HoopsHype World Cup 2014

by HoopsHype - Updated: April 01, 2015 | 12:37 AM

Mico Halili

Yup. Curry made CP3 breakdance... vine.co/v/OLxAdOO2UtO

Sean Highkin

DeMarcus Cousins needs to throw everyone for a loop and actually release the Boogie Smooth album tomorrow.

Dan Woike

Great point by @Bill Simmons. Underrated step in Curry's game is defensive job he's doing against CP3. Way better on that end than in past

Arash Markazi

Steph and Klay are in that catch and shoot before even looking at the rim because it doesn't even matter, they know it will go in mode.

Robert Morales

Splash Brothers hot now and Klay Thompson's 3-ball with 5:23 to play in the third quarter has tied this game at 67-67 #Clippers #Warriors

Amin Elhassan

Most important distinction RT @Nate Jones: Lots of guys have crazy handles, but Curry gets great shots out of his. No wasted motion.

Ben Golliver

Judging by the 1000s of craned necks, Warriors need to bring their own jumbotron for Stephen Curry highlights next time they come to Staples

Monte Poole

Klay has 13 pts in 7 minutes this quarter.

Marcus Thompson

When Klay is on ... Beautiful

Rusty Simmons

#Warriors 67, Clippers 67 (5:23, 3rd) Once down 17 points, Klay Thompson ties it up with a three-pointer. He has 13 points in the quarter.

Amin Elhassan

Klay knocks down the 3 and says what up to Drake

Rod Boone

Remember when everyone wasn't sure about Steph Curry's handle and if he could play point guard in the NBA? #lightyearsago

Amin Elhassan

Klay might be feelin hisself, word to @Brian Windhorst

Ben Golliver

Video: Stephen Curry drops Chris Paul to the court with behind-the-back dribbles before sinking jumper on.si.com/19Hxwni

Diamond Leung

Andre Iguodala was so moved by Stephen Curry's move that he went from the bench to the basket support.

Benjamin Hochman

The third highlight of the Curry play, the overhead view, is so good: bit.ly/1Il16ul

Alejandro Perez

Si llegaste hasta acá, te tenés que quedar para con Clippers-Golden State. Curry, Paul, Griffin, Thompson... Imperdible, en @DXTVparatodos

Julian Mozo

#NBA Isiah Thomas ya opinó sobre el crossover de Stephen Curry sobre Chris Paul: "Fue avergonzante", dijo.

Paul Garcia

Over last 17 games, the Spurs' starters are all averaging double-figures in points. Diaw is there too with 10.2 PPG projectspurs.com/2015-articles/…

Josh Newman

Steph Curry DROPPED Chris Paul. This is nonsense. vine.co/v/OLxAJZzgZO3

Diamond Leung

I mean, Steph Curry just did THIS to the best on ball defender in the NBA vine.co/v/OLxbmgpJmuV

Julian Mozo

#NBA Duelazo entre Paul (dominó x un cuarto y medio) y Curry (despertó a pura magia a su equipo). Gana LA Clippers X 53-46 en @DXTVparatodos

Alejandro Perez

Paul controló mejor el juego de los Clippers, Curry lideró la ofensiva de Golden State. Desde afuera disfrutamos de un duelo fantástico!

Monte Poole

At the half: #Warriors trail #Clippers 53-46. Curry 14 with pts and, well, highlights will show you how he destroyed Chris Paul's ankles.

Rusty Simmons

Clippers 53, #Warriors 46 (half) Curry 14 pts/3 ast, Lee 10 pts, Speights 5 pts, Bogut 4 pts/5 reb; Griffin 18 pts/6 reb, Paul 9 pts/7 ast.

Paul Garcia

On Kawhi, Tony, & Tim's night as starters, Diaw & Cojo off the bench, and the Spurs' last 17 games: projectspurs.com/2015-articles/…

Sean Cunningham

Steph Curry put Chris Paul was on some roller skates. Does State Farm offer coverage for that?

Michael Lee

C'mon, Steph Curry. What did Chris Paul's ankles ever do to you? vine.co/v/OLxbFJBTwlu

Julian Mozo

#NBA Steph Curry casi le quiebra los tobillos a Chris Paul! #NBARapidReplay snpy.tv/1BNtMZa

Jose Luis Malo

Steph Curry acaba de hacer esto sobre el mejor defensa de la NBA #asombroso vine.co/v/OLxbmgpJmuV

Diamond Leung

Awaiting Michele Roberts statement after NBPA Vice President Curry commits bloody murder on President Paul.

Royce Young

VIDEO: Stephen Curry's behind-the-back dribble drops Chris Paul to the floor cbssports.com/nba/eye-on-bas…

Steve Luhm

This is pretty good stuff: CP3 and Curry picking each other full-court.

Trey Kerby

That's what Chris Paul gets for letting Steph Curry be the ascending one in their first State Farm commercial.

Tim Kawakami

I couldn't see what Curry was doing as it happened, but you knew it was incredible just by seeing the GSW bench's reaction.

Rusty Simmons

Not as loud as usual, but Stephen Curry did start to get an M-V-P chant at Staples Center.

Amin Elhassan

Smart closeout by Klay, stunted towards Barnes in corner but veered back towards Redick. Easy poison picking situation

Scott Cacciola

If Steph Curry doesn't win MVP, he should at least get Best Choreography.

Arash Markazi

Somehow Chris Paul's ankles survived this move from Steph Curry. clippit.tv/c/gldrb

Ryan Ward

Oooooh.. kill ‘em RT @gifdsports: Steph Curry drops CP3 with nasty behind the back dribble vine.co/v/OLxAdOO2UtO

Tom Haberstroh

Does anyone average more Vines per game than Stephen Curry?

Alejandro Perez

Curry lo desparramó a Paul en un uno contra uno. Partido aparte entre los bases, repleto de calidad y talento. Para disfrutar.

Chris Palmer

Steph Curry is the undisputed Vine MVP.

Marc Stein

Is there a better bargain in basketball than ankle-breaking Steph Curry at a mere $11 mil a year?

Keith Kreiter

Former Wisc star Trevon Hughes@NYC2WIS goes for 19pts 6 rebs 5 assists & 4 steals in Turkey- Tre was a '10 Cousy Award Finalist

Mike Wise

Steph Curry doesn't do H-O-R-S-E. He plays N-O-H-E-D-I-D-N-T.