HoopsHype Vince Carter Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: April 26, 2015 | 10:50 PM

Chuck Swirsky

My son TC age 7-16 seasons later serving coaching internship with@Portland Trail Blazers Their opponent Vince Carter -Memphis. http://t.co/HJghAeSAq0

Erik Gundersen

Lockdown D by Vince Carter. Rebounds by Vince Carter. Everything Vince Carter.

Erik Gundersen

Vince Carter outplaying Nic Batum when he's matched up against him is an underrated storyline of this series. Carter has been huge.

Erik Gundersen

Good play by Vince Carter. Been making those little vet plays all series. 85-75 Grizzlies after 3.

Kerry Eggers

Neil Olshey told refs a thing or two about what he thought was a flagrant by Vince Carter, to no avail

Kerry Eggers

Courtney Lee looking like a young Vince Carter right now. 10 points on 4-5 shooting as #Grizzlies lead 20-11

Mike Tokito

In games when Conley has been out and Udrih started, Grizzlies used Nick Calathes, Vince Carter combo off bench, no real PG.

Jorge Castillo

Air Canada Centre was packed a half hour before tip. I'd say Verizon is like half full right now. If that.

Peter Vecsey

Nets' Trading Ryan Anderson 2 Orlando 4 Courtney Lee, Tony Battie and Rafer Alston just 2 dump Vince Carter's pact was bad then, worse today

Peter Edmiston


Peter Edmiston

Vince Carter, inspired by the Bongo Lady's heroics, uh...bricks it.

Peter Edmiston

Vince Carter. Making all the plays everyone fully expected. Right, everyone? Right? Anyone?

Eli Savoie

We have a Vince Carter sighting!

Peter Edmiston

That was a classic Tony Brothers nWo sequence. Misses an easy push on Vince Carter by Batum then calls something else altogether.

Chris Miller

Boo birds are out in Air Canada Centre. Wiz up 15.

Michael Lee

James Johnson enters the game & you'd swear the late 90s versions Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady & Damon Stoudamire all showed up to play

Ohm Youngmisuk

HUGE roar at Air Canada Centre when James Johnson, yes, James Johnson gets up off bench. You would have thought Willis Reed was checking in

Michael Lee

Lou Williams is first #raptors player to win an individual award since Vince Carter won ROY in 1999. Damon Stoudamire was ROY in '96

Mike Richman

Vince Carter: "the series starts now"

Josh Lewenberg

Lou becomes the 3rd Raptors player to win an individual end-of-season award, joining Rookie of the Years Damon Stoudamire & Vince Carter

Jose Luis Malo

Vince Carter, viejos los cerros y..... vine.co/v/ezl01IrF6aB

Peter Edmiston

Vince Carter performance thus far not really inspiring a great deal of confidence that he's been sitting on untapped wells of lively energy.

Peter Edmiston

Now Vince Carter is making shots? What a world!

Kerry Eggers

Allen Crabbe just took Vince Carter backdoor like Vin-Sanity was stuck in concrete

Peter Edmiston

Very interested to see what sort of Vince Carter performance we see tonight. Has a huge bearing.

Ohm Youngmisuk

They play "Straight Outta Compton" after Compton native DeMar DeRozan scores here at Air Canada Centre

Michael Lee

The "Paul Pierce sucks!" are so out of sync. Different sections saying it different times, moving through Air Canada Centre like the wave

Ohm Youngmisuk

Ugly start here at Air Canada Centre. Both teams have combined 2 shoot 3-18. Can Masai take the mic and fire up teams during timeout?

Chris Miller

This crowd at Air Canada Centre is off the hook. Already has a negative chat towards Paul Pierce. As expected

Rick Bonnell

Seriously amped-up crowd in Air Canada Centre for Raptors-Wizards.

Tas Melas

No Drake at Raps game, he’s performing at Coachella. He couldn’t pull a Vince Carter - be at the game and fly a jet to Cali? #NBAPlayoffs

Guillermo Gimenez

"P.George ha escuchado un Pops" según Vince Carter y se va sin poder apoyar la pierna. Hay que temer lo peor. http://t.co/lWWPuY0pRA

Tom Lorenzo

Man, Vince Carter is struggling big time, and just when the Nets need him the most.

Tas Melas

Andre Iguodala draws a charge on Vince Carter and Vince isn't happy with how Andre got Iggy with it. vine.co/v/euI0hhEYVhi #Warriors

Marcus Thompson

Vince Carter clobbered Zach Randolph

Peter Edmiston

Vince Carter with perhaps the worst 3 of the season there

Peter Edmiston

Vince Carter with a Clippers bench-worthy performance tonight.

Peter Edmiston

Somebody put some air in Vince Carter's tires, please.

Tony Jones

That didn't look like the Vince Carter I remember

Mico Halili

“Everybody struggles with change...but I was going to try to conquer it.” The reinvention of Vince Carter nytimes.com/2015/04/02/spo…

Ryan Wolstat

Wish Westjet went to more NBA cities. Being free of Air Canada's constant subpar behviour would be awesome.

Chris Vernon

vinsanity sighting! below the rim antics!

Pete Pranica

Help @StJude find cures and save children. Become a Fan for Life today like @Vince Carter -- bit.ly/SjFanforLife

Kurt Helin

Vince Carter, stardom behind him, still proud, still contributing in NBA at age 38 dlvr.it/9GwmZ9

Gary Washburn

OH SNAP!!! Black Sheep is performing at the Air Canada Centre at halftime. Can't write right now. Currently singing "The Choice is Yours"

Tim Cato

Bingo. RT @ReeceTapout15: @Tim Cato I'd say Vince Carter. In 2012-2013 I believe.

Tim Bontemps

The Nets say the last time three Nets combined to score 90 points was Dec. 19, 2008: Devin Harris, Vince Carter and Yi Jianlian.

Brian Mahoney

According to Nets PR, last time 3 Nets combined for 90 points, one of them was Yi. Devin Harris, Vince Carter also on Dec. 19, 2008.