HoopsHype Shane Larkin Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: March 28, 2015 | 09:24 PM

Vincent Goodwill

Fan sitting in expensive seats talks trash to Shane Larkin. My question is why? Wouldn’t you save your best work for the playoffs?

Joe Cowley

Bulls starters - Dunleavy, Gasol, Noah, Butler, Brooks - Knicks starters: [get ready to Google] Thomas, Amundson, Bargnani, Galloway, Larkin

Gary Washburn

#celtics beat #knicks 96-92 in a shabby performance at best. Thomas 18, Crowder 17, Bass 16, Turner 15; Bargnani 25, Larkin 14.

Gary Washburn

#celtics lead #knicks 70-63 after 3Q. Bargnani 21, Larkin 12; Thomas 15, Bass 12, Crowder 14.

Gary Washburn

#celtics lead #knicks 47-39 at half. Crowder 8, Bass 8, Turner 7, Thomas 6; Bargnani 11, Larkin 8

A. Sherrod Blakely

Cs down 22-21 after 1Q. #Celtics: Thomas 6 pts.Smart 3 pts. #Knicks: Larkin 8 pts. Bargnani 6 pts. #CelticsTalk

Gary Washburn

#celtics play choppy 1Q and trail #knicks 22-21. Larkin 8, Bargnani 6: Thomas 6.

Gary Washburn

Starting lineup for NYK: Amundson, Thomas, Bargnani, Galloway, Larkin. #knicks. #celtics

Chris Herring

Galloway questionable to return w/ sprained right hand. Without him, Knicks are down to just 2 healthy guards: Ricky Ledo & Shane Larkin

John Schuhmann

Better 2nd unit: Clippers or Knicks? Rivers, Hamilton, Turkoglu, Davis, Hawes vs. Larkin, Ledo, Early, Bargnani, Smith

Kevin Pelton

Random stat: Shane Larkin has appeared in the most different lineups of any player in the NBA this season (343 through Sunday).

Tina Cervasio

Alexy Shved is out. Fisher said no timeline on return but will see how he progresses over next 48 hours. Shane Larkin gets the start #Knicks

Steve Popper

Knicks are without Calderon, Early, Hardaway, Shved, Wear tonight. Larkin will start.

Fred Kerber

#Knicks will be without Alexey Shved tonite Shane Larkin will start. Travis Wear also out. So's Willis Reed for that matter

Jonah Ballow

Larkin starting for Shved next to Galloway in the #Knicks backcourt tonight.

Ian Begley

Alexey Shved is out tonight vs. Memphis. Shane Larkin and Langston Galloway will start in the #Knicks backcourt.

Al Iannazzone

Larkin starting the second half for Shved.

Tim Cato

Ledo with the assist on a Larkin 3.

Jonah Ballow

Ledo checking in for the #Knicks for the 1st time. He’s at the 2-guard spot next to Larkin.

Paul Coro

Bledsoe was upset with teammates on the previous play. Channeled it for a driving dunk. Then celebrated and let Larkin go. #SunsVsKnicks

Amin Elhassan

Seth Curry checks in, promptly gets blown by by Larkin and adds the foul to boot.

Paul Coro

Seth Curry enters the game for his first rotation-time point guard minutes. He'll go against Shane Larkin. NY 26-18 #SunsVsKnicks

Gary Lee

Jeremy Lin with the layup, block on Shane Larkin and draws the foul. Lakers trail 77-67 with 1:17 left.

Steve Popper

Funny - but not true! Acy, Anthony, Dalembert, Larkin & JR: 1-0. RT @EnigmaticOnee: havn't we lost with every lineup everytime? Lol

Tony Jones

Trey Burke saw Shane Larkin on him and his eyes got big as saucers

Jonah Ballow

Fisher said Larkin specifically responded w/ the “grit & toughness” you want to see in a game like this. #Knicks

Steve Popper

Knicks are in the midst of their best 2-minute stretch since Game 2...Shved, Amundson, Thomas, Larkin, Smith. ... I can't explain it either.

Barbara Barker

Shane Larkin scored nine points in the final 1:51 of the second OT to lead Knicks to win over Pistons. #Knicks

Marc Berman

Shane Larkin with a huge floater & 1 after Langston fouled out on a questionable charge. Shane 3-point play. Up 4 28 seconds left.

Dave Pemberton

Shane Larkin with a three-point play. #Knicks lead #Pistons 115-111 with 28 seconds left in double OT.

Jonah Ballow

Larkin gets the bucket and the foul. He has played 35 mins in 1st game back from being sick. #Knicks lead 114-111.

Marc Berman

No Larkin in starting lineup. Langston, Tim and Cle.

Marc Berman

Shane Larkin has 26 games to prove Phil Jackson wrong after declining option. Barry's son still wants to stick nyp.st/1wuW9yw

Marc Berman

Speedball Shane Larkin has 26 games to prove Phil blew it by not exercising option. Still wants to stay with #Knicks nyp.st/1wuW9yw

Roland Lazenby

Shane Larkin has 25 games to prove Phil Jackson wrong - goo.gl/alerts/DMpY #GoogleAlerts

Marc Berman

Shane Larkin back tonight in Detroit after not playing since before break. Has lots to prove across final six weeks

Ian Begley

Fisher says Shane Larkin will not play tomorrow due to strep throat. FWIW, Utah had recently shown interest in Larkin, per league sources.

Frank Isola

The Knicks claim Shane Larkin is out sick today. He has been a name mentioned in possible trades. Stay tuned.