HoopsHype Paul Pierce Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: September 20, 2014 | 09:40 PM

Geoff Calkins

Lynch to Cross for a 50-yard touchdown. Memphis leads, 29-10. Lynch is the truth.

Kendall Marshall

is water wet? --- RT @bmoe_careful: Paul Pierce a Hall of famer?

Kurt Helin

Paul Pierce makes an appearance in full Wizards uniform (PHOTO) dlvr.it/6xrrGc

Royce Young

PHOTO: Paul Pierce in a Washington Wizards uniform is as weird as it sounds cbsprt.co/XpDhQc

Jonah Ballow

Taking it as a joke but thanks! RT @NICKBMVP: @FATJEW @Jonah Ballow hey JB don't listen to that brova dat couldn't be further from the truth

Sean Highkin

I broke the Steezus news to @wzzntzz and I feel like a parent telling a five year old the truth about Santa.

Tobias Harris

".....behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth." 1 Timothy 3:15

Will Cherry

Don't force me to tell the truth when you know you really don't wanna hear it!

Gary Dzen

Paul Pierce in a Wizards Jersey? Woof bit.ly/YPHWN0 http://t.co/3hmZOZ4PWQ

Kevin Eastman

Be strong when strength is needed; soft when softness is needed; open when openness is needed. But b truthful as the truth is always needed!

Kevin Eastman

Leadership requires telling the truth to others & sometimes the truth is hard to give and hard to take. But it will be harder if you don't!

Mike Monroe

Read this: The great @Adrian Wojnarowski on the lunacy of NBA stars in FIBA World Cup and the truth about Coach K yhoo.it/1s7qMS1

Isiah Thomas

"Truth crushed to earth will rise again,but as long as the truth is not revealed people will believe the lie" Dr.Martin Luther King jr.

Adriana Galimberti

Madrid arena from my balcony today. Airb&b is the Truth! Booked last minute and I'm across the street from venue. twitpic.com/ebmbdo

Alex Raskin

We're obsessing over whether or not Goodell is lying. If he's telling the truth, I still don't understand the two-game suspension.

Michael Lee

This Spain-France game on ESPN2 is the truth...

Lang Greene

You get a Paul Pierce in free agency at two-years $11 million (like the Wiz did) instead of Thabo at 3 and 12, guarantee attendance improves

Dwain Price

(CONT.) "turnovers and was focused on those turnovers. I’m not even sure I know what you are talking about, to tell you the truth.''

DeMarre Carroll

Either San Fran Defense is The TRUTH or Romo is Terrible...which one is it

Jody Genessy

Huh. @Adrian Wojnarowski's source infers that Adam Silver isn't telling the truth. NBA commish said Levenson self-reported. twitter.com/WojYahooNBA/st…

John Ireland

The truth for any one who thinks the Raiders have a stadium deal RT @RattoCSN: Every Raider rumor you read is a lie. bit.ly/1CyCm0F

Xavier Henry

Tell the ppl the truth took or it could get real bad for you slim @Jordan Clarkson #rookiemistake

Mike Mazzeo

LB Calvin Pace says thought #Jets are clowns or a laughingstock couldn't be any further from the truth

Tim Kawakami

Jim Harbaugh on Ray McDonald, due process, and deciding what the truth is: “I’m not here to tell you exactly w... bit.ly/WcjCmv

Tim Kawakami

I asked him who actually will make the decision on McDonald's status for Sunday. Harbaugh said it's about "what" the truth is.

Arash Markazi

Pizzeria Bianco (No. 3) & Pizzeria Mozza (No. 6) are the truth. thedailymeal.com/101-best-pizza…

Nikos Varlas

Very important 64-58 victory for Ukraine (2-1) over Turkey (1-2) for Group C. The truth is the winners made ALL the big shots of the game

Mark Woods

Juan Carlos Navarro post-game: “The truth is we played a good game against a tough team. We are happy about that, but now we look forward.”

Scott Souza

To put Rajon Rondo wanting 'out' in historical context, note Paul Pierce all but told #Celtics same in '07. Allen, Garnett changed his mind.

Chris Sheridan

Don't be surprised to see The Mamba @Kobe Bryant transform into "The Truth" this season #NBA sheridanhoops.com/2014/08/29/sh-…

Andrew Perna

At this point, who has had the best post #Celtics run? Doc Rivers or Ray Allen? Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett not options.

Chris Herrington

NSFW, but this is great MT @bealestblue: Watch @SnoopDogg tell the truth about the M at the 15:25 mark. youtube.com/watch?v=vkDSD5…

Arash Markazi

Sarkisian on Brown: "It's ridiculous. Any of you guys that know me, ask any of our players. That's the furthest thing from the truth."

Iñako Diaz-Guerra

Kobe Bryant está estudiando a Paul Pierce para adaptar su juego a su físico. baloncesto.as.com/baloncesto/201… http://t.co/uxme5KnMjP

Kurt Helin

Report: Kobe Bryant studying Paul Pierce on how to adapt game as he ages dlvr.it/6lP5GT

Ted Leonsis

The Truth Is Out There: Do you believe? dlvr.it/6lN4XK

Mark Kreidler

Josh Shaw, via attorney: "I was wrong not to tell the truth." But does not explain what happened.

Arash Markazi

Shaw: "On Saturday I injured myself in a fall. I made up a lie about this fall that was untrue. I was wrong to not tell the truth."

Royce Young

Kobe Bryant studying how Paul Pierce adjusted his game as a veteran cbsprt.co/1q61p5X

Gary Lee

ICYMI: Kobe has acknowledged he won’t be the same player, so he’s been adapting and analyzing Paul Pierce’s game. lakersnation.com/kobe-bryant-an…

Festus Ezeli

If I say "Everything I tell you is a lie," am I telling you the truth or a lie?

Gary Lee

After two consecutive season-ending injuries, Kobe Bryant is analyzing Paul Pierce’s game and adjusting his own. lakersnation.com/kobe-bryant-an…

Ben Rohrbach

Interesting: @Kobe Bryant studying @Paul Pierce for a lesson in adjusting his game at age 36, per @Chris Ballard. bit.ly/VPwkak

Isaiah Thomas

Thanks, Keep running ur marathon RT @AdamHageb: @Isaiah Thomas Your the truth bro..your story has helped me get through so much adversity

Ohm Youngmisuk

>> RT @WizardsXTRA: Paul Pierce repping #Wizards out in Malibu. http://t.co/dT12xOhguY

Steve Bulpett

Paul Pierce and Washington visit Boston on Larry Bird's birthday, December 7. C's are at Wizards Dec 8 and 27.

Jorge Sierra

Paul Pierce had swag early on. bit.ly/1kaQG9H

Jeff Zillgitt

Also, Paul Pierce taking an active role in tonight's NBPA meeting and there is growing voice to hire an ex-player to be face of the union.

Raul Barrigon

Video: Who could beat LeBron 1-on-1? Eddie Johnson has the names. Spoiler alert: Black Mamba... and Paul Pierce! bit.ly/UmAtlH