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by HoopsHype - Updated: April 20, 2015 | 05:07 PM

Adi Joseph

In the last five minutes of close games, Russell Westbrook shot 9.1% on three-pointers. 9.1%.

Adi Joseph

For comparison, Wall's last three minutes of close games numbers blow Paul's out of the water and are much more efficient than Westbrook's.

Michael Scotto

Kevin Durant once said Kevin Ollie "changed the culture" for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Russell Westbrook called Ollie a "role model" too.

Michael Scotto

UConn coach Kevin Ollie played with Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook (2009-10 season). Both players have spoken highly of Ollie previously.

John Rohde

Retweet this (or post your own tweet) to vote for #RussellWestbrook for the #NBACommunityAssist Award. Must include both hashtags. #Thunder

Roland Lazenby

Russell Westbrook on Kobe Bryant's recent defense of his high volume of shot attempts: 'That's my - goo.gl/alerts/yWy3 #GoogleAlerts

Roland Lazenby

Kobe Bryant defends Russell Westbrook's 43 shots in loss - goo.gl/alerts/lakj #GoogleAlerts

Tom Haberstroh

Russell Westbrook ads give me the sads.

Michael Lee

Russell Westbrook is on CBS Sunday Morning... #thunder

Demian Belmonte

DeRozan y Westbrook (sí, otra vez), jugadores del último mes: bit.ly/1IqBvAI vía @Demian Belmonte

Steve Popper

What must Russell Westbrook be thinking as he watches the Pelicans get dusted by the Warriors?

Daniele Labanti

#Nba Non parleró mai più a chi sostiene che Westbrook è più mvp di Curry

Rich Levine

Imagine Westbrook watching this game on the couch while eating a bag of rocks.

Abraham Romero

Y los últimos premios del mes son para: DeRozan y... ¡Westbrook! El de los Thunder repite por tercera vez ver.as/vuc2i

Enzo Flojo

Jordan Clarkson is ‘Baby Westbrook’, says Lakers teammate Boozer | InterAksyon.com | Sports5 interaksyon.com/interaktv/jord…

Royce Young

Russell Westbrook was named Western Conference player of the month for April, his third consecutive player of the month.

Eric Koreen

DeMar Derozan and Russell Westbrook are the players of the month for April

Darnell Mayberry

Know what's crazy? Russell Westbrook has won Player of the Month three times this season but likely won't win MVP.

Anthony Slater

Russell Westbrook wins West player of the month in February, March and April. His first three career POM awards.

Chris Vivlamore

Raptors DeMar DeRozan and Thunder's Russell Westbrook are NBA Players of the Month for April.

Ryan Wolstat

DeMar DeRozan and Westbrook the players of the month.

Darnell Mayberry

Russell Westbrook has been named Western Conference Player of the Month for April.

Tommy Beer

Russ Westbrook had 11 triple-doubles over the final 3 months of the season. The Utah Jazz franchise has 8 trip-dubs over the last 30 years.

Tom Moore

Not yet. Think you're closer RT @Lou_Lopez814: @Tom Moore do you think mudiay compares to Westbrook? I keep hearing that I see john wall

Chris Herring

Whatever. I think Westbrook is the most exciting, unpredictable player the NBA has. Which is nuts, considering that Steph Curry exists.

Chris Herring

Westbrook averaged more shot attempts per gm than Kobe, too. RT @sigurbjornl: Kobe was out most of the yr, so it should come w/ an asterisk

Chris Herring

Didn't notice til now, but Westbrook managed to lead NBA in shot attempts despite missing 15 gms. One more FGA than Harden, who played in 81

Anthony Slater

----> RT @runofplay: Here's my new column on Russell Westbrook's season. gran.tl/1FYuOp4

Ben Rohrbach

Listened to end of Ainge interview again. He put Westbrook in that “transcendent” conversation with Curry, Harden, Davis, CP3 & LeBron, too.

Carlos Areneta

Really not a good time for the believers of Westbrook basketball. Hahaha.

Carlos Areneta

Strangely enough, maybe ROS' best strategy at this point is to let Castro get 50, defend everyone else, and try make him win Westbrook-style

Polo Bustamante

While everyone prepares for the Playoffs, I will spend the next few days mourning the end of Russell Westbrook's season.

Polo Bustamante

"To say Westbrook was dominant suggests that he even acknowledged the other team." gq.com/blogs/the-feed…

Anthony Slater

Russell Westbrook has led all point guards in rebounds per game five straight seasons. Avg career-best 7.3 this season (Rondo 5.5 closest).

Mico Halili

"Westbrook's gamelog is essentially a Ramones greatest hits collection, 67 bursts of sound and fury..." triangleoffense.com/news/whats-eat…

Royce Young

This from @Russ Bengston on Russell Westbrook is excellent: bit.ly/1HxwCrk http://t.co/gwTRhhesya

Andrew Sharp

Does the new HGH testing mean Westbrook has to stop eating uranium for breakfast and injecting lead into his bloodstream?

Eric Pincus

To Boozer's comment "Baby Westbrook" comment on Clarkson - JC appreciative but wants to develop into his own player

Mike Trudell

Rookie splits (WB younger, obvi) Clarkson: 16.7P, 5.4A, 4.7R, 1.0S, 2.4 T.O.’s, 47.9% FG’s; Westbrook: 15.3P, 5.3A, 4.9R, 1.3S, 39.8% FG's.

Mike Trudell

Boozer mentioned the Westbrook comp. as a rookie. Clarkson said he appreciated the complimented but wants to grow into his own player.

Mark Medina

Clarkson on Boozer calling him "mini Westbrook." Clarkson" Great compliment, but I kind of want to be my own player."

Baxter Holmes

Carlos Boozer called Jordan Clarkson a “baby Westbrook.” Clarkson: "That’s a great compliment, but I kind of want to be my own player."

Serena Winters

Jordan Clarkson on Carlos Boozer calling him a baby Westbrook: “Great compliment but I kind of want to be my own player.”

Rodrigo Azurmendi

Clarkson sobre las comparaciones con Westbrook: "Es un gran halago pero quiero ser mi propio jugador".

Anthony Slater

Enes Kanter was extremely proud of this nickname: "I call him Hustle Westbrook not Russell Westbrook"

Ira Winderman

Hassan Whiteside finished 6th in NBA official Player Efficiency Rating (PER), behind only Anthony Davis, Westbrook, Curry, Durant, Harden.

Dan McCarney

Russell Westbrook is like the ultimate wrestling heel, except he's a real person.

Emiliano Carchia

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook won't watch the NBA Playoffs sportando.com/en/usa/nba/158…

Jason Lieser

NBA's top Q4 scorers: Westbrook, 7.09 LeBron, 7.06 Wade, 6.92 Carmelo, 6.51