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by HoopsHype - Updated: October 30, 2014 | 11:07 AM

Jessica Camerato

Rajon Rondo on being motivated by Tony Parker: "I’m just giving him credit where credit’s due." bit.ly/1wGumqU

Jared Weiss

Rondo says he is up to 91%, discusses admiration of Tony Parker’s conditioning: youtu.be/y9FxyFgv1cE

Jessica Camerato

Rajon Rondo doesn't usually dish out compliments, but he was motivated by Tony Parker in NBA Finals bit.ly/1wGumqU

Alex Kennedy

Rajon Rondo told @Jessica Camerato that he watched Tony Parker closely in Finals and has tried to mimic some of his game: basketballinsiders.com/rondo-motivate…

Jessica Camerato

Rajon Rondo told me he decided to watch Tony Parker's game during NBA Finals on his own, it wasn't suggested to him by coaches, etc.

Jessica Camerato

Rajon Rondo studied Tony Parker's game this summer: "I just love the way he moves without the ball."

Scott Souza

#Celtics captain Rajon Rondo also said he watched Tony Parker with great admiration in Finals w/ way he moved w/o the ball, shot corner 3s.

Jay King

Rondo gave two reasons for getting in best shape of career: Danny Ainge challenged him. And watching Tony Parker run in the Finals.

Ben Rohrbach

Rondo said watching Tony Parker in the finals last season motivated him to get in the best shape of his life.

Jared Weiss

Seeing Tony Parker moving off the ball in the finals last year motivated Rondo to get in the best shape of his life. #Celtics

Mike Monroe

#Spurs Notebook: @Tony Parker halts 3-pt struggles in big way; Leonard nearly ready expressnews.com/sports/spurs/a…

Thomas Pisselet

En fait, @Tony Parker a déjà cinq bagues. #NBA #Spurs http://t.co/hYeeG5rxdA

Adi Joseph

2014-15 MVP TRACKER (based only on actual production): 1. Anthony Davis 2. Ryan Anderson 3. Tony Parker 4. James Harden 5. Monta Ellis

Daniele Labanti

#Spurs GREAT italian dinner with a ring (and thanks TP) http://t.co/n6xXUWfda4

Royce Young

We gave this Tony Parker pass four stars because we're not entirely certain it was real. cbsprt.co/1wbOpyz

Mark Followill

Tony Parker 4/4 from 3, including winning 3 with 1:07 to go. He's gone 4/4 on 3s one other time in his career: 2/28/04 vs Denver

Erik Gundersen

Tony Parker 3 point shooting is an unlikely addition to my salary cap fantasy league.

Quixem Ramirez

Tony Parker will not miss a 3-pointer this season.

Tim MacMahon

Spurs 76, Mavs 73 after 3Q. Tony Parker: 20 points, 8-14 FG. Monta Ellis: 22 points, 10-20 FG, 5 assists.

Earl K. Sneed

Monta Ellis and Tony Parker are going back and forth again. Reminds me of the first round all over again. #DALatSAS

Jeff McDonald

I mean if Tony Parker is basically going to be Steve Kerr on that corner 3 ...

John Schuhmann

Tony Parker's going to lead the league in corner threes.

Paul Garcia

Tony Parker with his third corner three of the night off an insane Manu baseline pass. Parker has 18 points. SA 67-65 with 3:41 left in 3Q

Quixem Ramirez

Tony Parker is making 3-pointers this season. Pray for the rest of the league.

Quixem Ramirez

Oh, I hope they are OK. RT @THE_BOOMSTEIN: Tony Parker just broke two guys I think

Jeff McDonald

Tony Parker with a little shake and bake past Nelson, and Spurs have knotted things at 57 after trailing by 10.

Paul Garcia

Tony Parker just made Jameer Nelson go skating with a shadow, Jameer totally lost Tony. Game tied at 57. Parker 15 points.

Paul Garcia

Tony Parker was in the open court, saw Richard Jefferson was all that was stopping him from the rim, and Parker attacked.

Daniele Labanti

#Spurs TP, Beli, Manu, Diaw, Timmy. quintettino da nulla... http://t.co/unnQYHfV35

Paul Garcia

5 passes on one possession = open Tony Parker corner three. Spurs 12-11

Jeff McDonald

That's Tony Parker. Can't make anything but 3s.

Ben Golliver

Spurs' Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker w/ their 2014 championship rings http://t.co/O2LYjPLGnY

Dwain Price

#Spurs PG Tony Parker receives his championship ring from NBA commissioner Adam Silver. http://t.co/b6RN32455w

Demian Belmonte

Quinteto inicial de San Antonio Spurs: Tony Parker - Danny Green - Marco Belinelli - Matt Bonner - Tim Duncan

Paul Garcia

Tony Parker addresses the AT&T Center. "That's awesome, that's the best."

Paul Garcia

Starters for tonight's game on Spurs' side: Tony Parker, Danny Green, Marco Belinelli, Matt Bonner, Tim Duncan

Guillermo Gorroño

Aquí lo mejor del programa sobre los Spurs que dio NBATV, con Manu Ginóbili, Gregg Popovich, Tim Duncan y Tony Parker espn.com.ar/videohub/video…

Jeff McDonald

On Tony Parker: "He and Gregg Popovich are almost like one now, and that's scary."

Alexis Ajinca

Je serais avec @Tony Parker ce soir à 21h en direct sur #RMC pour le @Tony Parkershow à tout à l'heure #TeamAjinça

Daniele Labanti

#Spurs @Tony Parker works with Chip Engelland http://t.co/gvvhkfsNlD

Sean Highkin

The Rockets' hands were tied with Parsons because they were trying to make other moves. Spurs have no significant $ besides TP/Splitter/Diaw

Jeff McDonald

Four Spurs players scored 30+ points in a game last season. Tony Parker was one. Name the other three.

David Hardisty

Tony Parker yells "Hey!", gets foul call. youtube.com/watch?v=J32Uh5…

Jonathan Feigen

It's good to be the champs. Tony Parker flew by three Rockets on a break, missed the layup and got a call for being too good to have missed.

Jonathan Feigen

Tarik Black was double-teamed in the low post by Tim Duncan and Tony Parker -- a sentence I did not expect to type maybe ever.

Jonathan Feigen

We're moving the dials on the Popometer. He got in Tony Parker's face in that time out. Nothing too extreme by his standards, but...

Michael De Leon

Watch Tony Parker’s acting debut in 2008 European film ift.tt/1ts9TpQ #spurs

Adi Joseph

Chris Paul and Tony Parker were really good by age 20. For Nash, it took until he was 26.

Dwain Price

Dirk Nowitzki, Tony Parker and Marc Gasol are the top 3 international players in the NBA, according to the NBA GM's.