HoopsHype Shaun Livingston Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: May 23, 2015 | 09:37 PM

Howard Chen

After 1 quarter, #Rockets trail 30-18. Shaun Livingston has more points than James Harden. #WCF

Rick Noland

Shaun Livingston's baseline pullup is deadly

Rusty Simmons

Klay Thompson is desperately trying to find his offensive game. This run with Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala should help.

Rusty Simmons

Shaun Livingston used that timeout as a chance to go out on the court and get a feel for the game ball.

Earl K. Sneed

I thought the Warriors needed a guy like Jarrett Jack to back up Steph, but Shaun Livingston has been awesome in that role.

Sam Amick

I love that Shaun Livingston's comeback story isn't a story anymore. Just another talented player who's getting it done. Huge for this team.

Earl K. Sneed

Shaun Livingston, Andre Iguodala and Leandro Barbosa are all ballin'. What year is it again???

Rusty Simmons

Shaun Livingston said playing with Steph and Klay is like the parting of the Red Sea: "The whole floor is open for me."

Royce Young

Shaun Livingston on Draymond Green’s ability to start the break when he plays the five: “He’s our catalyst.”

Devin Kharpertian

As long as Shaun Livingston is on people’s minds, here’s my feature on (with) him from last year: bkga.me/1hgUVhu

Rusty Simmons

Shaun Livingston lifts Warriors with big 2nd quarter sfchronicle.com/warriors/artic… via @sfchronicle

Rick Noland

big nite, especially 2nd qter, by former Cavs PG Shaun Livingston. He deserves it

Devin Kharpertian

Shaun Livingston is not “good for what he went through.” He’s just “good.”

Earl K. Sneed

Shaun Livingston is ballin'!

Tim Kawakami

Shaun Livingston is +10 in 15 minutes. Every other Warriors bench player is in the minus.

Ethan J. Skolnick

Everybody who has ever encountered Shaun Livingston roots for Shaun Livingston

Ailene Voisin

Shaun Livingston leading Warriors with 16 points. Curry, Thompson each with 11.

Devin Kharpertian

Shaun Livingston AKA Longball Jesus leads all scorers with 16 points.

Rashad Mobley

I respect Jeff Gundy and all but Shaun Livingston and Barbosa aren't an upgrade over Jarrett Jack who was on GS in 2013

Sean Cunningham

Shaun Livingston with 12 off Warriors bench as they cut the Houston lead to 10. 5:32 2nd

Derek Bodner

I will never be able to get the "what could Shaun Livingston's career have been like" question out of my head.

Devin Kharpertian

If there's not a small part of you rooting for Shaun Livingston to get a ring I don't think you and I will ever understand each other.

Rusty Simmons

David Lee and Shaun Livingston to the scorer's table.

Marcus Thompson

From @Tim Kawakami: Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Shaun Livingston changed this series -- on defense bayareane.ws/1d0oXXm

Pete Pranica

Only Leandro Barbosa and Shaun Livingston had a positive +/- in the first half for GSW.

Rusty Simmons

Draymond Green starts the second quarter with Shaun Livingston, Leandro Barbosa, Andre Iguodala and Marreese Speights.

Monte Poole

A flat-footed Shaun Livingston rises up in half-court traffic for a jam. Not many PGs can do that.

Rusty Simmons

Warriors leave in Shaun Livingston to play with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut.

John Schuhmann

Bob Myers won Executive of the Year for signing Shaun Livingston & changing coaches. Billy King did the same thing last year.

Chris Fedor

You give a guy Exec of Year for not trading Klay Thompson, hiring Steve Kerr and signing Shaun Livingston and Barbosa? Oof.

Amin Elhassan

Shaun Livingston got burnt on his uncontrolled closeout

Diamond Leung

Marreese Speights and Shaun Livingston trade huge blows shadow boxing each other during intros.

Jorge Sierra

Dirk Nowitzki elaborates on the Shaun Livingston incident. vine.co/v/eB792ImLKzX

Raul Barrigon

This Shaun Livingston move would be a mini-fatality in Mortal Kombat world. vine.co/v/OlInUazdxXq