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Nick Friedell

Stat of the night: Bulls outscoring T'Wolves 46-16 in the paint.

Steve Aschburner

Close entertaining game in CHI, Bulls 89, Wolves 85, 2:43 4Q. But no Garnett so, alas, no this... http://t.co/xUViBLKLMW

Vincent Goodwill

Wiggins keeps forgetting he’s not yet 21. Baseline jumper to put Wolves up 85-84

Jerry Zgoda

Bulls 84, Wolves 79 with 6:22 left. Wolves had GR3, Wiggins and Zach out there for a good bit in 4th qtr, now have AP, AW, Pek, Neal & Ricky

Jerry Zgoda

Bulls 73, Wolves 67 after three quarters here at United Center

Sam Smith

'wolves open 2nd half 7-0 to tie game; good there's a shot clock or Bulls might not have shot yet.

Jerry Zgoda

Bulls 51, Wolves 44 at the half

Steve Aschburner

Bulls had this "Totally '90s" game-night promotion planned long before Timberwolves brought Kevin Garnett (No. 5, 1995) to town. Kismet.

Chris Mannix

With buyout discussions in Minnesota going nowhere, Gary Neal will likely finish the rest of the season with the 'Wolves, per NBA source.

Jerry Zgoda

Wolves have come back to take a 37-34 lead here midway thru 2nd qtr

Candace Buckner

#Cavaliers starting lineup: Matthew Delladova, JR Smith, James Jones, Kevin Love and Timofey Mozgov > Timberwolves circa '12?

Mark Woods

BBL. Bristol Flyers 71 Leeds Force 47, Durham Wildcats 76 Cheshire Phoenix 99, Worcester Wolves 87 Sheffield Sharks 65

KC Johnson

Unfortunately for the Noah-KG storyline, Wolves may hold KG out. And for all their shenanigans, Noah respects the hell out of KG.

Chuck Swirsky

Gasol -illness will miss MinnesotaTimberwolves game

Rashad Mobley

D.C. Council 58: Wizards at Timberwolves — Nobody Move, Nobody Passes: truthaboutit.net/2015/02/dc-cou… via @McCarrick

Tas Melas

#TheStarters: 6:30ET on @NBATV (7:00 in Canada.) Off of KG’s return, whose future is brighter: Wolves or Bucks? Meme Team, Wiz probs & more!

Rashad Mobley

Key Legislature: Wizards 77 at Timberwolves 97 — Stood Up On Homecoming: truthaboutit.net/2015/02/wizard… via @JohnCTownsend

David Thorpe

5. KG coached more last night than any assistant coach or player I HAVE EVER SEEN. Wolves have 2 projects at that spot, Payne and Bennett.

Jerry Zgoda

A look back at the last week in a Timberwolves Entertainment Network video Kevin Garnett Comes Home - YouTube m.youtube.com/watch?feature=…

Jerry Zgoda

Wolves notes: Wizards coach Wittman saw KG's start with Wolves, too | Star Tribune m.startribune.com/sports/wolves/…

Jerry Zgoda

Final game story from last night: Wolves stomp Washington in Garnett's return to Target Center | Star Tribune m.startribune.com/sports/wolves/…

Ben Rohrbach

Potential scenario: KG re-signs in MIN, mentors young core & delivers 1st-round pick to C's, who own Wolves' top-12 protected pick in 2016.

Rashad Mobley

Wizards at Timberwolves in Tweets — Searching for a Lifeline in Zero Dark #WizardsTwitter: truthaboutit.net/2015/02/wizard…

Daniel Senovilla

Ver a Garnett otra vez en los Wolves nos hace sentir MUY mayores... especialmente a @Enric Corbella marca.com/albumes/2015/0… http://t.co/qHIc3QoOp8

Jerry Zgoda

There was a stuck sprocket on the Wolves Daily assembly line so watch my @CineSport interview after KG's debut strib.mn/1AuGLSp

Iñako Diaz-Guerra

MIN 97 - WAS 77 Los Wolves se dan un festín en la vuelta de Kevin Garnett. Ricky, 6-8-7. dozz.es/vpmhv http://t.co/I1E29K6Qog

Enric Corbella

Ricky Rubio hace de todo en el regreso de Kevin Garnett a los Timberwolves marca.com/2015/02/26/bal… @marca http://t.co/RPS8G0u58N

Michael Scotto

Kevin Garnett returned home to the Minnesota Timberwolves and the tribute video KG received was outstanding. VIDEO: youtube.com/watch?v=lRhZE_…

Royce Young

In Kevin Garnett's return, the Wolves see the fairy tale scenario unfold cbssports.com/nba/eye-on-bas…

Jon Krawczynski

Season low in points allowed for Wolves. 97-77

Royce Young

Helpful guide for Wizards fans after they lose to the Wolves. By 20. http://t.co/XxKyqf33A0

Mike Mazzeo

#Timberwolves 97 #Wizards 77. KG: 5 points, 8 rebounds, 2 blocks, 2 assists in 19 minutes. Knicks, Lakers and Sixers like this result.

Eric Pincus

Big win for Lakers in Minnesota with Wolves over Wizards - LA still plays Wolves twice - so Lakers in pole position with 14 W to Wolves' 13

Carla Peay

Raise your hand if you thought the #Wizards would lose by 20 to the #Timberwolves. Sure you did.

Steve Aschburner

Hugs and high-fives up and down Minnesota as Garentt exits w. 92-72 Wolves lead. As scripted. Wizards headed to 10 Ls in 12 games.

Ethan J. Skolnick

League Pass is so delayed that I think I saw Kevin Garnett in a Wolves jersey tonight

Jon Krawczynski

Wolves bust out the KG old school "Get out your seats! It's the 4th quarter" vid.

Andy Greder

"Get the (bleep) up! Get the (bleep) up!" a menacing Kevin Garnett stands and yells to Target Center crowd as Wolves take a big lead.

Jon Krawczynski

Garnett raising his arms on bench to get crowd out of its seat. Wolves taking control. Up 70-54

Steve Aschburner

Uh oh, KG just went a little ML Carr with the towel on the Wolves bench. Kids, ask your parents.

Eric Pincus

The Lakers need to catch at least 1 of Minny, NYK and Philly - I think they "overtake" the Wolves to "climb" into 3rd place

Eric Pincus

Jazz up 29-21 after a quarter over Lakers ----- Wolves up 65-52 vs. Wizards on tank-watch

Jerry Zgoda

Garnett much more effective in 5-min stint to start second half, helps lead Wolves off to 13-6 start in 3rd qtr and a 55-48 lead.

Jon Krawczynski

Wiz have been playing poorly all night. Shoulda been up by 20 early. NOw that Wolves have gotten out of their own way, they're pulling ahead

Steve Aschburner

Wolves just hold up everything while, er, stocky fan from past dances funky. Barrel-chested "Welcome Home KG." Garnett finally sees, waves.

Kevin Pelton

The most important thing about KG going back to Minnesota is that the Wolves again boast a two-Kevin starting 5.

Jon Krawczynski

This is how we do it! RT @steventurous: MONTELL JORDAN AT THE WOLVES GAME.

Steve Aschburner

Wolves' Pekovic needs to make that shiner under his left eye a permanent thing, w. ink or something. It's a good look for him.

Jon Krawczynski

Wolves were down 18-3 and shooting 1-14. Outscored Wiz 39-24 and shot 14-27 over final 18 minutes