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February 22, 2018 | 5:06 am EST Update
That said, this year was different for Antetokounmpo. Armed with the experience of being an all-star for the first time last season, the 23-year-old had a better sense of what to expect this time around. He used that knowledge to better advocate for himself and keep from spreading himself too thin. “Oh yeah, I was definitely better prepared,” he said. “I didn’t do much stuff. I talked with my people and people around me that helped me with the all-star arrangement. I told them that I didn’t want to do much this year because I want to take care of my body. “My first year I did a lot. I couldn’t even rest, I was really, really exhausted. But I think this year I did a better job just arranging the stuff I did.”
The conversation about playoff reseeding has been going on for quite some time. But it gained a bit more momentum during NBA All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles, as NBA Commissioner Adam Silver discussed the topic at length, even raising the possibility about a future tweak. Count LeBron James as one player who wouldn’t be on board. “I would disagree with that,” James said Wednesday afternoon following the Cleveland Cavaliers’ first practice since the break. “I think our league has been built the right way as far as when it comes to the postseason.”
How would you describe the vibe of the team right now? Are you guys bored, more anxious? JaVale McGee: I feel like we’re definitely anxious. I feel like everybody’s going through the season like “Playoffs. Hurry. Up.” Because it’s a whole different atmosphere. People think that because we went 16-1 last year, like it was easy. It wasn’t easy. Those teams were playing hard. We were just, everybody was just so in sync and we were all in playoff mode. It was just amazing like, everybody was like “Yo, we’re in the playoffs, like, it’s time.” The regular season wasn’t anything. When the playoffs come around it doesn’t matter what your record is, and that’s the thing that I admire about the guys. They don’t care what the record is. They don’t care if we went undefeated. We just know that in the playoffs you definitely have to step it up.
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