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by HoopsHype - Updated: July 21, 2014 | 11:58 PM

Nazr Mohammed

#GoneInAnInstant Great Documentary about @walkerantoine8 w/ @Shawn Marion @scottiepippen @holt30… instagram.com/p/qvTVKBt0IM/

Eric Pincus

From Shawn Marion's perspective - or my interpretation of what it would be - Lakers w/8 forwards and a so-so team in West for min? Nah

Eric Pincus

Lakers essentially have 8 forwards - no, they're not getting Shawn Marion (opinion but come on)

Jorge Sierra

Evan Turner was No. 3 in our free agent rankings. shar.es/NVrLc Just ahead of Shawn Marion.

Quixem Ramirez

Regarding Shawn Marion ... Yes, he's "seeking" the MLE (which the Spurs have) but it doesn't mean they are pursuing him.

Rick Bonnell

I'm told Hornets are not pursuing Shawn Marion.

Sean Highkin

It's pretty weird that there doesn't seem to be much of a market RT @AvikarSaini: Still hoping the Bulls can bring in Shawn Marion somehow

Gary Lee

If you missed this, the Lakers still have the bi-annual exception ($2.73 million) and could use it on Shawn Marion. lakersnation.com/lakers-rumors-…

Gary Lee

ICYMI: Lakers could be a potential destination for Shawn Marion. I guess they could use another small forward? lakersnation.com/lakers-rumors-…

Alex Kennedy

Best unsigned free agents (part two): Jameer Nelson, Shawn Marion, Al-Farouq Aminu, Jordan Crawford, Emeka Okafor

Dwain Price

Why hasn't Shawn Marion received at least MLE money from a team needing any extra boost to win an NBA title? Folks, he can still ball.

John Schuhmann

There's only one remaining free agent who played at least 2,000 minutes for a playoff team last season: Shawn Marion.

Dwain Price

Shawn Marion has made $133.488 million in his career. Donnie Nelson said the 15-yr veteran is "a long shot" to return to the #Mavs next yr.

Ira Winderman

Best of remaining FAs: Greg Monroe, Eric Bledsoe, Shawn Marion, Glen Davis, Andray Blatche, Al-Farouq Aminu, Ramon Sessions, Ed Davis...

Emiliano Carchia

Donnie Nelson calls re-signing Shawn Marion a long shot sportando.com/en/usa/nba/127…

Chris Sheridan

With Chandler Parsons, Richard Jefferson and Rashard Lewis now on #Mavs, looks like Shawn Marion not coming back #NBA sheridanhoops.com/2014/06/30/dal…

Dwain Price

Would Shawn Marion return to the #Mavs and play for the $2.7 million room exception? That, and the veteran's minimum, is all they have left.

Dwain Price

In other words, it looks like the #Mavs are going to be hard-pressed to get either Mo Williams or Shawn Marion. They're low on funds.

Dwain Price

#Mavs prez of basketball ops Donnie Nelson calls it "a long shot'' as far as Dallas being able to re-sign FA small forward Shawn Marion.

Dwain Price

If the #Mavs get Mo Williams and Shawn Marion, then save the other roster spot for a "steal'' later this summer, would that make you happy?

Dwain Price

Shawn Marion, when asked if the #Mavs can win another title with him on the roster: "I'm not really thinking about that too much right now."

Dwain Price

I just got off the phone with Shawn Marion and he said he's enjoying his baby son and is not thinking about retirement.

Dwain Price

Shawn Marion says he's not thinking about free agency now, but is enjoying his 1st born -- a son who will be 3 months old on Thursday.

Dwain Price

Mavs free agent Shawn Marion on the #Mavs acquiring RFA Chandler Parsons from the Houston Rockets: "Chandler Parsons is a great addition.''

Dwain Price

Free agent SF Shawn Marion said he's getting over 150 tweets a day from #Mavs fans asking him about returning to play for the Mavs.

Paul Garcia

Tho there's been no report of interest b/w the 2 sides, I wrote about what Shawn Marion could bring to the #Spurs: projectspurs.com/2014-articles/…

Dwain Price

The mystery of free agency? Why isn't/didn't any of the contending teams pour at least MLE dough at Shawn Marion? He can still play.

Paul Garcia

Though he's not a reported name with interest from the #Spurs, I took a look at Shawn Marion's game earlier: projectspurs.com/2014-articles/…

Paul Garcia

For those that have asked, "What if the #Spurs sign Shawn Marion?" I did a quick break down on him in SA system: projectspurs.com/2014-articles/…

Dwain Price

The #Mavs have the $2.7 million room exception available. Will Shawn Marion play for that? Can he get more than that from a contending team?

Simone Sandri

Perso Carter (sostituito con Jefferson ma i due sono lontani) vediamo che succede con The Matrix #askGazzetta

Mike McGraw

Don't really need more players at his position RT @shaps911: what are the chances at getting a guy like Shawn Marion

Jeff Wade

I know there's more money out there for @Shawn Marion but I sure would like him back

Jeff McDonald

If you're the Spurs, don't you offer your MLE to Shawn Marion at this point? If he's willing to backup Leonard, fills a roster hole.

Adi Joseph

As said before, I'd like to see Shawn Marion to the Rockets. Marion (at 4) and Ariza could greatly repair the defensive issues for Houston.

Ira Winderman

He could be another option. RT @JeffS631 Ira any chance Heat consider Shawn Marion return? Short deal for wing defender

Dwain Price

Suddenly, the price to re-sign Shawn Marion may go up if the #Mavs lose Parsons. Deng's agent may be smiling a bit, too.

Jeff Caplan

Ask the Grizzlies. RT @TheGabester10: Was it Vince Carter or Shawn Marion that made that 3?

Kurt Helin

Could getting Chandler Parsons cost Dallas Vince Carter and/or Shawn Marion? dlvr.it/6HrmDW

Eric Pincus

The Mavericks also renounced the rights to Shawn Marion and Vince Carter - along with Dirk - moves to open space for Parsons offer

Mark Deeks

Dallas have renounced Shawn Marion, Vince Carter and Dirk Nowitzki. (Don't panic, they can and will still re-sign Dirk as planned)

John Schuhmann

Random question: Did the Mavs have to renounce their rights to Shawn Marion in order to sign Parsons to that offer sheet?

Chris Mannix

Teams checking in with Shawn Marion but there has been no substantial movement there, per source. DAL, if they don't get Parsons, possible.

Dwain Price

Donnie Nelson on if Shawn Marion will be back: "With all of our guys its what's out there. It's what are they willing to take to come back."

Dwain Price

Between Vince Carter and Shawn Marion, a source said the Mavs' best chance is that they'll be able to keep Carter. But they want both back.

Alex Kennedy

FAs linked to MIA: Isaiah Thomas, Pau Gasol, Anthony Morrow, Marvin Williams, Kris Humphries, Vince Carter, Shawn Marion, Caron Butler, etc.

Ryan Wolstat

Others maybe worth a shot Al-Farouq Aminu, Emeka Okafor, Alan Anderson, Caron Butler, Brandon Rush, Francisco Garcia, Shawn Marion.

Rob Mahoney

Considering Shawn Marion's place in the Mavs' many, multifaceted offseason plans: on.si.com/1vGAQ6C

Bill Oram

Hollywood producer Joel Silver's greatest hits include The Matrix, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and V for Vendetta. Where will Melo video rank?