HoopsHype Zach Randolph Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: May 25, 2015 | 12:10 AM

Trey Kerby

What if JR Smith in Cleveland is the new Zach Randolph in Memphis?

Chris Vernon

ZBo was suspended for Game 7 vs OKC last year for less

Eric Pincus

Stanley Johnson Says He Can Guard Four Positions - from Conley to Draymond Green - but not ZBo @BBallInsiders basketballinsiders.com/stanley-johnso…

Eric Pincus

Stanley Johnson said he believes he can stay in front of point guards on switches - can guard 2 + 3 and some fours - said but maybe not ZBo

Adi Joseph

Who's messing with the fifth-team, though? Draymond, Z-Bo, Lillard, Teague, Bogut. twitter.com/timfaklis/stat…

Tom Haberstroh

DeMarre Carroll has more 20+ point games this postseason (7) than Kyrie Irving (6), Marc Gasol (6), Dwight Howard (5) and Zach Randolph (3).

Eli Savoie

Marc Gasol got 18 votes, Mike Conley 6 and even Zach Randolph got an all defensive vote

Jonathan Feigen

McHale totally went for the kill, keeping Harden in to start the fourth. Weird he did not get that call as Rivers pulls off the Z-Bo hack.

John Canzano

Two players with successful 60-plus foot shots this NBA season ... both were on floor in Golden State-Memphis series. Curry and Z-Bo.

Ethan Strauss

In the final 3 games, Marc Gasol shot 23.5% from midrange. ZBo was 36.4%

Rusty Simmons

Zach Randolph joins the four-foul club.

Ethan Strauss

I just saw ZBo steal it from Curry while falling over slowmo. That's certainly a moment to remember

Diamond Leung

Zach Randolph looks uncomfortable and appears hobbled.

Ethan Strauss

GSW doing a good job doubling ZBo whenever he's anywhere near the baseline

Ethan Strauss

Gasol back in. Grizz doesn't benefit tremendously on offense from ZBo at C because he's not a rim running big

Rusty Simmons

Zach Randolph's deep thought of the night: "The first man to milk a cow must have been really brave."

Meyers Leonard

Memphis better start exploiting the fact that Golden State is guarding ZBo with HB.

Peter Edmiston

Zbo put in the blender there. Help off Curry onto Klay? Or not? Either way, you're screwed.

Diamond Leung

Tom Izzo to KNBR on Z-Bo, Draymond Green: "I'd go over to the Middle East with those 2 guys. I'd be fighting our war with those 2 guys."

Peter Edmiston

REMINDER: Zach Randolph only took 5 shots after the 1st quarter last night, and 2 of those were putback attempts. So 3 shots in the offense.

Steve Aschburner

Other candidates for NBA Kennedy award: Magic's Tobias Harris, Piston's Greg Monroe, Clippers' Chris Paul, Grizzlies' Zach Randolph.

Chris Vernon

ZBO had 11 and 7 in first qtr. and got 5 shots rest of way and ended 13 and 10. Ugh

Peter Edmiston

SHOT ATTEMPTS SINCE THE !!ST QUARTER: Marc Gasol: 13 Jeff Green: 10 Mike Conley; 9 Vince Carter: 8 Zach Randolph: 4

Chris Vernon

ZBO was 5/7 in first qtr and has 3 shots since. Shocking

Rusty Simmons

#Warriors 72, Grizzlies 55 (2:43, 3rd) The Warriors are shooting 11-of-22 from three-point range. The Grizzlies are 1-of-7 -- a 3 by Z-Bo.

Peter Edmiston

Weird. ZBo's probably a more reliable 3 point shooter than Vince. Vince is doing his best work on the offensive glass these days.

Monte Poole

Z-Bo gets first rest. Deserved: 11pts, 8 rebs in 13 minutes of destruction. #Warriors 28, #Grizzlies 27.

Jimmy Spencer

David Lee is kinda owning the boards right now … with Z-Bo in and everything.

Monte Poole

Entering Q2: #Warriors 26, #Grizzlies 25. Curry with 12, on 4 3-pointers. Z-Bo 11 and 6 for MEM.

Ethan Strauss

ZBo with a genius finish. Like a dunk contest layup

Peter Edmiston

But I mean, if Kerr can play Bogut as a three, then surely Dave can play Zbo as a 2.

Sam Amick

It's Zach Randolph v. errrybody tonight:9 pts on 4-4 shooting with four boards in the first 3-plus minutes. Memphis up 11-4 early.

Marcus Thompson

Zach Randolph on pace for 108 points

Geoff Calkins

"So, Coach Kerr, Dave made the adjustment of Z-Bo scoring 73. How do you counter that in Game 6?"

Tas Melas

Time to make Zach Randolph work at the defensive end.

Sean Highkin

ZBo for three point competition 2016

Peter Edmiston

"And remember, when there was only one set of footprints, it's because ZBo was carrying an entire team on his back."

Jeff Wade

Holy fartin' Z-Bo

Peter Vecsey

Zach Randolph: The Manhandler

Scott Cacciola

Former Knick Zach Randolph

Tim Kawakami

Zach Randolph opens 4 for 4 with 4 rebounds, 9 points. In less than 4 minutes.

Geoff Calkins

Joerger adjustment seems to be let Z-Bo destroy things. Looks genius so far.

Monte Poole

Less than 4 minutes in, #Warriors trail MEM 11-4. Z-Bo with 9, including a 3-pointer.

Rusty Simmons

Grizzlies 11, #Warriors 4 (8:22, 3rd) Zach Randolph has nine points and four rebounds. The Warriors have four points and one rebound.

Ethan Strauss

ZBo as stretch 4. This series keeps surprising

Pete Pranica

Zach Randolph with another cleanup of a Gasol miss. Both teams a little loose with possessions.