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Michael De Leon

Spurs ‘big three’ memorabilia could be in high demand this summer ift.tt/1POrsgB #spurs

Michael Scotto

San Antonio Spurs brought in Chris McCullough (Syracuse) for an interview today, a league source tells Sheridan Hoops. #NBADraft

Prospect Watch: Spurs worked out Arizona’s McConnell ift.tt/1PNfWlq

Michael De Leon

The current Spurs dynasty is greater than the 1960s Celtics, so says the numbers ift.tt/1Exx0jB #spurs

Quixem Ramirez

I’ve tweeted more about zombie beavers than the Spurs in the past two days. The offseason is the best/worst.

Michael De Leon

Prospect Watch: Spurs worked out Arizona’s McConnell ift.tt/1PNfWlq #spurs

Jimmy Spencer

My final @FoxSports power rankings entering the playoffs were: 1. Warriors 2. Spurs 3. Cavs 4. Rockets 5. Hawks foxsports.com/nba/power-rank…

Brian Mahoney

Cavs. Heat weren't that good by end of last year, as evidenced by how badly Spurs beat them. But think Warriors win. twitter.com/Eglin/status/6…

Kevin Pelton

With a win, the Cavaliers will tie the 2003 Nets and 2013 Spurs for the shortest Finals path (14 games) since the 1st round went to 7 games.

Polo Bustamante

Difference between the Hawks and Spurs: SA had Duncan, then Manu, then Tony to go to when their offense got gummed up.

Vincent Goodwill

Here’s my list of Shaq sweeps in order of worst to excusable: 95 Rockets. 07 Bulls. 98 Jazz 99 Spurs 94 Pacers 96 Bulls.

Mike Richman

Spurs? Trash. Clippers? Trash. Hawks? Trash. Rockets? Trash. Cavs in May? GOAT. Cavs in June? Trash

Mike Prada

Will the Warriors resort to the ’13 Spurs D on LeBron like the Hawks have? Inclined to say no but maybe they should.

Eric Pincus

T.J. McConnell said he's worked out with the San Antonio Spurs

Michael De Leon

Under Armour and Steph Curry did some copycat work in new commercial ift.tt/1FNrw9J #spurs

Buck Harvey

Bill Russell’s Celtics Were Great. Tim Duncan's Spurs Have Been Better. 53eig.ht/1KxbC6p

Quixem Ramirez

Interesting tidbit from @NateSilver538's piece: Spurs would have 10 titles if they were in a 10-team league like Russell's Celtics.

Michael De Leon

Video: Cory Joseph takes his family to school on the court ift.tt/1JUqHhc #spurs

Dan Woike

Just realized being a Blackhawks fan must be kinda like cheering for the Spurs

Dan McCarney

2014-15 season review: Boris Diaw #spurs blog.mysanantonio.com/spursnation/20… http://t.co/QegdMt6EFr

Polo Bustamante

You can blame the Clippers all you want. But they eliminated the Spurs and themselves. For doing both, they're my Playoff heroes!

Lang Greene

The San Antonio Spurs play a balanced game, but people forget those guys have theee future Hall of Famers man. ATL doesn't. Difference.

Chris Fedor

#Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer says Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich is in town. "He's been a good friend and good resource"

Sam Amico

Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer says Spurs coach and former boss Gregg Popovich is in Cleveland. "He's been a good friend and a good resource."

Michael De Leon

Video: The Curious Case of Tim Duncan ift.tt/1PFUtuM #spurs

Mike Ganter

Initially I advised the Spurs fan not to bother. Warned him it might not end well.

Mike Ganter

Gregg Poppovich sighting in Clevleand. Spurs fan beside me eventually worked up the nerve to ask for a picture. Pop graciously agreed.

Quixem Ramirez

Part of me is glad the Spurs didn't win a playoff series. Running into the Warriors wouldn't have been pretty.

Quixem Ramirez

Here's a fun hypothetical matchup: Last year's Spurs vs. this year's Warriors. That series is a coin flip.

John Schuhmann

Since 1st rd went to best-of-7 in '03. '07 SAS: 16-4 '10-11 DAL: 16-5 Other 8: 16-7 '03 Spurs: 16-8 '08 BOS: 16-10 twitter.com/layns5/status/…

Chris Herring

Wish there was a way to petition the Spurs or Clippers back into the playoffs.

Sean Highkin

Warriors should scrimmage against the Clippers and Spurs just to stay loose. twitter.com/basketballtalk…

Tim Bontemps

The series I wish we had gotten a chance to see was Warriors-Spurs. Felt all season like that was the team with a real shot at beating GSW.

Michael Lee

At this rate ESPN & TNT might just have to re-broadcast the #clippers-#spurs series & try to trick people into thinking it's still important

Paul Garcia

Spurs offer Royce White a Summer League roster spot bit.ly/1LxeOwz via @JeffGarciaPS

Michael De Leon

Spurs offer Royce White a Summer League roster spot ift.tt/1FvXOEN #spurs

Josh Lewenberg

Terrence Ross underwent surgery yesterday to remove bone spurs from his left ankle. He played through the ankle injury late in the season

Steve Kyler

Terrence Ross underwent surgery yesterday in Van Nuys, California to remove bone spurs and loose bodies from his left ankle.

Doug Smith

Left ankle surgery for Raptors Terrence Ross for bone spurs, loose particles. Will rehab in Toronto and is, like us all, day-to-day

Quixem Ramirez

So, by that metric, the 2006-07 Spurs are the worst Spurs team to win a title and last year’s Spurs were the best.

Quixem Ramirez

Those Spurs rankings (see last tweet) is from this link: fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-b…

Quixem Ramirez

Best Spurs teams of all-time, per @FiveThirtyEight: 1. 2013-14* 2. 2002-03* 3. 2004-05* 4. 1998-99* 5. 2003-04 6. 2011-12 *won NBA title

Chuck Swirsky

Terrence Ross underwent surgery yesterday to remove bone spurs and loose bodies from his left ankle.

Ethan J. Skolnick

I think you can win a title w/o a superstar. I just think it's near impossible to win a series w/o 1 vs. THIS superstar. Except, well, Spurs

Quixem Ramirez

The Hawks went from “Spurs East” to just like everybody else in the East. Sad to see them reach this point.

Rob Peterson

It's the Cavs playing as if they're Spurs 2.0...

Michael De Leon

On Danny Green and the NBA defensive team ift.tt/1IUpllL #spurs