30-12-5 and Paul Pierce provided the clutch baskets in the #Wizards’ 105-98 win over Orlando: washingtonpost.com/sports/wizards…

Sam Amico

Cavs beat KG, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce & Celtics in 2010 opener... Then lost 26 straight in same season. Don't read too much into openers.

Alex Kennedy

Paul Pierce seems to be having a ton of fun in Washington. And his teammates love what he's bringing to the team, on and off the court.

Julian Benbow

Ha! Iso Paul Pierce in the fourth quarter. Nice.

Chris Vernon

One of the top 4 teams in the country, hahaha. Right. Sagarins computer knew the truth.

Royce Young

#EOBPod is up! Talking last night’s action, the truth about altitude, and previewing the biggest sporting event ever: cbssports.com/nba/eye-on-bas…

Antonio Vazquez

Cerramos las urnas para los posters. Serán Pau Gasol y Paul Pierce. Gracias a todos los 'votantes'.

Antonio Vazquez

¿Qué póster prefieres? RT: Jabari Parker. Fav: Paul Pierce.

Kristina Leahy

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce will just never feel right in anything but a Celtics jersey

Marc Stein

The truth: Nobody is this season's Suns

Shandel Richardson

Paul Pierce was an awesome addition to the Wizards.

Shandel Richardson

So John Wall and Paul Pierce blow by Luol Deng on consecutive possessions.

Joseph Goodman

Chris Bosh with a corner three from Ray Allen land and Paul Pierce answers. Welcome back, NBA.

Ira Winderman

Luol Deng vs. Paul Pierce: One in a Heat jersey, the other in a Wizards jersey. Odd.

Jason Lieser

One thing that definitely didn't change here: They still hate the hell out of Paul Pierce. An unwelcome welcome for his introduction.

Jorge Castillo

Paul Pierce gets a warm reception from the crowd.

Jorge Castillo

#Wizards Game 1 starters: John Wall, Garrett Temple, Paul Pierce, Drew Gooden III, Marcin Gortat.

Sean Grande

Rajon Rondo..wait for it..WILL play tonight. (Marcus Smart would've been the first rookie pro to start a Celtics opener since Paul Pierce)

Ira Winderman

Paul Pierce on Heat, via @Washington Wizards, "They still have a lot of pieces to do damage in the East, we can't take them lightly."

Chris Miller

I’ll chat with Paul Pierce on Wizards Pregame Live at 7pm on CSN from Miami. Hear how the incident in Chicago built mental toughness.

Jorge Castillo

Expect to see Paul Pierce at the 4 tonight: wapo.st/1thS6Au #Wizards

Marreese Speights

The truth is you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed....#life

Mike Wise

It's time to admit @Paul Pierce has more left than many of us thought, including me: washingtonpost.com/sports/wizards…

Andre Drummond

"Keep telling these people the truth you can be iconic" @donaldglover

Zac Boyer

Gruden: "I read somewhere that after we lost our fifth game, we're playing meaningless games here on out. That's pretty far from the truth."

Michael Lee

Paul Pierce when asked about LeBron James on @MikeAndMike: “I still can’t stand none of these guys. I want to beat all of them.” #wizards

Michael Lee

You sure he meant Eastern Standard Time? RT @mikefreemanNFL Paul Pierce just said he's in bed by 9 pm Calling bull---- on that.

Mike Prada

Paul Pierce is wondering why Tony Romo didn’t use a wheelchair.

Jorge Castillo

Paul Pierce said he got some time at the 4 in scrimmage today. Without Blair and Nene Weds, he could be at the 4 a bit.

Lang Greene

Promising preseason from Otto Porter for the Wizards considering Paul Pierce is longer in the tooth and Martell Webster is on the shelf

Vincent Goodwill

Buddy and I having historical discussion: Who will history remember better, Paul Pierce or Melo?

Mike Wise

So I just interviewed future Hall of Famer Paul Pierce instead.

Isaiah Taylor

I'm exhausted to tell the truth ... #TheGrind is no joke, this ain't for everybody . #ManOnAMission

Ohm Youngmisuk

Paul Pierce: Kidd's exit 'like a domino from there' es.pn/1s8RaKG

Andrew Keh

About the Wizards and Paul Pierce, at this advanced stage of his career: nyti.ms/1FKcdxF

Nikos Varlas

The truth is @Marcus Williams was the leader of @kkcrvenazvezda to turn the game, but he didn't make his last shot for three #Euroleague