HoopsHype Russell Westbrook Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: April 27, 2015 | 04:56 PM

Kevin Durant

Everybody vote for the brodie Russell Westbrook for the year long NBA Community Assist Award!! #nbacommunityassist #russellwestbrook

Mike Finger

Durant and Westbrook as the Sonic guys. They're in every commercial anyway, and they've got the time.

Frank Madden

Giannis with that Westbrook look vine.co/v/eaET1FYnzgt

Anthony Morrow

Everybody vote for my teammate Russell Westbrook for the year long NBA Community Assist Award!! #nbacommunityassist #russellwestbrook

Steve Aschburner

Sure would like to see the two shorties in Westbrook's entourage wind up in different shirt(s) one of these times.

Steve Kyler

338-207 (.620) and has Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook on speed dial? twitter.com/ReeseWallace/s…

Derek Bodner

Not necessarily disappointed in Mudiay as a prospect, but stylistically. He's not a Derrick Rose / Russell Westbrook level athlete.

Royce Young

Russell Westbrook has to call his parents before every game cbsprt.co/1Pjpdyb http://t.co/9YkWDwztL8

Mitch Lawrence

With Russell Westbrook's multiple knee surgeries and Kevin Durant's on-going foot problems, OKC Thunder needed a new MD, not a new coach.

Frank Isola

Berman of the Post is reporting that Charley Rosen said "Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka will thrive in Phil's triangle."

Adam Zagoria

Source on Durant/Westbrook: "Both of these guys are coming out dressed as Batman."

Jeff Goodman

Always remember Kevin Durant gushing to me about Kevin Ollie when hired at UConn. Biggest key for Presti: keeping KD and Westbrook in OKC.

Rich Levine

Russell Westbrook + Mike D'Antoni: ".5 Seconds Or Less"

Sam Amick

Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook et al have trusted Presti before, and they'll have to here. Change was necessary to evolve, as OKC saw it.

Frank Isola

James Harden traded, Russell Westbrook three knee surgeries, Kevin Durant three foot surgeries....and the answer is firing Scott Brooks? Ok.

Arnaud Lecomte

Bill Russell Westbrook bientôt entraîneur-joueur d'OKC

Jeff Caplan

If Westbrook didn't miss 14 gms w broken hand in opening weeks, OKC makes playoffs. If Ibaka doesn't go down late, might be 6 seed, better?.

Chris Herring

Percentage of gms where Durant, Westbrook & Ibaka shared the court together: 10-11: 95% 11-12: 100% 12-13: 96% 13-14: 56% 14-15: 33%

Jeff Caplan

After 2012 Finals loss to Miami, OKC lost Westbrook in '13 1st round, Ibaka in '14 West finals (1st 2 gms, wasn't same after) & KD this yr.

Joseph Goodman

Billy Donovan to OKC? Interesting rumor. Donovan's Gators knocked out Russell Westbrook in the Final Four.

Jeff Goodman

It's no secret that Sam Presti is a huge fan of Billy Donovan. Question is if Donovan would take it -- uncertain future of KD and Westbrook.

Jason Jones

Wonder what Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are thinking right now ...

Jorge Sierra

Worth noting: Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka (on HoopsHype) had all endorsed Scott Brooks as coach. shar.es/1p2lmU

Devin Kharpertian

Very excited for coach Russell Westbrook.

Jim Eichenhofer

Part 2 of my new HOOP feature: How to defend... Westbrook (assist Conley, Lawson, Lin, Jrue): bit.ly/1ySSj3F http://t.co/AluL79m43t

Steve Aschburner

All those Russell Westbrook triple-doubles have made me kind of "meh" on 20-5-5 games. Five rebounds? Ooooh, scary!

Dan Gelston

Not even Durant & Westbrook can rock Thunder jerseys like @joeylogano & @DaleJr http://t.co/bnkPU79WzV

Leyre Gonzalez Grande

Curry, Davis, Harden o Westbrook. ¿Quién debe ser el MVP? solobasket.com/nba/cuatro-hom… http://t.co/vaHOgqNzVG

John Rohde

Retweet this (or post your own tweet) to vote for #RussellWestbrook for the #NBACommunityAssist Award. Must include both hashtags. #Thunder

Emiliano Carchia

VIDEO: Russell Westbrook’s Top 10 Plays of the Season sportando.com/en/usa/nba/158… http://t.co/pncpmiVxoI

Tom Haberstroh

I know people miss Russell Westbrook, but Brow (vs. Green/Bogut) vs. Steph is amazing to watch.

Adi Joseph

In the last five minutes of close games, Russell Westbrook shot 9.1% on three-pointers. 9.1%.

Adi Joseph

For comparison, Wall's last three minutes of close games numbers blow Paul's out of the water and are much more efficient than Westbrook's.

Michael Scotto

Kevin Durant once said Kevin Ollie "changed the culture" for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Russell Westbrook called Ollie a "role model" too.

Michael Scotto

UConn coach Kevin Ollie played with Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook (2009-10 season). Both players have spoken highly of Ollie previously.

Roland Lazenby

Russell Westbrook on Kobe Bryant's recent defense of his high volume of shot attempts: 'That's my - goo.gl/alerts/yWy3 #GoogleAlerts

Roland Lazenby

Kobe Bryant defends Russell Westbrook's 43 shots in loss - goo.gl/alerts/lakj #GoogleAlerts

Tom Haberstroh

Russell Westbrook ads give me the sads.

Michael Lee

Russell Westbrook is on CBS Sunday Morning... #thunder

Demian Belmonte

DeRozan y Westbrook (sí, otra vez), jugadores del último mes: bit.ly/1IqBvAI vía @Demian Belmonte

Steve Popper

What must Russell Westbrook be thinking as he watches the Pelicans get dusted by the Warriors?

Daniele Labanti

#Nba Non parleró mai più a chi sostiene che Westbrook è più mvp di Curry

Rich Levine

Imagine Westbrook watching this game on the couch while eating a bag of rocks.

Abraham Romero

Y los últimos premios del mes son para: DeRozan y... ¡Westbrook! El de los Thunder repite por tercera vez ver.as/vuc2i

Enzo Flojo

Jordan Clarkson is ‘Baby Westbrook’, says Lakers teammate Boozer | InterAksyon.com | Sports5 interaksyon.com/interaktv/jord…

Royce Young

Russell Westbrook was named Western Conference player of the month for April, his third consecutive player of the month.