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by HoopsHype - Updated: December 21, 2014 | 05:51 PM

Andrew Keh

Bruno Caboclo, 19, is getting a standing ovation as he enters the game here at Air Canada Centre.

Dave McMenamin

After Vince Carter made that baseline shot against Shawn Marion, they both smiled coming back up the court, like, "We still get to do this?"

Sam Smith

Mirotic with sixth three for career high 27 points; Vince Carter defending in his half man part

Sam Smith

Vince Carter comes over to hug Thibs before start of 2nd quarter; Thibs generally does welcome such displays of affection between quarters

Joe Cowley

Vince Carter shaking everyone's hand ... Mr. friendly. Let's not forget, he quit on a franchise and admitted to it.

Nick Friedell

Vince Carter comes over before start of 2nd quarter to give Thibs a handshake and a hug.

Ryan Wolstat

Of course someone else said: “They stole Vince Carter, we stole their logo."

Ryan Wolstat

On Drake night 2, Bruno/Bebe and words from Jarrett Jack torontosun.com/2014/12/17/dra… plus the Vince Carter anniversary: torontosun.com/2014/12/17/ten…

Kurt Helin

Vince Carter with the smart assist

Jeff McDonald

Box in one on Vince Carter, if the Spurs are smart.

Devin Kharpertian

The Nets got destroyed by the Raptors, so here’s 100 Vince Carter dunks. bkga.me/13AwdEG

Dan McCarney

Vince Carter, apparently, is not through. 3-pointer No. 5 temporarily staunches the bleeding for Memphis.

Paul Garcia

Vince Carter brings out the crowd silencer with that three. 6 point game.

Tim Bontemps

Fans inside Air Canada Centre chanting "Brooklyn Sucks" as Joe Johnson misses all three free throws after being fouled on a 3-pointer.

Jose Luis Malo

La vieja jugada del "elevador" (doble bloqueo al marcador) para Vince Carter #Grizzlies vine.co/v/OgDn0bj2Dgm

Dan McCarney

Vince Carter is channeling his inner Ray Allen. Now 4 for 4 on 3s in 10 mins.

Jeff McDonald

Tonight's nightly Swaggy P impression will be performed by Vince Carter.

Chris Vernon

[tears off shirt, screams VINSANITY while runnin around house]

Paul Garcia

10 first quarter points for Vinsanity. Another three for him. Spurs down 17.

Chip Crain

Vince Carter is hitting a nice stride (code for he be scoring)

Chris Vernon


Paul Garcia

Vince Carter's feeling it, just nailed a transition three. He's got 7 points, Grizz up 14.

Ryan Wolstat

Random aside. On 10th anniversary of Vince Carter trade, Jarrett Jack said “His high-wire act was almost comparable to Michael’s."

Devin Kharpertian

I could watch Vince Carter Nets highlights all night long.

Jessica Camerato

10 years ago today, the Raptors traded Vince Carter to the NJ Nets.

Devin Kharpertian

I wrote a 2,600-word opus about Vince Carter being great back in 2011 because he was great. bkga.me/1zwQq91

Tas Melas

When Vince Carter returned to Toronto after being traded to NJ, I yelled: “YOU’LL NEVER WIN ANYTHING VINCE!” Now, I’d be happy if he did.

Devin Kharpertian

10 years ago today Vince Carter joined the NJ Nets and became a goddamn menace. Miss U NJ Vince.

Ryan Wolstat

Fittingly, 10 years to the day after the Vince Carter heist, the Nets and Raptors are squaring off. On Drizmas no less.

Royce Young

5-Star Review: John Wall is just incredible, Vince Carter and Steph Curry deserve a timeout, and more. cbssports.com/nba/eye-on-bas…

Tabitha J

We, GRIZZ NATION, thank you! RT @AC_Hussle: We shouldn't have let Vince Carter go smh

Alex Kennedy

Vince Carter contributed 16 points for Memphis, just his second double-digit game of the season and his highest point total. Big for Grizz.

Diamond Leung

Vince Carter seemed to want to treat Draymond Green like that Frenchman, but realized it's 2014.

Dan McCarney

Joerger gave real answer to, "How big has Vince Carter been tonight?" With Pop it would have just been, "Real big" w/ eye roll.

Royce Young

DOUBLE-FLOP: Vince Carter flops after Steph Curry to avoid a foul call cbssports.com/nba/eye-on-bas…

Pete Pranica

Tense and tight in Memphis. @Memphis Grizzlies up 80-69 through three. VINSANITY in full force -- 16 points and 4 of 5 from three.

Geoff Calkins

Griz lead 80-69 after three. Vince Carter has more points (16) and 3s (4) than any Warrior.

Royce Young

Sometimes, when you get older, you just fall down. #DOUBLEFLOP gfycat.com/GreedyForthrig… Vince Carter and Steph Curry battle for the call

Diamond Leung

First half summary: Vince Carter 3 for 4 from 3-point range. Stephen Curry 0 for 4.

Adi Joseph

Andre Iguodala is matched up against Vince Carter, so there probably will be great dunks eight years ago.

Brett Pollakoff

Did JVG just say “There’s 50-year old Vince Carter stepping in to take the charge”

Derek Bodner

Can we use one of these when the Sixers play? RT @jadande: This is how baskets is looking to Vince Carter right now http://t.co/vt7kXbWoLD

Marc Stein

Rest of the Grizzlies were downright giddy to welcome Vince Carter back to the bench after a long-awaited flurry of 3s from VC here in MEM

Kaan Kural

Zihinsel değişim açısından kariyer gelişimlerine bakarsak en inanılmaz iki hikaye de herhalde Zach Randolph ve Vince Carter. Nereden nereye

Kaan Kural

Memphis'den 16-0 geldi. Vince Carter da 3 üçlük soktu. Carter'ın kariyer gelişimi de apayrı bir hikaye olur.

Ronald Tillery

Vinsanity in FedExForum. Griz bench on a 16-0 run. Vince Carter made three 3-pters. Griz lead Warriors 40-30 in 2Q of a playoff like game