HoopsHype Paul Pierce Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: April 28, 2015 | 02:10 AM

Kurt Helin

Take that Paul Pierce: Deron Williams leads Nets with 35 to get win (VIDEO). dlvr.it/9ZWhjL

Josh Newman

If the Nets do pull this off, we'll get Paul Pierce trolling his former team, and really, who wouldn't sign on for that?

Michael Lee

John & Brad are the faces but you can't deny Paul's impact on team RT @FLYTYPRODUCTION why yall making Paul Pierce the face of the Wizards

Alex Raskin

Paul Pierce was wrong. Lionel Hollins was right. wsj.com/articles/willi… via @WSJ #Nets

Michael Lee

Paul Pierce is too busy trolling the NHL's Islanders but when he finds out the #nets forced a Game 6 vs ATL...? vine.co/v/eWULulOvIEd

Lang Greene

I guess Deron Willians wants Paul Pierce in round two for those comments

Anthony Puccio

Yo Paul Pierce. You watching this?

Lenn Robbins

I'm going to paraphrase @Paul Pierce here..this is why they brought the #Nets to #Brooklyn. Amazing atmosphere in @barclayscenter

Tim Bontemps

Paul Pierce is coming for the Islanders. twitter.com/dcsportsbog/st…

Lang Greene

Hey @Paul Pierce , do the Atlanta Hawks have that "IT" factor? Asking for a friend ...

Devin Kharpertian

And by "someone like him," I mean "him," because like @Paul Flannery said, there's only one Paul Pierce.

Paul Flannery

Every team needs a Paul Pierce. There's just not that many of them that can still do what he can do on the court.

Mike Mazzeo

Greivis Vasquez after sweep: "Basically, we need a Paul Pierce that's gonna talk that trash. We don't have that." wpo.st/tJnE0

Emiliano Carchia

Greivis Vasquez: We need a Paul Pierce that's gonna talk that trash sportando.com/en/usa/nba/159…

Josh Lewenberg

Fourth Paul Pierce question - what do you think of what he posted on his Instagram last night? "I don't care"

Josh Lewenberg

Somewhere the "do you guys need a player LIKE Paul Pierce" question has morphed into "do you need Paul Pierce". Jeeze.

Josh Lewenberg

10-minute press conference and DeRozan has already been asked about Paul Pierce 3 times

Payal Doshi

"We need some guys to step up. We need that Paul Pierce that is going to talk that trash. You need to have that spice in your life," - GV

Stefan Bondy

Their target should be Paul Pierce instead of the media, but, whatever.

Kurt Helin

Paul Pierce trolls Drake, Raptors after sweep dlvr.it/9Z6260

Demian Belmonte

Quién tiene 37 años y ha promediado 15'5 ptos con 14 de 24 triples en Primera Ronda de PO? Sólo puede ser The Truth ultimatenba.com/fichas/estadis…

Michael Lee

You thought Paul Pierce's troll game was 110/💯 vs #raptors? Imagine if #nets upset #hawks & #wizards get Brooklyn in the second round

Emiliano Carchia

Paul Pierce trolls Raptors and Drake after the sweep sportando.com/en/usa/nba/159… http://t.co/CVYSinfGTv

Zach Lowe

Wait, wait...Paul Pierce actually did this? I mean...this is next-level stuff sbnation.com/lookit/2015/4/…

Jorge Sierra

Paul Pierce: Class A trolling. bit.ly/1bvE4Xs

Sergio Vera

Paul Pierce despidió así a los Raptors en los Playoff de la NBA. 'Rey en el Norte'. Montaje a lo Juego de Tronos. Fan http://t.co/nCi0nKIg6S

Enric Corbella

Barrida del "Rey del Norte" de la NBA marca.com/2015/04/27/bal… @marca 4-0 y Paul Pierce se desata http://t.co/9L998H1eW4

Michael Dugat

That Paul Pierce trolling of Toronto is hardcore. Funny, but damn I'd be pissed.

Jessica Camerato

Imagine if social media had been around for Paul Pierce's earlier playoff runs. His Instagram during the 2008 Finals would've been epic.

Jay King

Paul Pierce is not against reminding teams he just ruined them.

Steve Popper

Paul Pierce is at that odd place in history - still effective on the court and devastating as an internet and interview troll.

Mike Mazzeo

Paul Pierce, who #Nets decided to pass on retaining, averaged 15.5 points on 57.6 percent shooting in sweep of the #Raptors. Still got "IT."

Royce Young

Paul Pierce trolls Raptors with Game Of Thrones reference cbsprt.co/1EaIjRY http://t.co/8Lda9ghggJ

Michael Lee

Paul Pierce, a Troll Supreme http://t.co/rrYTyjpKrG (h/t @bencelestino) #wizards

Ethan Strauss

Paul Pierce and Canada should get a room already

Scott Souza

The Paul Pierce thing with Toronto players/fans the past two years is "truly" tremendous. http://t.co/oJhiIbfi0d

Jorge Castillo

Paul Pierce expressed joy when he found out the Wizards won't be playing the night of Mayweather-Pacquiao.

Rod Boone

It's like Paul Pierce took the #Raptors heart for the second straight season.

Marc Stein

This is why you heard so much about Raps wanting to try to steal David West from the Pacers. To be their Paul Pierce. They needed it, too

Marc Stein

But congrats to John Wall and a difference-making Paul Pierce. A sweep under any circumstances for the Wiz was predicted by precisely no one

Jorge Castillo

Paul Pierce heads to bench to standing ovation, happy he probably won't have to go through customs.

Ohm Youngmisuk

Paul Pierce looking at Toronto like... http://t.co/MFCt40ZgSG

Chris Fedor

I don't want to play THIS Paul Pierce. Turning back the clock.

Carla Peay

Whole team is drinking that Paul Pierce kool-aid. #WizardsTalk.

Michael Lee

Paul Pierce is tap dancing all over this corpse #wizards

Eric Koreen

Paul Pierce is evil.

Lang Greene

Well, damn. "@tanehisicoates: The Truth will set the Raptors free."

Michael Lee

Paul Pierce might be able to save his passport for that summer vacation #wizards