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by HoopsHype - Updated: April 19, 2015 | 01:11 AM

Arash Markazi

Doc Rivers nearly came between Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan not once, but twice. espn.go.com/blog/los-angel…

Jeff McDonald

In a series vs. Rivers' Clippers, it is Duncan -- not Popovich -- who gives Spurs the edge, writes @Buck Harvey expressnews.com/sports/columni… via @mySA

Dan McCarney

I am covering a soccer match featuring a player nicknamed "El Hijo Del Viento" -- The Son of the Wind. Beat that, Big Fundamental.

Tom Ziller

Tim Duncan has definitely tried to cop an advance screener of Pitch Perfect 2

Jason Calmes

The Pelicans using Ryan Anderson like he is Tim Duncan with all these post ups. Exactly what the Warriors want.

Julian Mozo

#Euroliga Volcadón de Chapu Nocioni sobre Saric!!! Como en el 99 ante Garnett y Duncan. Pero con 16 años más... vine.co/v/ez66jPY3Wi3

Marcelo Nogueira

Latinoamericanos en PO: Barea, Manu, Prigioni, Duncan, Horford, Villanueva, Tiago, Leandrinho, Nené, Caboclo, Nogueira, Vásquez y Gutiérrez

Marcelo Nogueira

Los 13 jugadores de @San Antonio Spurs tienen como mínimo un anillo de campeón. Duncan 5, Tony y Manu 4 y siguen las firmas

Jeff McDonald

Tim Duncan sums it up: "We know what we're walking into. We know what kind of team we're playing. We know we have to turn it up now."

Jeff McDonald

Duncan-era Spurs don't have a lot of experience opening series on road. Have won 4 best-of-7s w/o HCA: '05 PHX, '07 PHX, '08 NO, '10 DAL

Quixem Ramirez

Fun fact: The Spurs are 32-14 in Game 1s during the Tim Duncan era.

Kaan Kural

Tim Duncan kariyerinde 234 play-off maçı oynamış. Bu sene play-off'a katılan 16 takımdan 10'undan fazla. Takım diyorum bak tüm tarih diyorum

Jared Zwerling

Nerlens Noel/76ers studying star 4-5 duos (Duncan-Robinson, Gasol-Bynum, ZBo-Gasol, etc.) to figure out Noel-Joel duo bleacherreport.com/articles/24291…

Mike Monroe

#Spurs as 6th seed? 'Another journey' says Duncan in @JMcDonald-SAEN gamer expressnews.com/sports/spurs/a… via @mySA

Dan Woike

Duncan Kieth is wayyyyyy better than Duncan Sheik

David Alarcon

Evolución del ratio de eficiencia de Anthony Davis comparado con MJ, Kobe, LeBron, Duncan, KD en sus 3 primeros años: http://t.co/r8CU0oaD0L

Frank Isola

Of course, they can't argue record so they argue minutes. When Tim Duncan was Derrick Rose's age he was averaging 39 minutes per game.

Paul Garcia

The Spurs finish the season 55-27 after a 108-103 loss to the Pelicans. Duncan 15 points, 10 rebounds, 6 assists. Parker/Diaw 43 points.

Chris Mannix

Anthony Davis isn't letting Tim Duncan anywhere near the offensive glass.

Jim Eichenhofer

Tim Duncan slam cuts #Pelicans lead to 97-88 at 3:42. Monty calls TO. On some D stops he's tried to get NOLA to push ball, try for easy hoop

Paul Garcia

3:42 left in the 4th, as the Spurs trail the Pelicans 97-88. SA leads 17-15 in 4th quarter scoring. Duncan 13 points, 9 reb, 6 ast.

Royce Young

Anthony Davis WRESTLES the rebound away from Tim Duncan, 25-10 for the Brow. Pelicans by 11. 4:19 to go.

Paul Garcia

Duncan-Kawhi high-low action and it's a 16 point ball game. Kawhi is up to 8 points, half of SA points in 2Q.

Tim Cato

Old man Duncan tellin' the Pels to slow their ass down. twitter.com/PelicansNBA/st…

Jeff McDonald

Here we go for Game 82 .... Spurs: Parker, Green, Leonard, Duncan, Baynes. Pelicans: Evans, Gordon, Pondexter, Davis, Asik.

Jimmy Smith

Tonight's #Spurs starters: Leonard, Duncan, Baynes, Green, Parker.

Jeff McDonald

As it stands, Tim Duncan will play in each of the final two games of a season for the first time since 2008-09.

Ethan J. Skolnick

Wilt Chamberlain averaged 47.3, 46.8, 46.4 & 45.4 minutes in his four MVP seasons. Even Tim Duncan averaged 40.6 in 2001-02.

Kevin Ding

All-NBA third team: 3: G Wall, G Thompson, F Griffin, F Leonard, C Duncan...Hard to leave off guys like Lillard, Irving, Jordan, Horford.

Chris Broussard

All-NBA 2nd Team - F Kawhi, SA; F LaMarcus, Port; C Duncan, SA; G CP3, LAC; G Westbrook, OKC

Mike Mazzeo

Elias: Only two NBA teams have only one player selected in the top-10 in the draft on their roster: Spurs (Duncan) and Pacers (George).

Jeff McDonald

While Pop was addressing media after shootaround this morning, Tim Duncan was behind him draining corner 3-pointers.

Tim Cato

How the hell do you decide between Marc Gasol, DeMarcus Cousins, Tim Duncan and Al Horford for the All-NBA team!?

Zach Lowe

Didn't expect to pick Pop COY, Danny Green on All-D, Duncan All-NBA, + get accused of "hating" Spurs. Never change, nutty wing of SAS fans

Mike Monroe

Those wondering if #Spurs Duncan will play vs. Pels take note: Both Splitter and Bonner ruled out (right calf tightness).

Guillermo Gorroño

Las 10 camisetas + vendidas #NBA: 1) LeBron, 2) Curry, 3) Kobe, 4) Durant, 5) Rose, 6) Irving, 7) Duncan, 8) Carmelo, 9) Wade, 10) Griffin.

Paul Garcia

From the NBA: Tim Duncan jumped to 7th in the 15 Most Popular jersey sales. The Spurs’ team merchandise was 6th of the top-10 in the league

Ethan J. Skolnick

NBA jersey sales: 1. LeBron, 2. Curry, 3. Kobe, 4. KD, 5. Rose, 6. Irving, 7. Duncan, 8. Carmelo, 9. Wade, 10. Griffin. (5 hurt much of yr).

Dan McCarney

Duncan finishes 7th most popular among individual jerseys, Spurs 6th most popular among team sales.

Jessica Camerato

Top 10 most popular NBA jerseys: 1. James 2. Curry 3. Bryant 4. Durant 5. Rose 6. Irving 7. Duncan 8. Anthony 9. Wade 10. Griffin

Paul Flannery

I would list Duncan at guard if it got him on the All-NBA team.

Paul Flannery

Agree with almost every pick @Michael Lee made, including listing Duncan at separate positions for All-NBA and Def. washingtonpost.com/news/sports/wp…

Quixem Ramirez

Spoiler(s) from last piece: Pop was compared to Belichick and Carroll, Duncan was Brady, Kawhi was Gronk and Diaw was Wilfork. All perfect.

Tom Haberstroh

Guh. The 1998 Spurs featured TWO 20-and-10 guys on the same team, Tim Duncan (rookie!) and David Robinson. Will we ever see that again?

Nacho Duque

Sólo seis han sumado además 1.500 tapones: Jabbar, Duncan, Garnett, Shaq, Olajuwon y él. Pau, la releche.

Paul Garcia

Amount of 4Q's Spurs' starters minus Splitter (injured) have sat out over the last 24 games. Duncan - 11 Parker - 9 Kawhi - 7 Green - 6

Joe Cowley

Player A is Mr. Duncan of the Pop family. All the "Well, Pop rests his players'' thumpers - learn the game!

Rusty Simmons

Steve Kerr once again compared Steph Curry to Tim Duncan, but he refused to call Curry "Tiny Tim."

Demian Belmonte

Thomas y Duncan, jugadores de la semana: bit.ly/1FH0r9j vía @Demian Belmonte