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Lang Greene

Kyle Lowry had an absolute terrible playoff showing, but he is one of the main reasons the Raptors franchise turned corner

Josh Lewenberg

Here it is, my last post-gamer of the season... Raptors go down in flames, now what comes next? (spoiler: changes): tsn.ca/what-s-next-fo…

Michael Lee

#raptors have gone fishing but what is Rob Ford doing here? http://t.co/l8zjkke8NT

Josh Lewenberg

Raptors 2014-15 slogan: "It wasn't for a lack of effort"

Gary Lee

Heroes of the Dorm was more competitive than Warriors-Pelicans, Cavs-Celtics and Wizards-Raptors.

Ryen Russillo

Say what you want about Pierce, but everything he said about the Raptors was fair, and he backed it up.

Mike Mazzeo

Paul Pierce, who #Nets decided to pass on retaining, averaged 15.5 points on 57.6 percent shooting in sweep of the #Raptors. Still got "IT."

Royce Young

Paul Pierce trolls Raptors with Game Of Thrones reference cbsprt.co/1EaIjRY http://t.co/8Lda9ghggJ

Marc Stein

Dwane Casey ... highest winning percentage of any coach in Raptors HISTORY at .494 (154-158)

Evan Dunlap

good: I called a sweep in Wizards/Raptors. Bad: I got the teams wrong. Whoops!

Kevin Pelton

Raptors roster reload asks whether they're ready to retool the roster: es.pn/1GwkrJt (In)

Lang Greene

Cold Blooded ... 1,2,3 Cancun "@NBAonTNT: Inside the Raptors huddle vine.co/v/eWHavFHmZdP"

John Schuhmann

Over 4 games, the Wizards passed the ball 219 more times than the Raptors, which explains the result rather well. #SportVU

Nick Bedard

The Toronto Raptors are out. But here's a story I wrote about Greg Steimsma's journey from Korea's KBL to the NBA. basketballbuddha.com/greg-stiemsma-…

Austin Burton

How many times has a higher-seeded team been swept in a best-of-7 series? Can't be that often. #NBAPlayoffs #Raptors #Wizards

Kurt Helin

Wizards blow out Raptors to complete first-round sweep dlvr.it/9Yk0mj

Josh Lewenberg

Silver lining in all this, Raptors have assets, affordable/moveable contracts, draft picks and a GM with the knowhow to right the ship

Royce Young

3-pointer: What we learned from Wizards-Raptors Game 4 cbssports.com/nba/eye-on-bas… http://t.co/gLqkLQ7nUJ

Tim Chisholm

Raptors fans, I feel like I've said this way too many times, but y'all deserve better.

Eric Smith

125-94 the #Wizards blow out the #raptors and sweep Toronto from the first round. Interesting off season ahead for the Raps. #RTZ

Marcelo Godoy

El venezolano Greivis Vásquez de Toronto Raptors es eliminado del playoffs 2015 tras la barrida que les propinó Washington Wizards

Tim Chisholm

The Raptors exit as the worst Playoff team in the 2015 postseason. I did not see that coming. Even after Jan-Apr, I did not see that coming.

Josh Lewenberg

Wizards complete 4-game sweep of the Raptors, Toronto's 2nd in team history & 1st ever in best-of-7 series. Should be an interesting summer

Roberto Martin

Final @Washington Wizards 125-@Toronto Raptors 94. Los Wizards con 7 jugadores +10 puntos barrieron la serie (4-0) y se metieron en las semis del Este.

John Schuhmann

And the Raptors' run of having never won a best-of-7 series has reached 20 years.

Royce Young

Raptors status: http://t.co/ZzVk5VjO7l

Amin Elhassan


Ryan Wolstat

The Raptors were 22-6 and 33-15 at one point. Now, the season is done, swept by the Wizards.

Payal Doshi

We may see our first Greg Stemma sighting in the #NBAPlayoffs for the Raptors.

Rod Boone

It's like Paul Pierce took the #Raptors heart for the second straight season.

Josh Lewenberg

On top of all the tangible areas in which the Raptors have regressed this year, remember when they were fun to watch, played with passion?

Eric Koreen

Raptors fan busts out a Canadian fan. Gets "U-S-A" chants thrown at him. It's a beautiful day in the district.

Marc Stein

Had to switch the channel for a sec to see Toronto. As in @JozyAltidore's Toronto FC. This Raptors unraveling is painful to watch

Ramona Shelburne

I don't think Madonna would've kissed Drake if anyone had knew the Raptors would get swept this badly

Royce Young

Raptors status: http://t.co/IL3AejMHQu

Ryan Wolstat

Enjoy these final six minutes of Amir Johnson, Raptors fans. He’s been a superb Raptor. Helped them win games, played through a lot.

Josh Lewenberg

Rasual Butler is in to remind the Raptors of a bleaker time.

Jimmy Spencer

Such a free fall: The Raptors only beat one winning team (vs Rockets end of March) in the final 65 days of their season (Feb 21-April 26).

David Aldridge

I reiterate: shocked by the Wizards' dominance of the Raptors in this series. And it is dominance.

Brian Mahoney

Good job by the Raptors losing by so much that TNT didn't bother with a grumpy Wittman end of 3 interview.

Josh Lewenberg

Meanwhile, drunk Raptors fans cause a stir in the crowd. Raps bench looks on as they get tossed and Wizards fans chant "U-S-A, U-S-A"

Josh Lewenberg

Raptors deficit is 32. 12 minutes left in their season. Not even Bruno can save us now.

Michael Grange

The Raptors give up 102 points in 3Q to the Washington Wizards, who averaged 98 points a game in the regular season. That's hard to do.

Lang Greene

Big thing about Wiz closing out Raptors is rest before round 2. Rest the Hawks could have used with Al Horford and Paul Millsap banged up

Eric Koreen

Raptors trail 102-70 after 3. I'm gonna go ahead and cancel my reservation for a hotel for Game 6. brb

Ohm Youngmisuk

A U-S-A! chant has broken out here at Verizon. Washington goes into the 4th up 102-70 over the lifeless Raptors.

Tim Bontemps

A month ago you would've gotten some good odds on the Nets winning more playoff games than the Raptors this year. Maybe even a week ago.

Steve Popper

If the Raptors gets swept and lose this one by about 30 I can't wait to hear Masai's "Let's get fined" post-series speech.

Eric Koreen

A Raptors fan just got tossed. Guess he got his money's worth.