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Robert Morales

Blake Griffin pulls himself off Team USA to focus on upcoming season with Clippers insidesocal.com/clippers/2014/… #Clippers

Eduardo Schell

Boicot interno y plante de los jugadores si no le arrebatan los Clippers al racista Sterling: No jugarán marca.com/2014/07/25/bal… vía @marca

David 'Dubi' Pick

Told Dwight Buycks rejected camp invites from Lakers & Clippers - offers from Oly, Maccabi, Milan - to join Spanish varsity Valencia.

Brad Turner

Clippers' Blake Griffin withdraws from USA Basketball team fw.to/iXH25IQ

Alan Hahn

If Chris Paul wants to make a statement, demand a trade. But sitting out? That is a breach of contract. Not that Clips would pursue it.

Alan Hahn

Never happen RT @ESPNNewYork: Chris Paul of Los Angeles Clippers says sitting out possible if Donald Sterling remains dlvr.it/6QPz5F

Marcelo Bousquet

Blake Griffin se baja del mundial. Quiere enfocarse 100% en la temporada con Clippers. Sería bueno que de una vez x todas pase la 2da ronda

Arash Markazi

Blake: "I want to focus and dedicate 100 percent of my energy on improving and preparing for the upcoming season with the Clippers."

Ozan Aktay

Clippers'ın yıldız oyuncusu Blake Griffin, İspanya'daki FIBA Dünya Kupası'nda yer almayacağını açıkladı.

Jimmy Spencer

Clippers say Blake Griffin is removing himself from Team USA this summer. … He wants to dedicate himself to prepping for next season.

Miguel Angel Paniagua

Los Clippers de L.A. acaban de anunciar que Blake Griffin no acudirá al Mundial España-2014.

Eric Pincus

Blake Griffin withdrew from the USA Men's National Team - wanting to "focus and dedicate 100%" on upcoming season with Clippers

Royce Young

Blake Griffin withdraws from Team USA this summer, via Clippers press release.

Marc Stein

Clippers just issued statement from Blake Griffin that he's pulling out of Team USA duty this summer

Marc J. Spears

The Clippers announce that forward Blake Griffin will not participate on the USA Basketball Men’s National Team this summer.

Brad Turner

Griffin in a statement: "I want to focus and dedicate 100% of my energy on improving and preparing frmo the upcoming season w/the Clippers

Julian Mozo

#España2014 Blake Griffin no jugará el Mundial. Los Clippers van a anunciarlo en breve. vía @Brad Turner

Jeff Zillgitt

As as been tweeted, Clippers indeed announce Blake Griffin will not play for USA Basketball at FIBA World Cup in Spain this summer.

Brad Turner

Clippers are going to announce that Blake Griffin is withdrawing from USA Basketball

Mark Heisler

Has the world gone nuts? #Clippers wouldn't release Doc to sign with #Lakers, even if he wants out. Not even #DonaldSterling's that dumb

Kurt Helin

Re: ridiculous Doc to Lakers idea: He is team president/coach with Clippers, you think Jim Buss gives up his job, puts guy over Kupchak?

Jarrod Gillis

Aminu agrees to deal with Mavs...Allen reportedly leaning towards Cavs...Clips' SF Barnes seeks tips on Aunt's death hardwoodcanvas.com/nba-headlines/

Roberto Martin

Si Sterling no vende el equipo, Doc Rivers abandonará a los Clippers, basquetplus.com/nota-23640-si-…. #NBA http://t.co/PKAXErfSPB

Fabian Garcia

Si Sterling no vende el equipo, Doc Rivers abandonará a los Clippers, basquetplus.com/nota-23640-si-…. #NBA http://t.co/MNzSE8uNQ9

Gary Lee

On Tuesday, it was revealed Doc Rivers told the Clippers interim CEO that he doesn’t think he wants to stay if Sterling remains the owner.

Kurt Helin

Report: Ballmer’s $2 billion Clippers offer nearly double what Bank of America valued team at dlvr.it/6Pr47T

Kamenetzky Brothers

ICYMI, our appearance on @TakeTwo (@kpcc): We talk Sterling, the Clippers, Doc, Dungy and Michael Sam. scpr.org/programs/take-…

Eric Pincus

Doc Rivers all but runs the entire Clippers' orga. - is well paid - has complete control over roster - the Sterling situation will resolve

Brad Turner

Clippers' Matt Barnes taps Instagram in hunt for suspect in aunt's death, LA Times, fw.to/M0FtgId

Gary Lee

Lakers haven’t hired a coach yet. Maybe they’re waiting to see how the Doc Rivers/Clippers situation plays out first. lakersnation.com/lakers-rumors-…

Arash Markazi

Sterling litigation could cause a 'death spiral' for the Clippers. es.pn/1kSgiTR

David Aldridge

ICYMI: I hate being right. What will the Clips do if the Sterlings still own the team next season, & more in the Tip: on.nba.com/UmVVH7

Emiliano Carchia

Clippers CEO: Rivers will leave if Sterling stays as owner sportando.com/en/usa/nba/128…

Arash Markazi

My column on why Donald Sterling is causing the "death spiral" of the Clippers. es.pn/1kSgiTR

Charlie Villanueva

They said what's your range? I replied, when I walk in the gym..... Checkout some of the clips not… instagram.com/p/qxfq00rkbR/

Ramona Shelburne

Donald alleges he is the sole shareholder of LAC, the corp that runs the Clippers. Once he revoked the trust, the shares reverted to him

Kurt Helin

Clippers CEO: If Sterling remains owner then Doc Rivers, players, sponsors all ready to bolt dlvr.it/6PHJ2g

Marcelo Bousquet

Clippers sigue siendo propiedad de Donald Sterling quien pelea en la Corte. Doc Rivers (DT) dijo que renunciará si no hay nuevo dueño

Arash Markazi

Doc Rivers is the coach and president of basketball operations for the Clippers. Can't see him ever going anywhere without that dual role.

Arash Markazi

Sorry Lakers fans, Doc Rivers won't be the next Lakers coach. Even if he left the Clippers, he has two years left on a 3-year contract.

Royce Young

Clippers CEO Dick Parsons: Doc Rivers will quit if Donald Sterling stays cbsprt.co/1rpYVzz

Mike Prada

I watched tons of clips of Wall’s corner three passing to prepare myself and I didn’t remember this one. Afterwards, I went on Synergy...

Arash Markazi

Parsons said the Clippers could double their current TV deal and it still won't make the $2 billion price tag work in terms of the numbers.

Arash Markazi

Parsons said Clippers TV deal won't similar to the Lakers TV deal. "The Clippers are not the Lakers yet."

Arash Markazi

Parsons said the Clippers are in preliminary negotiations on their next TV deal.

Arash Markazi

Kia said they're ready to return as a sponsor for the Clippers if Sterling situation is resolved by the start of the season.

Arash Markazi

Parsons said he has concerns about players wanting to continue to play for the Clippers if Sterling continued as the owner.

Arash Markazi

Parsons said if Doc left it would accelerate a "death spiral" for the Clippers.

Arash Markazi

Dick Parsons testifies that Doc Rivers has told him three times that he would not continue with the Clippers if Sterling is still the owner.