HoopsHype Carmelo Anthony vs. LeBron James Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: September 17, 2014 | 05:15 PM

Tony Jones

If LeBron can get his hairline back, what about me?

Mary Schmitt Boyer/Jodie Valade

From @joevardon: Former Ohio Gov Ted Strickland tried to help Dan Gilbert keep LeBron James in CLE back in 2010 ow.ly/BCpzr

Jon de la Presa

¿Qué tienen en común Hilario Pino y LeBron James? http://t.co/o19ofDN3Zs

Quinito Henson

At the Nike World Headquarters gym this morning with LeBron James, his personal trainer Mike Macias… instagram.com/p/tDt6NPLWdt/

Roland Lazenby

LeBron has new shoes, but he can't touch Jordan - goo.gl/alerts/O9yF #GoogleAlerts

Royce Young

Nike, LeBron James unveil LeBron 12s cbssports.com/nba/eye-on-bas… http://t.co/skPL2tXq0h

Michele Gazzetti

LeBron James - Top 100 Plays Of 2014 [Last Season with Heat]: youtu.be/8LajGmSz5lQ

Emilio Cobos

No se si prefiero las Nike LeBron 12 o su pelazo en la presentación de las zapas... Vale, quiero zapas y pelo! http://t.co/kuh0tg7tUP

Brett Pollakoff

In the gym with LeBron. #LEBRON12 Damon Jones is here too, working him out. http://t.co/lDakOJNtPY

Anthony Tolliver

Lol no chill! RT @SportsNation LeBron released his new shoes...AND HIS NEW HAIRLINE?! http://t.co/XqwZl1FpVl

Kurt Helin

LeBron James on Kyrie Irving: “I believe Kyrie can be the best point guard in the league.” dlvr.it/6x7MYH

Royce Young

LeBron James says he believes Kyrie Irving can be the best point guard in the NBA cbssports.com/nba/eye-on-bas…

Steve Popper

Melo would have certainly signed in Chicago if he knew he'd have to play kazoo with Jim. MT @Tommy Beer: pagesix.com/2014/09/16/jam…

Tommy Beer

Jim Dolan, on WFAN radio, says Melo & Amar'e will join him on stage before the Eagles concert - they'll attempt to break world kazoo record

Emiliano Carchia

LeBron James says Kyrie Irving can be the best point guard in NBA sportando.com/en/usa/nba/134…

Iñako Diaz-Guerra

LeBron James elogia al MVP del Mundial: "Kyrie Irving puede ser el mejor base de la liga" baloncesto.as.com/baloncesto/201…

Antonio Vazquez

Ratings #NBA2k15 para los Cavs: LeBron: 98 Love: 89 Irving: 88 Waiters: 78 Marion: 77 Thompson: 76 Varejao: 75 Miller: 74

Quinito Henson

Tarp welcoming LeBron to Nike World HQ in Beaverton, NBA TV's Kristen Ledlow of Inside Stuff, LeBron… instagram.com/p/tCiNDzrWfN/

Antonio Vazquez

Artículo: LeBron ha superado a Bird como el mejor alero de la historia. bleacherreport.com/articles/22011… ¿De acuerdo? Yo sí.

Quinito Henson

Sharing interview with LeBron during his shoe launch at Nike HQ in Beaverton, Oregon, today #LeBron12 philstar.com/sports/2014/09…

Jason Lloyd

LeBron James unveils new shoe, LeBron 12, before restart with Cavs: BEAVERTON, ORE.: LeBron James had some bus... bit.ly/1skWMlP

Ben Golliver

LeBron James talks offseason diet, new-look Cavaliers at Nike's 'LeBron 12' unveiling tinyurl.com/qb6n3g5 http://t.co/C4M44LYZE6

Jason Lloyd

Nike announces launch for new Lebron James shoe, 'LeBron 12': Nike unveiled LeBron James’ newest shoe, the L... bit.ly/1wBLQa0

Jason Lloyd

Nike announces launch for new 'LeBron 12' ohio.com/blogs/clevelan…

Quinito Henson

NBA star LeBron James said he wants to go back to the Philippines because the Filipinos paasion for… instagram.com/p/tBtGvzLWX5/

Shaun Powell

At $200, the LeBron 12s are roughly $12 an ounce. Silver is $18 an ounce.

David 'Dubi' Pick

If I'm paying $200 for LeBron's new kicks I better be able to do this: youtu.be/VjmbeR0tSpU

David 'Dubi' Pick

I admire LeBron as a person and athlete, but $200 for a sneaker?! God damn.

Jose Luis Malo

Los nuevos LeBron 12 de Nike http://t.co/IR0dDphVGe

Chris Herring

It'd be WAY cooler if those were Fruit Gushers. RT @Ben Golliver: LeBron 12s with hexagon cushion on soles http://t.co/VQZinm1O4x

Ben Golliver

LeBron 12s with hexagon cushion on soles http://t.co/MSXgqIj997

Quinito Henson

NBA superstar LeBron James officially launches his latest signature shoe #LeBron12 at the Nike World… instagram.com/p/tBl98mrWdW/

Antonio Gil

LeBron está increíblemente delgado.

Ben Golliver

"Big 3s are like dinosaurs. They've been around forever." LeBron James

Chris Palmer

LeBron 12 Trillion Dollar Man. http://t.co/NdcEsPWBY8

Kurt Helin

New LeBron James’ building billboard ready to go up across street from the Q dlvr.it/6wn18Z

Ben Golliver

LeBron James with 12th signature shoe http://t.co/QOpmrcxJKW

Sam Amico

LeBron also said his return to Cavs has been "four years in the running." Here's his new shoe, the LeBron 12. http://t.co/wl71nCTVNy

Ben Golliver

Nike LeBron 12s http://t.co/ffaEzj93tr

Jeff Caplan

Pretty and affordable! RT @darrenrovell: Nike unveils the LeBron 12 ($200) http://t.co/xhyE821mUR

Sam Amico

LeBron, at Nike event to introduce new shoe: "(Kyrie is) part of the reason I (returned to Cavs). I think he can be best PG in our league."

Ben Golliver

LeBron James says summer weight loss & diet was "mental challenge." He says he's "lost a ton of weight" and plans to put some back on.

Brett Pollakoff

LeBron on playing with Kyrie Irving: "It's part of the reason I came back." #LEBRON12

Ben Golliver

"I think he can be the best point guard in our league." LeBron James on Kyrie Irving

Brett Pollakoff

The King James lion logo made up of the different colorways of the #LEBRON12 @ Nike World Headquarters instagram.com/p/tBjsiFJimA/

Vincent Goodwill

If LeBron indeed restored his hairline it'll be death to y'all jokes but some of us nearing that "come home" stage are happy

Amin Elhassan

I need to talk to whoever performed this follicle miracle RT @B Rich: LeBron got his hair taken care of. Y’all mad. http://t.co/bBljv2Rhpn

Ric Bucher

Cleveland Cavaliers Season Preview: Can LeBron and Love Win a Title in Year 1? bleacherreport.com/articles/22003… via @bleacherreport

Mary Schmitt Boyer/Jodie Valade

JUST IN: New LeBron banner could be going up across from The Q. ow.ly/BzQIy http://t.co/rIHoDGYTwd