Storyline: Jamal Crawford Retirement?

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Two decades later the 6’5″ Crawford still doesn’t play like anybody else, nor does anyone really play like him. He skips as much as runs, his dribble nearing chest height, where coaches teach you not to keep it. When he crosses over, he does so precipitously and with devastating speed. From afar he appears to be all limbs upon which a giant round head bobs, as if the character from those life is good T-shirts came to life. “Damn, you got a lot of juice left in those legs!” Dirk Nowitzki told him last season, and it’s true. He remains in demand. When Crawford became a free agent last summer, the Warriors recruited him. LeBron called: Come to Cleveland. Instead Crawford signed for two years and $8.9 million with Minnesota, a promising team that nonetheless hasn’t made the playoffs since 2004 and whose coach, Tom Thibodeau, is known to be something of a stickler for defense (something that Crawford, it’s fair to say, is not). The match didn’t seem to make a lot of sense.

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November 24, 2017 | 2:41 pm EST Update
Cavaliers guard Derrick Rose has become increasingly frustrated by the injury process and is taking personal time to evaluate his future in the NBA, league sources told ESPN. Rose has not been with the team for the better part of a week, sources told ESPN, and it is unclear when the 2011 league MVP will return. Rose has missed 11 of the Cavs’ 18 games this season, including the last seven because of a sprained left ankle.
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Storyline: Derrick Rose Injury
Tim Hardaway Jr.’s defensive improvement in his two-year stint with the Hawks has been well-documented. But something else valuable occurred here — something he hopes all of his Knicks teammates can experience, too. Competing in the playoffs. “It was huge — just to be able to be in that situation,’’ Hardaway said of finally making the playoffs. “The atmosphere was something I’ll never be able to describe. It was great way to build as a ballplayer and know what you have to work at in the offseason. It makes you want to have that energy and desire to want to get back there.’’
November 24, 2017 | 2:21 pm EST Update