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by HoopsHype - Updated: September 20, 2014 | 07:59 PM

Chip Crain

And Rudy Gay is here with Q, wearing a Lions hat.... http://t.co/uUy6AOpF07

Geoff Calkins

They introduce Rudy Gay at the Liberty Bowl. He's booed!

Jason Jones

I still expect to see Rudy Gay playing some power forward this season.

Jorge Sierra

Derrick Rose, Rudy Gay and Stephen Curry are the first two-time world champions since Dejan Bodiroga and Dejan Tomasevic (2002).

Sean Cunningham

Toyota Sports Extra - 11:35p News10 - 49ers, Raiders, Giants, A's highs and reaction. Plus Cousins/Rudy Gay gold for USA & more.

Mitch Richmond

Congrats to Demarcus Cousins, Rudy Gay, Winning the Gold. GM Pete Delasandro and myself enjoys the after party http://t.co/5h2DkhnrHE

Ray McCallum

Congrats to the big homies @Rudy Gay and @DeMarcus Cousins for bringing home the gold #USA

Julian Mozo

#Spain2014 Desde las 23, por @DXTVNoticias, notas exclusivas con James Harden, Stephen Curry, Kenneth Faried y Rudy Gay. #USACampeón

Jon Santiago

Give @jeskeets some Raptor news. RT @NBA: #Spain2014 Gold Medalists @rudygay8 & @demar_derozan! http://t.co/6fRw7eZOct

James Ham

Congrats to @DeMarcus Cousins, Rudy Gay and Team USA for bringing home the gold. http://t.co/Ul3MFjlI6u

Sean Cunningham

USA wins Gold at FIBA. 129-92 over Serbia. DeMarcus Cousins - 11pts (2/3), 9rebs, 2blk, 1stl - 16mins. Rudy Gay - 11pts(5/9), 3rebs

Quincy Acy

Congrats to the homies @Rudy Gay @DeMar DeRozan and @DeMarcus Cousins getting that gold

Sam Amick

Since starting seven of seven from the field, Serbia has missed 12 of 16 shots. US up 56-30, with Rudy Gay (seven pts) getting in on offense

Chris Sheridan

Rudy Gay 3 pointer gets USA to 50 points with 5 minutes left in 2nd quarter. American record is 156 points vs. Nigeria at 2012 Olympics.

Emiliano Carchia

Rudy Gay’s three-pointer puts USA up by 21: 50-29

Michael Grange

Good to see Rudy Gay misses bunnies and forces dribble drives for his country too.

Nikos Varlas

#Spain2014 @Rudy Gay on tonight: "Teodosic is like the head of the snake"

Julian Mozo

#Spain2014 Rudy Gay no se perderá la final pese a la fractura de mandíbula que le produjo el codazo de Darjus Lavrinovic. Se juega a las 16

Sean Cunningham

Kings F Rudy Gay with fracture in jaw, broken tooth, but good to go for Team USA Sunday in FIBA final. #NBAKings usatoday.com/story/sports/n…

Sam Amick

Update in earlier Rudy Gay story: Team USA official says jaw not broken, as Rudy had indicated. Still, he's hurting- usatoday.com/story/sports/n…

Royce Young

Kings' Rudy Gay has jaw fracture, believes it came from a 'dirty play' cbssports.com/nba/eye-on-bas…

Kurt Helin

Rudy Gay upset over ‘dirty play’ that caused him to suffer a fractured jaw in Team USA’s win over Lithuania dlvr.it/6vCXyL

Emiliano Carchia

Rudy Gay has a fractured jaw, a broken tooth, will play the Final sportando.com/en/national-te…

Tom Ziller

I like that Rudy Gay doesn't know which Lithuanian twin busted his mouth. In this case, they actually all DO look the same.

Sam Amick

From Madrid: Rudy Gay tells USAT he's still fuming over 'dirty play' that left him with fractured jaw & broken tooth- usatoday.com/story/sports/n…

Sam Amick

Team USA tidbit that went overlooked: Rudy Gay had front teeth shoved back by a 3rd qtr Lithuanian elbow & was at dentist until 2 am

Sean Cunningham

USA over Lithuania 96-68. DeMarcus Cousins - 7pts (3/5), 6rebs, 5fouls, 2 TO's, 1 teach in 13mins. Rudy Gay - 3pts, 7rebs, 1stl 13 mins

Joe Cowley

Rudy Gay looking for the red card on this one.

Josh Lewenberg

Cousins goes after Valanciunas as the two bigs battle for a rebound. Former teammate Rudy Gay calms JV down.

Sam Smith

Cousins gets into a skirmish as Rudy Gay shoots FT and gets technical. Everyone stunned it took this long.

Ryan Wolstat

Valanciunas gets an early chance to pay Rudy Gay back for never passing to him.

Sekou Smith

Frustrated @Kenneth Faried to the bench with two early fouls. Rudy Gay and not Cousins replaces him. #Spain2014

Jesus Morales

Hoy el @diarioas publica esta breve conversación con Rudy Gay... sobre España como rival por el oro. http://t.co/l02tAV6Pck

Mitch Richmond


Sean Cunningham

USA over Slovenia 119-76. DeMarcus Cousins - 9pts(4/5), 5rebs, 3stls, 1blk - 13mins. Rudy Gay - 7pys (2/3), 4rebs, 2ast - 14 mins #NBAKings

Jason Jones

Pete D'Alessandro left for Spain yesterday to support DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay in person at FIBA World Cup.

Demian Belmonte

Ahora mismo en la pista Charles Barkley, Klay Thompsin, Justin Doelman, Rudy Gay, Jordi Villacampa... Y Matraco Margall!!! #wbf2014

Sean Cunningham

USA edges Mexico in weird game 86-63. DeMarcus Cousins 11pts(5/5), 7rebs, 2blk 13mins. Rudy Gay 10 pts (4/7), 1reb #NBAKings

Michael Lee

ICYMI: After 4 years of professional struggles, SAC's Rudy Gay is starting to feel valued again wapo.st/1way2Am #NBA #USAB #kings

Sean Cunningham

USA over Ukraine 95-71. DeMarcus Cousins - 11pts (4/8), 3rebs, 1ast, 1stl, 1blk 15mins. Rudy Gay - 2pts (1/7) 3rebs, 2stl 12mins #NBAKings

Jason Jones

Cousins looks really good, too. I think this time with Cuz and Rudy Gay will help in the season if Gay plays a lot of PF this season.

Kaan Kural

Kevin Durant takımdan affını isteyince yerine Rudy Gay geldi. Bergkamp emekli olduktan sonra Bendtner'in Arsenal santrforu olmasına benzedi

Michael Lee

After 4 years of professional struggles, SAC's Rudy Gay is finally starting to feel valued again: wapo.st/1way2Am #NBA #USAB #kings

Sean Cunningham

15 mins of action for Rudy Gay, 12 mins for DeMarcus Cousins as USA rolls Dominican Rep. Up next, Ukraine tomorrow - 3rd game in 3 days

Sean Cunningham

USA over Dominican Republic 106-71. DeMarcus Cousins - 13pts (5/5), 7 STEALS, 5rebs, 2 ast. Rudy Gay - 9pts (3/5), 4reb, 5ast, 2stl, 2blk,

Sean Cunningham

DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay having a field day against the Dominican Republic today. #NBAKings

Sean Cunningham

USA def New Zealand 98-71. DeMarcus Cousins: 4pts (2/4), 2rebs, 2 ast, 11mins. Rudy Gay: 2pts (1/4), 4rebs, 3 ast, 2stl, 15mins #NBAKings