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He wears a splint on his left hand on the bench in case a player careens off the court and causes a collision, but he is able wear a softer, MMA-style glove while he practices. “I was able to start shooting a little bit with my right hand, dribble a little bit with my right hand [and] will progressively get to my left,” Love said. “I guess one of the things I can do now is kind of catch the ball, guide it and shoot it within 12-15 feet, so that feels good to do something other than run on the treadmill or run on the bike.”

“It’s been on my mind a lot lately as far as rotations, who’s going to play with who,” Lue said. “Of course when Kevin comes back he’s probably going to have a minutes restriction. Probably going to be tired. Probably going to be certain points of the game where you’ve got to take him out and you don’t want to. There’s going to be some adjustment period, but we’ll get through it. But the biggest thing for me is just getting everybody back healthy so we can start taking off like we’re supposed to.”

“There’s definitely enough time to where I can get into a good rhythm,” Love said Friday, in his first public comments since undergoing surgery Feb. 14 to remove “loose bodies” from his left knee. “I don’t know what the (plan is) as far as other guys resting or me resting going forward, but I imagine between J.R. (Smith) and myself, we’ll get out there and get our wind and be ready to go for whenever (the start of the playoffs is) in April.” The timetable the Cavs gave (at the recommendation of doctors) for Love’s absence is six weeks. Love said he expects to be out that long, which would put his return to the court somewhere around March 28 — Cleveland plays that night in Boston.

LeBron James doesn’t seem all that concerned that Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star forward Kevin Love is expected to miss the next six weeks while recovering from knee surgery. Widely considered the greatest basketball player in the world, why should he be? “As long as I’m in the lineup, we’ve got a chance,” James told reporters at shootaround Tuesday morning. “We good. Kev is out for an extended period of time. J.R. (Smith) has been out. But I’m in the lineup. I’ll be suiting up. We’ve got a chance against anybody. I ain’t worried.”

The Cavs did not announce the results of the MRI, nor would they share with whom Love would consult Tuesday. Obviously, the need for more tests and more sets of eyes suggests whatever the Cavs’ doctor saw Sunday in Love’s knee wasn’t optimal. Sources said Love likely suffered the injury — whatever it is — at some point during the Cavs’ recent four-game swing. It’s unclear when he hurt the knee or when team officials learned of the injury, but Love played in Thursday’s loss to Oklahoma City.

Kevin Love said he won’t miss further game action because of the lower back soreness that kept him out of the Cavs’ 126-91 loss to the Golden State Warriors Monday night. Love was pulled with 32.8 seconds left in the second quarter after he took a spill on the court trying to defend Stephen Curry and did not return. “I won’t miss anything,” he said afterwards.
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March 19, 2018 | 1:42 pm EDT Update
On Monday against the Milwaukee Bucks (7 p.m. ET on ESPN), James will play in his 70th consecutive game as he chases the first season in which he plays in all 82 games. Back in 2015, however, James was laying on the court during timeouts, propped on a towel in discomfort. It brought to mind Larry Bird and Steve Nash, all-time greats who saw their careers zapped in their 30s because of back issues. James needed two anti-inflammatory injections in his lower back in a 10-month span in 2015, one shutting him down for two weeks midseason and another wiping out his preseason. And the possibility was left open that he might need more numbing shots, an indication he was dealing with something serious.
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Raimon was a SEAL for 15 years and became a disciple of biomechanics when he used the science to help himself to get over a severe neck injury suffered during a parachute jump that Navy doctors struggled to heal. He purposely avoids the spotlight and doesn’t do interviews. James generally doesn’t speak about Raimon or his techniques, and he credits the Cavs training staff with working to keep him in the best shape. “Between Donnie and Mike, it’s a great one-two punch,” James said.
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Storyline: LeBron James Injury
Seeing him turn his ankle nearly 90 degrees only to tighten his shoelaces and finish with a triple-double. Watching him show up four hours before a playoff game to get in a sweat-soaked workout, then play more than 40 minutes and score 40 points. And the topper: the time James gained seven pounds during an Eastern Conference finals game. Some Miami Heat teammates saw the scale and attest to it in amazement. James himself just shrugs and calls it “weird as hell.” The truly wild part is that it was from 271 pounds to 278 pounds, though James is much lighter these days.
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He’s won just over 71 percent of jump balls this year, fourth in the NBA among qualifying centers, according to tracking by analytics site Nylon Calculus. The rate is up from last year’s 66 percent, which ranked seventh among qualifying centers. “All I’m looking for is just how they mask it, really, because it’s the first one to the ball,” Adams said. “You don’t have to jump super high. You just have to get there before anyone.”