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by HoopsHype - Updated: July 31, 2014 | 09:24 AM

Jorge Sierra

Ballsy: Serge Ibaka takes selfie with Spain's president Mariano Rajoy. bit.ly/1nMTDgF What a great honor.

David Sardinero

#Ibaka da la razón a #Orenga: "Tenemos el mejor juego interior de la Copa del Mundo" / Best frontcourt in #Spain2014 gigantes.com/noticia/7546/S…

Marcelo Nogueira

Empiezan las presiones, ahora para Serge Ibaka. Zach Harper (NBA) duda sobre que OKC lo deje jugar el Mundial por la lesión en PO

Fabian Garcia

Serge Ibaka: "España tiene el mejor juego interior del Mundial"; basquetplus.com/nota-23732-ser… #Mundial2014 http://t.co/cEr4Qa3dLJ

Michael De Leon

Serge Ibaka learns lesson from Spurs ift.tt/1oGvpVv #spurs

Royce Young

Thunder’s Serge Ibaka is still not 100 percent after calf rupture: cbssports.com/nba/eye-on-bas…

Kurt Helin

Serge Ibaka still not 100 percent after unexpected playoff comeback dlvr.it/6SSCdQ

Enric Corbella

Ibaka en @marca a @Eduardo Schell : "Yo solo no puedo parar a EE.UU., lo sabemos todos" marca.com/2014/07/29/bal… http://t.co/7fQsXYIC2F

Jared Zwerling

ICYMI Serge Ibaka Talks Recovery, Lessons from Spurs, OKC Future, Derek Fisher Coaching and More. My chat from Vegas: bleacherreport.com/articles/21383…

Jared Zwerling

Serge Ibaka Talks Recovery, Lessons from the Spurs, OKC Future, Derek Fisher Coaching & More ... My chat from Vegas: bleacherreport.com/articles/21383…

David Sardinero

Wert: "Sergio" Ibaka. MVP

Marcus Thompson

So Warriors aren't only team unwilling to part with key starter for Love? RT @iAMiBreakStuff: flip will want ibaka and Okc won't do it...

Marcus Thompson

Love/KD/Russ would be ridiculous. Especially if you can keep Ibaka at C RT @Ddub007: He wont go there!

Enric Corbella

Ibaka: "Gasol no se ha equivocado fichando por los Bulls" marca.com/2014/07/21/bal… @marca http://t.co/C0fFztdVY1

Lang Greene

Thuder missed out on Pau PG: RussW, Jackson SG: Lamb, Morrow SF: Durant, Roberson, Jones PF: Ibaka, Collison, McGary C: Perk, Adams, Thabeet

Royce Young

That Spurs team that crushed the Heat? The Thunder were 5 seconds from a Game 7 against them despite having a one-legged Serge Ibaka.

David Thorpe

If not, then he is leaving because they lost in the Finals. What if Ibaka had been healthy in games 1 and 2, and OKC wins the west?

Sean Highkin

Also terrific. RT @FrancisOKC: @Sean Highkin How about Serge Ibaka's 4 years, $48m?

Iñako Diaz-Guerra

Ibaka, en un reportaje de ESPN: "Me decían que no podía jugar, pero tenía que estar ahí". baloncesto.as.com/baloncesto/201… http://t.co/2BjuBDLrMC

Enric Corbella

La entrevista de Ibaka... al desnudo: "Llevo diez años trabajando mis abdominales" marca.com/2014/07/09/bal… @marca http://t.co/cPTm0epVo1

Luis Fernando Lopez

"cuando ya le teníamos por uno de los nuestros, se levantó la camiseta". RT @Enric Corbella Ibaka, al desnudo marca.com/2014/07/09/bal… … … @marca

Enric Corbella

Serge Ibaka, desnudo: "Me gustaría tener más partes de mi cuerpo que pudiese trabajar" marca.com/2014/07/09/bal… @marca http://t.co/GOZeUMy1Ju

Enric Corbella

Ibaka protagoniza el primer desnudo integral de la ÑBA marca.com/2014/07/09/bal… @marca http://t.co/qdo9dExLhB

Royce Young

Serge Ibaka is on a cover of the ESPN the Mag's Body Issue: dailythunder.com/unplugged/serg…

Michael Dugat

Apparently, Prince brought his own bat to that photo shoot. So did Ibaka. #seeitcouldmeanmultiplethings

Daniel Senovilla

Ibaka desnudo integral en ESPN: "Desearía tener mas partes del cuerpo que entrenar" http://t.co/qaTej56ocx

Tzvi Twersky

Guys in the office are wild about free agency. Girls are gaga over Serge Ibaka's ESPN cover. I'm good, though, without either.

Zach Lowe

Latest NBA dream/sign of insanity: Dreamed Grizz traded for Serge Ibaka, found out he had a knee injury, filed grievance against OKC. HELP.

David Sardinero

#Porzingis renuncia a su selección este verano y entrenará con #Ibaka / No Porzingis with Latvian NT gigantes.com/noticia/7448/L…

Jake Fischer

Who gave Serge Ibaka a Willie Reed Indiana Pacers practice jersey?

Marcelo Bousquet

Los Knicks tendrían para ofrecerle el mismo dinero, pero jugar con Durant+Westbrook+Ibaka no es lo mismo que Melo+Calderón+Bargnani.

Amin Elhassan

Pau might be just what doctor ordered for OKC. Perfect complement to Ibaka up front, excellent passer from hi post could solve ISO issues

Sean Highkin

Salivating at a Pau/Ibaka frontcourt unit

Fabian Garcia

Orenga: "Ibaka nos da más equilibio que Mirotic; por eso lo elegí"; basquetplus.com/nota-23334-ore… #Mundial2014 http://t.co/RouGLDmImr

Bruno Altieri

Hola, sí, con el departamento médico del Thunder? Tienen a mano el teléfono del doctor de Ibaka? El diagnóstico inicial de Manu: dos meses.

Michael De Leon

Ibaka says calf injury in WCF was ‘nothing’ ift.tt/1o08AYj #spurs

David Sardinero

#Orenga a @Chema de Lucas : "#Ibaka nos da más equilibrio en el juego que #Mirotic. Por eso lo hemos elegido" gigantes.com/noticia/7412/S…

Tas Melas

Spain's FIBA World Cup team: Rubio, Calderon, Gasol Bros, Ibaka, Claver, Navarro, Rudy, Llull, Abrines, Rodríguez, Reyes. (via @davidchanza)

Emiliano Carchia

Serge Ibaka will play for Spanish NT at @FIBA World Cup Nikola Mirotic is out of the 12 players named.

Michele Gazzetti

Convocati Spagna per il Mondiale di #basket: Calderón, Rubio, Rodríguez, Navarro, Llull, Rudy, Claver, Reyes, Pau&Marc Gasol, Ibaka,Abrines.

Pablo Cormick

12 de España para el Mundial: Calderón, S. Rodríguez, Rubio, Navarro, Llull, Abrines, R. Fernández, Claver, Reyes, Ibaka, Pau y Marc Gasol.

Raul Barrigon

NT coach Orenga picked Ibaka over Mirotic. Conflicting reports on Mirotic leaving Real @realmadrid this summer and signing w/ @Chicago Bulls.

Francisco Jose Delgado

No Mirotic, no San Eme en la lista España baloncesto Mundial. Entran Ibaka y Abrines. Invitados Dani Diez, Willy Hernangomez y Pau Ribas.

Luis Mendiola

Lista España para la Copa del Mundo: Calderón, Ricky, Sergio.Rguez, Llull, Navarro, Rudy, Abrines, Claver, Reyes, Ibaka, Pau y Marc Gasol

Raul Barrigon

World Championship Spanish NT roster: Calderon, Ricky, Chacho, Llull, Rudy, Navarro, Claver, Gasol bros, Ibaka, Reyes, Abrines.

Francisco Jose Delgado

Oficial. Lista España basket Mundial: Calde, Ricky, S.Rguez, Llull, Navarro, Rudy, Abrines, Claver, Reyes, Ibaka, Marc y Pau. No SanEme

Anthony Slater

Confirmed: Serge Ibaka's brother, Igor, intends to play for #OKstate in 2015-16. Must graduate JuCo this year though. Story coming soon.

Jeff Zillgitt

NBA All-Defensive first team announced: Joakim Noah, Paul George, Serge Ibaka, Andre Iguodala, Chris Paul