Storyline: Jimmy Butler to Cavaliers?

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According to a Cleveland source close to the situation, several of the Cavaliers who had been prodding Butler to push for a trade from the Bulls the last five days were now warning him to stay away from a suddenly volatile situation. With the ouster of Cavaliers general manager David Griffin on Monday, LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love could be headed for an unforeseen early breakup.

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Former Cavaliers general manager David Griffin left for his successors potential trades to bring either Chicago’s Jimmy Butler or Indiana’s Paul George to the team, sources told, and one or more deals Griffin constructed could happen without him. In either case, a third team would be involved and would take All-Star forward Kevin Love in exchange for the mix of picks and role players the Bulls and Pacers seek to rebuild in the event they choose to deal their franchise player.

According to multiple sources out of Cleveland, not only have Cavaliers players – including LeBron James and Kyrie Irving – been reaching out to Butler directly and through back channels over the last five days to gauge his interest, but liked what they heard back from the Bulls three-time All-Star. One of the sources indicated that Butler would even push his front office to get the deal done, which is a huge change of direction for Butler, who has told both general manager Gar Forman and VP of basketball operations John Paxson numerous times over the last year that he didn’t want to be traded.
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October 22, 2017 | 5:00 pm EDT Update
It’s clear Russell Westbrook is adjusting and adapting to George and Anthony. Westbrook has repeated through the years that he just “reads and reacts” and that “the game will tell you what to do. It’s the same thing [as last season],” Westbrook said. “Basketball’s been the same for years. It’s still the same game. Obviously different players, but the game still tells you what to do. If you need to score, you score, if not, you don’t. It’s very simple. I just play my game, man. And like I said, the game will tell you what to do regardless of who shoots. Doesn’t really matter to me.”
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“He’s trying to figure out how he can best work in the entire group,” coach Billy Donovan said. “He’s really, really an unselfish person and an unselfish player. Because what he’s doing right now is saying, ‘OK, how do I help the group? How do I make the group better? What do I need to do?’ And I think he’s just working through trying to figure that out. “I think with this group he’s trying to figure out what the best way he can help the team reach its potential, and that’s a process he’s going through,” Donovan said. “He’ll come out of this game, he’ll learn, he’ll figure out something new, and he’ll be able to apply it to the next game, the next practice.”
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October 22, 2017 | 3:36 pm EDT Update