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Every day, it’s been a little bit more progress for Kevin Durant and his rehabbing left knee. On Thursday, with the Warriors back practicing in Oakland after their recent road trip, Durant wore a game-like knee brace under his tights and tested his healing MCL sprain and bone bruise in team drills for the first time. “Did a little bit more today, went through some 5-on-0 stuff, some lateral movement,” Steve Kerr said. “Seems like he makes a new stride each day. It’s a good sign.”

For days, the Warriors had an agreement in place with Jose Calderon. He’d take a $400,000 paycut to work out his release with the Lakers, then the Warriors would sign him for $452,000 into their open 15th roster spot. But unpredictable things happen in sports and business. Kevin Durant got hurt a day before Calderon was set to sign. The Warriors suddenly needed a forward, not a guard, for that final roster spot. They mulled it over and decided they’d prefer to pick up Matt Barnes, not Calderon.

Kevin Durant’s knee injury proved to be a major scare for the Warriors after the star forward went down with a sprained left MCL. The injury will keep Durant sidelined at least four weeks. On Wednesday, Durant arrived in Oakland with a wheelchair waiting for him at the airport. KTVU had helicopter coverage of Durant’s arrival and tweeted this photo of Durant.

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At the 11:03 mark of the first quarter, Marcin Gortat fouled Zaza Pachulia, sending the Warriors center tumbling into Durant’s legs like a dangerous domino. Durant hopped away, in pain, holding his left leg. At the 10:26 mark, he asked Kerr to call timeout, and, after meeting with trainers, ended his evening with a walk to the locker room. “It was just a basketball play. Right?” Pachulia said, looking to the media horde for some reassurance before emphasizing, “No, I didn’t know he was behind me.” He then asked another, intentionally tongue-in-cheek question: “You guys think I did it on purpose?”

Through it all, Durant kept reminding himself who he had been, and who he planned to become once again. “I just told myself every day that, ‘I’m the best player in the world,'” Durant told The Associated Press. “‘I’m the best player in the world.’ I wrote that on my wall. I wrote that on my mirror in the bathroom, just because it’s easy to say that when you’re on top of the world, but it’s kind of hard to say it when everybody’s dogging you.”

In addition to jumpers, Durant also went through a drill with Ivey and Williams in which he had to beat the double team while dribbling from halfcourt then pull up for a 3-pointer in transition. Williams and Ivey also did some light jogging with Durant the length of the court. “I hadn’t really talked to anybody medically about him,” Thunder coach Billy Donovan said. “I think he’s doing more than certainly he was a week ago. How close he is to being able to return, I’m not really sure; I haven’t been updated on that, but I know that he’s doing more physically just me watching and seeing what’s happened over the last week.”
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March 25, 2017 | 7:54 am EDT Update