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by HoopsHype - Updated: April 26, 2015 | 12:14 PM

Ethan Strauss

The Pelicans wanted Anthony Davis to make life difficult for Curry -- and the Warriors wanted that too espn.go.com/blog/golden-st…

Fabian Garcia

Monty Williams: “Lo que pasamos al jugar contra Curry a veces no fue justo”; basquetplus.com/articulo/%E2%8… #NBA http://t.co/FMjZSrBusv

Enzo Flojo

MVP? - Steph Curry Scores 39-Points In Sweep of Pelicans youtu.be/-Mkx7ci5ykE

Marcelo Godoy

El fenómeno de GSW Stephen Curry le empaco 39pts a NOP y los barrio en la 1era ronda (4-0) en el marco del playoffs NBA 2015.

Kurt Helin

Watch Stephen Curry drop 39 on Pelicans as Warriors close out series dlvr.it/9YN4zQ

Abraham Romero

El mago Curry volvió a ponerse la chistera: disfruten con su show. Vía @AS_TV ver.as/ggwrg

Abraham Romero

Sobrado Curry: se inventa este pase por la espalda ante Anthony Davis. Vía @AS_TV ver.as/vjnuv

Emiliano Carchia

Stephen Curry vs. Pelicans 33.8 PPG 5.3 RPG 7.3 APG 41.7% from the arc http://t.co/s5ZfZzcbMM

Emiliano Carchia

VIDEO: Steph Curry Scores 39-Points In Sweep of Pelicans sportando.com/en/usa/nba/159… http://t.co/zJudPLvBi4

Enric Corbella

Stephen Curry pospone con 39 puntos el reinado de 'La Ceja' marca.com/2015/04/26/bal… @marca Barrida de los Warriors http://t.co/AZibkX9kTx

Ethan Strauss

How Stephen Curry neutralized Anthony Davis espn.go.com/blog/golden-st…

Monte Poole

This dude is on a mission . . . Curry sends Pelicans into offseason with MVP-like run csnbayarea.com/warriors/curry…

Ethan Strauss

As I listen to audio from Warriors players it's clear GSW wanted Davis bothering Curry the whole time. It meant more rebounds and drives

Diamond Leung

Stephen Curry’s career playoff 3-point total (84) now equals the career number of Steve Kerr.

Ethan Strauss

Davis rebounded worse because he was constantly tracking Curry on the perimeter this series. They had him far from the rim

Ethan Strauss

Davis was human when Curry and/or Draymond were on the floor, superhuman in the brief time they weren't. Small sample, but no coincidence

Chris Palmer

Steph Curry 1st player EVER w/at least 39 pts, 9 asts, 8 rebs, 55% FG, 75% 3FG & 90% FT in a playoff game.

Baxter Holmes

Heard 3s don’t win titles, so NBD RT @Kevin Pelton 3-pointers in playoffs update: Steph Curry 20 (4 games) Grizzlies 14 (2.5 games) #GritandGrind

Kevin Pelton

3-pointers in playoffs update: Steph Curry 20 (4 games) Grizzlies 14 (2.5 games) #GritandGrind

Ethan Strauss

Steph Curry averaged 5 made 3s per game in this series on 12 attempts

Tim Kawakami

Curry was +50 overall in the series. For the rest of the Warriors' main rotation, read to the bottom of the item: bayareane.ws/1PCU20U

Roberto Martin

Es la mejor fotos de los #NBAPlayoffs. Abrazo y respeto de dos grandes, Anthony Davis y Stephen Curry. http://t.co/r13GTXqg8z

Jim Eichenhofer

Stephen Curry on Anthony Davis: "The way he played, he's a bad boy. He definitely deserved all of the (defensive) attention we gave him."

Diamond Leung

Stephen Curry on Anthony Davis: "He's a bad boy."

Jim Eichenhofer

Stephen Curry on #Pelicans: "They're talented. They made us work every single night... I expect them to be a solid threat next year."

Marcus Thompson

Curry said Kerr got on them after shootaround. Kerr seemed irritated this morning. @Ethan Strauss sensed that was the reason

Tom Haberstroh

Stephen Curry says growing up he wanted to craft his game after Steve Nash and Reggie Miller. Nailed it.

Bill Herenda

Steph Curry 11-20 39pts shot chart #WARRIORSvPELICANS #Warriors #Pelicans #NBA http://t.co/RZhdoy7YIf

Diamond Leung

Stephen Curry celebrates the series win tout.com/m/2whhb8?ref=t…

Steve Luhm

Seeing Dell Curry makes me remember one of my first stories on the Utah Jazz beat. Met him at the airport when he finally signed in 1986.

Tim Kawakami

It'll be 40-40 for Curry. Unless he misses a free throw here.

Marcus Thompson

That’s going to be back-to-back 40s for Curry

Jose Luis Malo

Ni siquiera con la mano en la cabeza puede A.Davis parar a Curry vine.co/v/eWiKIMK3Lbg

Ethan Strauss

Putting Curry on the line when you're down 8 is just, why?

Tim Kawakami

Who's the last player to go 40-40 in consecutive playoff games? Probably LeBron, I'd guess. But Curry is at 36 now after 40 in Game 3.

Ethan Strauss

Kerr wants nothing less than Curry to iso on Davis, and Curry wants nothing more than to hit a jumper in Davis' face

Mico Halili

Steph Curry is now shooting over Anthony Davis with confidence. Anthony Davis.

Rusty Simmons

#Warriors 101, Pelicans 89 (2:55, 4th) Who gets a triple-double: Curry (36 pts, 8 ast, 7 reb) or Green (20 pts, 10 reb, 8 ast)?

Michael Lee

What Steph Curry sees when Anthony Davis is guarding him http://t.co/muaiqoUXA5

Dwain Price

Another reason why Steph Curry will win this year's MVP award. Greatest shooter in NBA history.

Ethan Strauss

Kerr was SCREAMING at Curry to move the ball on that AD iso. After Curry hit the shot, Kerr walked to the bench, laughing hysterically

Marcus Thompson

Curry’s got a cheat code

Ethan Strauss

That Curry closeout on Gordon's 3 was not good

Tim Kawakami

Put Ryan Anderson into a Curry screen-roll, have Curry shoot the 3. Pretty good strategy.

Jim Eichenhofer

Anthony Davis checks in with 9:05 left and Warriors up 92-76 after Curry free throws. Davis 28 pts, 9 reb, 3 blk

Jason Calmes

9-0 run while having Green and Curry pick up a fourth foul, all while Davis is out. Is as good a start as you can draw up. #Pelicans -CR

Royce Young

Hey, the Pelicans have it down to 16! Now all they need is 11 offensive rebounds and Steph Curry to… Wait.

Rusty Simmons

Curry starts the fourth quarter with Livingston, Iguodala, Barnes and Speights.

Marcus Thompson

Curry is coming back in. The Warriors will be resting at least a week so no sense in resting them now