HoopsHype Vince Carter Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: May 24, 2015 | 11:56 PM

Mark Followill

Last occurrence of 37 shots in a playoff game, Vince Carter for NJ in 2005 (2OT game). Kobe had 38 FGA in regulation loss to SA in 03 WCF

Ben Golliver

LeBron James had 37 points on 14-for-37 shooting. The last player to attempt 37 shots in a playoff game was Vince Carter on April 28, 2005.

John Denton

Great list on OrlandoMagic.com of best No. 5 picks. A few: Charles Barkley, Scottie Pippen, KG, Ray Allen, Vince Carter & @Dwyane Wade

Travis Heath

Or if the team gets a top-three pick and chooses Raef LaFrentz over Paul Pierce, Vince Carter, or Dirk Nowitzki?

Pete Pranica

Vince Carter on losing the series. I"f you don't love the game, you're not disappointed." Which he does, so he is.

Diamond Leung

Vince Carter went all the way to congratulate Stephen Curry's family.

Earl K. Sneed

Man, @Vince Carter is a stand-up guy, waiting for Steph Curry to finish his interview to congratulate him. Young players, look & learn.

Peter Edmiston

Vince Carter is doing a lot of good stuff. It's not really translating into points directly, but he's playing his ass off.

Ethan Strauss

Vince Carter flat loses ball out of bounds, gets mad at ref instead of owning shame

Peter Edmiston

Vince Carter's 9 points in that 2nd quarter were big. Old man played hard and was effective.

Pete Pranica

Huge props to Vince Carter.... Playing his butt off. Nine points, but Grizz still down 11. GSW shooting 65%. Memphis not getting stops.

Payal Doshi

Most regular season games without reaching #NBAFinals: 1. Andre Miller 1,265 2. Steve Nash 1,217 3. Vince Carter 1,214

Shaun Powell

Vince Carter once could jump over phone booths. Now, just phone books.

Tas Melas

Jump on Vince Carter's motorcycle, Grizzlies. He'll take you to the promise land.

Pete Pranica

Bogut picks up his third on a nasty Vince Carter attack of the rim. Vince hits both FTs... Deficit is nine (again)

Tommy Beer

8 years ago, Vince Carter would have dunked that with his elbow

Pete Pranica

Vince Carter drives strong for an and one but misses FT. Got Griz within nine, but they give up hoop next possession. #frustrating

Peter Edmiston

Iceman Vince Carter there

Diamond Leung

Oh if Vince Carter was 15 years younger on that play...

Diamond Leung

Warriors film session after Game 4 featured Stephen Curry's near-dunk in comparison to Vince Carter's elbow dunk: youtube.com/watch?v=fqfMmP…

Peter Edmiston

SHOT ATTEMPTS SINCE THE !!ST QUARTER: Marc Gasol: 13 Jeff Green: 10 Mike Conley; 9 Vince Carter: 8 Zach Randolph: 4

Geoff Calkins

Vince Carter is 0/4 and 2/8. It just didn't work, that idea.

Monte Poole

Vince Carter is taking a shot every 90 seconds, like it or not. He has made 2 of 8 in 12 minutes. #Warriors don't seem to mind.

Adam Himmelsbach

I think I look up how old Vince Carter is at least three times a year.

Tim Kawakami

Pre-Game 5 news and thoughts: Tony Allen is out, Klay Thompson should benefit, and I see Vince Carter getting ... bayareane.ws/1cVL0OP

Tim Kawakami

Tony Allen is out for Game 5. What does that mean? Maybe a lot more Vince Carter. bayareane.ws/1E6EU39

Kerry Eggers

Memphis’ Vince Carter flexes his bicep after basket. TNT’’s Steve Smith: “Might as well.” Might as well not #down20

Mike Wise

The Grindhouse feels too, I don't know, hard-core for Vince Carter's pillowy soft game.

Eli Savoie

Iguodala is having a flashback night, when does Vince Carter get his?

Ronald Tillery

Vince Carter: "Experience can take you a long way. We understand, under duress, how to not be rattled." shar.es/1rHA7E

Lang Whitaker

Someone lost a mouthpiece. Vince Carter picked it up in a towel, currently efforting finding the owner.

Peter Edmiston

Who here had "Vince Carter putback" as the thing that caused the Forum to be at its absolute loudest?

Jimmy Spencer

sounds like Vinsanity in there in Memphis.

Chuck Swirsky

2000 Vince Carter makes playoff debut with Raps . One of Carter's teammates - Dell Curry.15 years later Carter facing NBA's MVP Steph Curry

Rusty Simmons

Vince Carter was humbled -- and maybe a little embarrassed -- when informed that his shoes were Stephen Curry's first signature pair.

Mike Wise

I stayed up to watch the lip sync war. @Shaquille O'Neal dresses up like Big Bird, does Morris Day and the Time. Like Vince Carter in 2000, it's over.

Jimmy Spencer

Tony Allen (+/-) of 19 Vince Carter (+/-) of -13

Peter Edmiston

Just gonna put it out there - Vince Carter is a -14 in a game where the Grizzlies are up 8.

Peter Edmiston

Vince Carter alert (this is not a good alert)

Adi Joseph

This Warriors lineup is harder than Vince Carter's knee cartilage is.

Jimmy Spencer

There were a lot of years on that Barbosa at Vince Carter play there.

Pete Pranica

Vince Carter in as Griz size down and Jeff Green scores. Randolph sits.

Diamond Leung

Grizzlies’ Vince Carter: What are Stephen Curry’s doubters saying now? bayareane.ws/1F4FNk0

Gabriel Rosenbaun

#NBA De los que quedan en carrera por el anillo, @Pablo Prigioni es el 2° jugador más “viejo”. En estos playoffs sólo lo supera Vince Carter

Tim Kawakami

So the Memphis PG right now is... Vince Carter? (Doesn't matter, it's a pretty interesting lineup for the Grizzlies.)

Geoff Calkins

Watching Vince Carter and Jeff Green out there, you wonder, a little bit, about some recent front office choices.

Jimmy Spencer

Love that it’s 2015 and Vince Carter just got announced into a Conference Semifinal game.

Kurt Helin

Vince Carter still has hops, shows them off on putback dunk (VIDEO) dlvr.it/9cM1FM