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4 months ago via ESPN

Portis was suspended for punching Bulls forward Niko Mirotic during an Oct. 17 practice. He knocked out his teammate and left him with a concussion and several facial fractures. “[Portis has] been practicing, and that will all be discussed in the next couple days, exactly what we’re going to do in the Toronto game,” Hoiberg said after Saturday’s overtime loss to the New Orleans Pelicans. “The biggest thing is try to go out there with the guys that we’ve had available and put them in a position where they’re competing and giving ourselves a chance to win. And for the most part, with the exception of the Oklahoma City game, we’ve done that. We’ll get that figured out in the next few days.”
4 months ago via ESPN

Bobby Marks: The team suspension of Bobby Portis Jr. has different ramifications with regards to the Bulls roster. Portis Jr. will be moved from the active/inactive list to the suspended list after the Bulls third game, October 24 at Cleveland. A suspension by the NBA would have resulted in Portis Jr. remaining on the active/inactive list for 5 games and moving to suspended list after the Oklahoma City game on October 28. The Bulls can sign a player while Portis Jr. is on the suspended list.

Josh Lewenberg‏: Dwane Casey on player fights when he was an assistant in Seattle… So, Gary Payton and…? “We had some doozies in Seattle, I’ll tell you what, some fisticuffs. One that started on the court and went in the weight room and went outside, come back in. It was a long one. I’ve seen those. The good thing about that, the people that were involved in that were able to come back together and bond back together, which is the hard part. You can’t let what happened yesterday come into tomorrow or next week or next month or hold it inside. That’s the trick and luckily in Seattle we had some of those but guys were able to get back together and maintain the team chemistry.”
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February 25, 2018 | 1:40 pm EST Update
In talking about the Nets, Jeremy Lin said he’s aware that there is, at least for now, a logjam in the Nets backcourt with him, D’Angelo Russell, Spencer Dinwiddie, Caris LeVert, Allen Crabbe, etc. Lin, who turns 30 in August, is between four and eight years older than any of them. But he assured Lowe that he’s not worried about how it will work out, mainly because of his confidence in himself and the character of the players on the Nets. “I think I’m much more comfortable with myself, where I’m at and with my skill set. I know what I can bring to the team. Watching us right now, it’s just hard, we’re 19-41 at this point and I feel bad, I want to help my team, man,” Lin told Lowe. “I’m not so much focused on how it will sort itself out. I think it will naturally sort itself out. These aren’t bad guys like we totally and legitimately root for each other. “
As for his injury, Jeremy Lin disclosed that his surgery to repair his ruptured patella tendon had an additional benefit. “They say I’ll even be better because before, I was dealing with knee pain, but now that they’ve gone in and cleaned everything up, I’ll feel even better than before and there’s no residual anything,” he said in an apparent reference to the Nets medical staff. He also told Lowe that he feels lucky in one regard. “If you’re going to choose one of the big-time injures, this is a great one to have,” he said with a laugh.
Storyline: Jeremy Lin Injury
“I really don’t know what happened. You know I hear but I know as much as what you know or anybody else knows, maybe you know more actually,” Lin told Lowe. “I know as much as the average person. because no one really ever told me what happened. “To this day, I don’t know exactly what happened, who said what, what people were thinking. I don’t know what rubbed people the wrong way or who, why I wasn’t really sought after as a restricted free agent. My faith allows me to understand that everything happens for a reason. ‘I haven’t had a heart-to-heart, hash-it-out conversation with him,” Lin said of Anthony. “But I would not be opposed if that ever came to be.”
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope was allowed to play in home games and practice during the sentence, which he served at the Seal Beach Police Department Detention Center. And while Caldwell-Pope completed that sentence in early January — he missed four games outside of California — it has taken the guard some time to hit his stride with the Lakers. Mentally, he was feeling the weight of his legal problems, he said. Once that was behind him, Caldwell-Pope averaged 16.8 points during a five-game stretch, before injuring his Achilles tendon in a game at the Oklahoma City Thunder on Jan. 17. His play was inconsistent upon his return from the injury, which sidelined him for two games.
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