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Chris Sheridan

The #Bulls offered the #TWolves Taj Gibson, Mirotic and McDermott for Kevin Love, a source tells @Chris Sheridan #NBA sheridanhoops.com/2014/07/23/exc…

Joe Cowley

Hitting up my man @LaurenceWHolmes at 9 pm to talk Love and Bulls. #670TheScore

Royce Young

Report: Bulls offering Taj Gibson, Nikola Mirotic, and Doug McDermott for Kevin Love cbsprt.co/1kW9y7n

Chuck Swirsky

Sam Smith joining me on ESPN Chicago 1000 says Love to Bulls not happening.

Chris Sheridan

Here is PODCAST from Chicago radio ESPN1000 discussing Bulls offer for @Kevin Love: sheridanhoops.com/2014/07/23/pod…

Chris Sheridan

ICYMI, here is story on #Bulls offering Gibson, Mirotic, McDermott for @Kevin Love: Multiple news outlets confirming: sheridanhoops.com/2014/07/23/exc…

Darren Wolfson

Same take as always: Wiggins is PRIORITY. RT @HipHopVikingGuy @Darren Wolfson 99% of fan base set on Wiggins regardless of what Bulls offer.

Joe Cowley

Bad news, Bulls are shooting down idea that there was a deadline placed on deal. Pack a lunch, this might take awhile.

Joe Cowley

Good news? TWolves still feel the Bulls latest offer is the best on the table. ....

Sean Highkin

If the Bulls were really serious about Love, they would have made this offer two weeks ago and used Pau's money on, like, Trevor Ariza.

Sean Highkin

The Bulls' new push for Love has to be a leverage play by the Wolves. Taj/Mirotic/McBuckets is a good offer but doesn't touch Wiggins.

Jason Lloyd

This 30-day clock is a fascinating twist in these trade scenarios. Bulls are under it, too, after signing McDermott on Tuesday

Shams Charania

Several fresh calls on Jameer Nelson today, dialogue ongoing, sources tell RealGM. Bulls were solid suitor before PG signings, source says.

Andy Greder

In minutes, joining @miketalksbig on @105theticket to talk #Twolves-Kevin Love trade chatter, including the reported #Bulls offer(s).

Ray Richardson

In minutes, joining @miketalksbig on @105theticket to talk #Twolves-Kevin Love trade chatter, including the reported #Bulls offer.

Kurt Helin

Report: Bulls offered Doug McDermott and Nikola Mirotic as part of package for Kevin Love dlvr.it/6Pjyr1

Joe Cowley

Per source: Forman put a deadline on TWolves response so that there isn't this back-and-forth playing the Cavs and Bulls against each other.

Joe Cowley

Here is the full story on Bulls going all in for Love this morning - suntimes.com/sports/2882340…

Chris Sheridan

More on #Bulls offer of Gibson, Mirotic, McBuckets for Kevin Love in this PODCAST with @ESPN1000 in Chicago: sheridanhoops.com/2014/07/23/pod…

Joe Cowley

If Forman and Bulls would have been all in on Tuesday for Love, they wouldn't have had McDermott sign. It's a Wed morning decision made.

Joe Cowley

Bulls felt Timberwolves were initially bluffing to drive up the price Tue. night, but in backchannels with Love, felt like Cavs were close.

Joe Cowley

According to the source, Timberwolves reached out to Bulls last night to let them know Cavs offer was best on the table ...

Joe Cowley

According to a Timberwolves source, the Bulls made a "significant offer'' for Kevin Love this morning and it's being "heavily considered.''

Jerry Zgoda

For those asking about Bulls' presence...don't believe they'd court Mirotic & make him promises only to turn around & trade him right away

Nick Friedell

Gibson says this Bulls team reminds him of the one that went to Eastern Conference finals in 2011.

Chris Sheridan

More later folks. Thanks for the good Twitterchat questions. Llink to story on @Kevin Love trade offer made by #Bulls: sheridanhoops.com/2014/07/23/exc…

Eric Koreen

As a fan of chaos, I hope Love goes to the Bulls.

Chris Sheridan

Taking questions on #Bulls offer for @Kevin Love. Tweet me.

Joe Cowley

Bulls could be close to shocking the NBA offseason ... those 100 to 1 odds I gave on the @mullyhanley this morning? Should have bet 'em.

Sam Amick

Even before chatter about Bulls' offer (see @Chris Sheridan), some close to situation had been saying Love would likely wind up in Chicago

Antonio Vazquez

Ojo, los Bulls andan ofreciendo a Taj Gibson, McDermott y Mirotic a cambio de Kevin Love, informa @SInow

Nick Friedell

Gibson knows trade speculation is out there. He believes Bulls have one of the best teams in the league if they stay intact.

KC Johnson

Taj Gibson said as currently constructed the Bulls are deep and have ability to get to Eastern Conference finals.

KC Johnson

Taj Gibson said trade rumors part of the business and that Bulls haven't told him anything.

Raul Barrigon

Rumors: Bulls offering Gibson, Mirotic and McDermott to the Wolves for Kevin Love. bit.ly/1hKUSdo

Tommy Beer

Well, based on the assets they were/are willing to trade, it seems we can now infer that the Bulls believe Kevin Love >>> Melo

Fabian Garcia

Los Bulls se suman a la lucha por Kevin Love y ofrecen a Mirotic; basquetplus.com/nota-23630-los… #NBA http://t.co/pe9EaU4yY4

Emiliano Carchia

Bulls reportedly offer Gibson, Mirotic and McDermott for Kevin Love sportando.com/en/usa/nba/128…

Chris Sheridan

EXCLUSIVE: #Bulls have offered Taj Gibson, Nikola Mirotic and Doug McDermott to #Twolves for K.Love, per NBA source. sheridanhoops.com/2014/07/23/exc…

Ryen Russillo

...back a contract and and 1st, another pick will probably get this done. The Bulls have nothing that matches Wiggins. Cavs not worried.

Carlos Areneta

Goes to show how lousy the Bulls offense was last year. Augustin was waived by the Raptors then became CHI's leading scorer. YUCK.

Iñako Diaz-Guerra

Marc Gasol: "No traté de convencer a Pau de que viniera a Memphis". Pau: "Los Bulls me atraían mucho". baloncesto.as.com/baloncesto/201…

Ben Golliver

Grade: Pau Gasol signs with Bulls bit.ly/1yZLLfe

Chris Sheridan

Cavs still lead race to land Kevin Love. Bulls may be right behind them: sheridanhoops.com/2014/07/22/sh-…

Chris Sheridan

Two #Warriors, two #Magic two #Bulls and two Plumlees on USA Select Team. And all 13 players on rookie contracts #NBA sheridanhoops.com/2014/07/22/roo…

Aggrey Sam

Thibs and those "good problems" the Bulls now have: bit.ly/1pbkkuv

Jerry Zgoda

FYI: Of the 3 non-guaranteed contracts Cavs got from Jazz today...Wolves had some interest in Erik Murphy when Bulls waived him last year

Julian Mozo

Mercado #NBA actualizado tras los fichajes de Bogdanovic en los Nets y Brooks en los Bulls. ole.com.ar/nba/Mercado-NB… By @GatoradeARG

Joe Cowley

The Bulls do not publicly address rumors. Key word - publicly.

Joe Cowley

suntimes.com/sports/basketb… Love to the Bulls, plus guys signing contracts.