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by HoopsHype - Updated: September 20, 2014 | 01:36 PM

Dimitri Kucharczyk

[Coaching] Rudy Gobert et les coupes dans le dos des Espagnols basketusa.com/news/244706/co…

Jody Genessy

And Rudy Gobert's tweet back at Enes Kanter has poofed.

Jody Genessy

Don't tell Jazz PR, but Enes Kanter and Rudy Gobert just had a pretty funny Twitter exchange.

Evan Fournier

Haircut for next season ahahah @Nicolas Batum @Rudy Gobert @MT28APRIL @edjacks Petite coupe a la Neymar hihi http://t.co/CUGPiD90UY

Jody Genessy

Oh là là! Rudy Gobert, Nicolas Batum and The Great Pumpkin are doing something zany, not sure what, on French TV. http://t.co/3dXFaZOjI3

Jody Genessy

Rudy Gobert is getting his Mrs. Doubtfire on French TV. Or something. (H/T @Pedrounet!) http://t.co/8s6YqpeU66

Syra Sylla

Rudy Gobert : « Le staff de Utah est très satisfait de mes progrès »: Les progrès de Rudy Gobert lors de la Co... bit.ly/Xas0Dr

Enes Kanter

Congrats!! @Rudy Gobert takes home bronze at the @FIBA Basketball World Cup. Keep up the hard work brother #JazzNation

Erik Gundersen

4th foul on Gobert with 6:13 in the 3rd. Not good news for France.

Mary Patrux

J'adore @Rudy Gobert j'espère qu'il vivra une belle saison NBA et un été 2015 en Bleu #progression

Jinno Rufino

NBA Players in this game LTU: Motiejunas, Valanciunas. FRA: Batum, Fournier, Diaw, Gobert. #LTUvFRA #Spain2014 #FIBAonBTV #FIBAonSolar

Jinno Rufino

Diaw :) RT @Jorge Sierra: Raduljica and Krstic have a lot of pounds on French big men Gobert and Lauvergne. They could be in for a long night.

Jorge Sierra

Raduljica and Krstic have a lot of pounds on French big men Gobert and Lauvergne. They could be in for a long night.

Jinno Rufino

SRB going right at Gobert, something ESP didn’t succeed in. #SRBvsFRA #Spain2014 #FIBAonBTV #FIBAonSolar @BTVHoops

Gobert thought now that everybody has arms like him

Nikos Varlas

Diaw and Gobert started great and Serbia must stop them!

Emiliano Carchia

El Chacho to Rudy leads FIBA World Cup Wednesday's Top 5 Plays sportando.com/en/national-te… Gobert, Nene & Bogdan in Top5 http://t.co/5yHtcAtvJQ

Charles F. Gardner

Rudy Gobert had nice summer league showing too. Made huge block on Giannis dunk attempt when Jazz played Bucks in Vegas.

Emiliano Carchia

Rudy Gobert: Against Spain I've played the best game of my life sportando.com/en/national-te…

Robert Luis B. Raya

Rudy Gobert happened...to Espana en el Gasol hermanos.

Jorge Sierra

Rudy Gobert is the No.1 trending topic on HoopsHype right now. shar.es/11QQu6

Jorge Sierra

Wonder what yesterday's game will do for Rudy Gobert's career.

Syra Sylla

Rudy Gobert, le soir de l’explosion: Rudy Gobert a été l'un des héros de l'exploit face à l'Espagne. Le jeune ... bit.ly/1rLoaZG

David Locke

France Coach Vincent Collet on @Rudy Gobert “He has a real desire to do good,” -- this is the key to his progress

David Locke

During todays game @franfraschilla "RUdy Gobert has been an incredible force at the rim"

David Locke

The @Rudy Gobert love is all over the place tonight- Here is @Sean Deveney in Sporting News sportingnews.com/nba/story/2014…

Marcelo Nogueira

Los pivotes Joffrey Lauvergne, de 2m11, es clase '91, y Rudy Gobert, de 2m13, es '92. Además, el ayuda/alero Evan Fournier, de 1m98, es '92

Nikos Varlas

#Spain2014 The WC Shots QF’s edition (Day 2) - Boris the heart and mind, Gobert the rock and Heurtel the creator eurohoops.net/2014/09/wc2014…

Nikos Varlas

The France paradise night on WC Shots! Unreal Defense/ Rebs/ @Rudy Gobert/ @Boris Diaw/ @Huertel & 2/22 of Spain eurohoops.net/2014/09/wc2014…

Sean Deveney

Rudy Gobert leads France in FIBA stunner over Spain dlvr.it/6sr9bB

Ryan Wolstat

Smart move by French coach convincing Rudy Gobert he was in Vegas and this was a Summer League game.

Jody Genessy

Rudy Gobert interrupts Pau Gasol's visit to The Stifle Tower. vine.co/v/OzPTKEvjAOY (via @ZeljkObradovic and half my TL)

Emiliano Carchia

Vincent Collet: Rudy Gobert had the real desire to play a good game. His early dunks in the game maybe helped him to enter in the game

Jody Genessy

Rudy Gobert is trending in France. Sons of Anarchy is trending in Salt Lake City. Both work. http://t.co/vXNjeZy8Eh

Nikos Varlas

#Spain2014 @Rudy Gobert "The Spaniards are great players, but they are also humans" eurohoops.net/?p=57283

David Locke

Yes I have moments when I think about a Favors, Kanter, Gobert, Booker and Novak combination in front court and think Jazz could surprise

David Locke

Congratulations to @Rudy Gobert playing for his country means so much to him. Awesome performance

Alexis Ajinca

Mais quel match de ouf cette victoire est magique yes tellement content très beau taff les gars @Rudy Gobert @Nicolas Batum @DiotAntoine

Leandro Ginobili

Con el partido que hizo M. Gasol sorprende que Ibaka haya jugado sólo 18'. Gobert hizo el juego de su vida!

John Schuhmann

Rudy Gobert: 13 rebounds. Pau & Marc: 12 rebounds. France outrebounded Spain, 50-28.

Clint Capela

Gros match de la France félicitations aller chercher les riiiiicains ! #NoLimit @Rudy Gobert @Nicolas Batum @Evan Fournier @1JOLOLO

Igor Minteguia

Westermann, Heurtel, Fournier, Jackson, Lauvergne, Gobert.. Ojo con el futurazo de la selección gala

Sean Highkin

By the way, Rudy Gobert is low-key one of the best NBA player twitter follows. @Rudy Gobert

Jorge Sierra

Rudy Gobert: "Spain had everything to lose. They have great players, but they are still humans."

Raul Barrigon

Jazz center Rudy Gobert told @MuriloFBorges that tonight was the best game of his life. #spain2014